Inverter Error Codes P0 P4viaP0 p4 inverter ac error codes

when indoor unit displays p0p for that 
indicates IPM module fault or IGBT over   voltage protection malfunction decision 
conditions p0 when the voltage signal   that IPM sends to compressor drive chip is 
abnormal the display LED will show p0 and   the air conditioner will turn off malfunction 
decision conditions p4 an abnormal inverter   compressor drive is detected by a special 
detection circuit including communication   signal detection voltage detection compressor 
rotation speed signal detection and so on the   failure could be caused by one wiring mistakes 
– IPM error 3 outdoor fan motor error for   compressor error 5 out to our main PCB error 6 
system pressure error 7 heat dissipation error check the wiring between the main PCB and 
the compressor if the wiring is correct   check if IPM is operating well check the 
resistance value between P and you V W   the normal value should be as megohm order 
of magnitude and each two values are equal check the resistance between N and 
you V W the normal value should be   as megohm order of magnitude 
and each two values are equal if the result is not replace the IPM board 
or replace the main PCB check if ventilation   of the outdoor unit goes well check if 
the outdoor fan operates well then find   solutions according to the solution for 
the malfunction of fan motors being out   of control check the resistance value of the 
compressor terminal and check if the compressor   is working well the normal resistance 
value of each two terminals are equal if the resistance are not equal 
replace the compressor if the   error still exists replace the outdoor main PCB

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