Can Tradesmen Like Harbor Freight?

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A Harbor Freight comment of course I Can't believe Harbor Freight sells this HVAC tool this was I love this one Because this is just funny to me Lenny Says I share a parking lot with Harbor Freight and still don't shop there as a Tradesman why would you support crappy Chinese tools any more than you have to Makes me doubt any other advice you give Out that sounds like um That's that sounds hurtful I mean I I'm Not hurt by that because I mean I don't Care Because I like the voice I do like the Place I mean I can't be offended I like It I think some of the stuff is really Good I use the tools every day and like The one-handed reciprocating saw I beat The crap out of that thing I've cut so Much stuff with that if it if it sucked It would have broke by now I had DeWalt tools break the first day So I mean what are you gonna say Anyway that's funny though he's just Gonna discount everything I say because Of that I think that's probably the Wrong way to go with it but I mean That's fine it took the time to make a Comment That's all right

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