Top 5 Must Have Milwaukee Impact Driver Accessories!

do you own an impact driver well in this video 
we are going to show you our five must-have   accessories if you own an impact driver even 
if you've got a makata a default and the table   or any other strange brand if 
you've got the quarter inch hex   insert on your impact driver 
then this video is for you so coming in at number five are the quick release 
extenders yes they come in two different sizes   73 mil and 152 the idea of these is so that 
you still got your quick attach like you have   on the front of your impact but you've got a 
little bit of extender so if you want to change   between tools or different sides screwdriver bits 
or other things then you just do it really nice   and simply all you do is pull a little bit forward 
pop your bit in and carry on really really simple   but very very effective we've been using them 
on our workshop for quite some time ourselves   so even we've got personal recommendation that 
they are very very useful right let's move on   to number four so in a previous video i featured 
the right angle attachment for an impact driver   i really like it it's been in my toolbox ever 
since and i've used it several times coming in   at number four today is the knuckle yes it's a 
little bit more robust than an angled attachment   but it's sort of a similar principle the idea 
is that you can get into little hard to reach   places and under things and round things 
and hinges and things like that around doors   it makes it much much easier it even comes with 
10 gen 3 bits with it as well the knuckle bit is   very highly recommended by our customers and is 
on our website dubai haze machinery dot co dot uk   right let's move on to number three so coming in 
at number three is the 32 piece talk bit set yes   shock wave gen 3 talk bit set it has got every 
single size talk bit in there that you need even   the security ones where you need a little hole in 
the middle there's some of them in there as well   it even comes with a previously featured favorite 
which is the extender with the quick release   extender on it which i really really like the 
only thing in milwaukee i think should add to   this set is the t27 because anyone who owns a lot 
of ope power equipment still mainly the t27 is the   size that they use on all their equipment 
so milwaukee please add t27s to your sets   otherwise i think that is a lovely little set 
that everyone should have in their talks it's   now time for us to go and find out who won our 
subscriber giveaway let's go and today we are   giving away a pen a 25 piece tic tac box of pisa 
2 bits a milwaukee t-shirt and an 8 device power   bank charger and the lucky winner today is john 
rhodes congratulations john please drop an email   to us info haze machinery dot co dot uk and if 
you'd like to win one of our subscriber giveaways   all you have to do is comment in one of our videos 
and be a subscriber it's as simple as that so good   luck for the next one right so number two isn't 
what you'd normally use in your impact driver   but we have got a drill bit set yes it's the red x 
titanium hss drill bits with a quarter inch shank   on the end so you can put it into your impact 
driver probably not what you'd normally think to   put in there but they work amazingly well my son 
has got a set himself and he absolutely loves them   because it's just easy just to swap the mover 
from one to the other rather than having to undo   a chuck because he's only nine it's quite 
difficult so i think the red hex bits are   really really great we sell them in sets on our 
website and also individually and they go up to   some nice big sizes as well so yeah really really 
like the red hex set highly recommended make sure   you buy them on our website of course right let's 
move on to number one my favorite but it's time to   find out my favorite number one yes what is the 
best in the world impact driver accessory to add   on to your arsenal of tools well it is the bit 
adapters yes so you can turn your quarter inch   hex drive into something that you can put sockets 
on so perhaps playing with nuts isn't your usual   thing but every now and again you need to be able 
to put a socket onto your impact driver but you   can't justify a wrench well this is the set for 
you yes you can put in a half inch socket you can   put in a 3 8 socket and you put in a quarter inch 
socket you've probably already got the sockets   that little set there which in our shop haven't 
got my glasses on eight pound 39 including the v80   turns it into an impact wrench highly recommended 
definitely buy it that is number one for me it's   been great we use them all the time down 
here in our workshops highly recommended   yeah just go and buy them from our website 
so there we are guys that is our top five   impact driver accessories if you think i've 
missed something or there's something you   prefer or other tools that you think are better 
please pop it in the comment section below we'd   love to hear it or any other video ideas that you 
have please drop them in the bottom but thank you   very much for watching please subscribe please 
become a member love you and leave you cheerio

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