Pel Dc Inverter Ac Error Code E5 Complete Detail Explanation | Pel e5 error code | pel ac

Subscribe Forever Tech YouTube channel to get latest videos updates Friends , This is Pel Dc Inverter Ac Which error codes we will discuss with you And we will tell you in full detail that why this error code occur And what is its reason And what is its solution Now we will turn on the unit Now we we have give electric Now we will turn on the unit with remote We have set it on cool When error code will occur so then I will tell you in full detail that why this error code comes And what is it reason Now the unit is completely turn on And is on full blow When error code will occur on display so then I will tell you in full detail that why it comes and what is its reason E5 error code has occur on the display We will tell you in full detail that when on PEL Dc Inverter Ac E5 error code occur So what does it mean? This is its Indoor model no And this is its Outdoor model no This is PEL Outdoor unit We will tell you in full detail that when E5 error code occur on display So whats the problem When E5 error will occur on display Indoor unit will properly keep on working Its blow will totally alright But there will be not any cooling So what can be its reason This I will tell you Whenever E5 error occur on display so it means that it is a Serial Communication Error serial communication error means we will say it in technical language serial or say serial communication in English but in common language we will say when this error comes when in between indoor and outdoor conversation stops their communication stops this is called E5 error or is called communication error we will tell you its reasons? why this error code is shown on display whenever E5 error code comes first check its simple things cause of which if fault is small you can repair it without any penny between your indoor and outdoor unit cables are attached if some of which are loose connection as you can see one is loose connected it will work correct for some time it will spark and rust will come in it or carbon comes in it so it stops working if it is loose connection so check its wires cause of it can show E5 error if this wire is cutted can be cause of this too that E5 error will be shown second problem can be…pel electric goes from indoor towards outdoor goes from indoor to outdoor check here from test pin you might know test pin you can see electric on line check neutral or take multi meter and check it that outside electric is going or not …going from here come towards outdoor same as check in outdoor if electric is flowing you will know easily that electric is flowing correctly next thing which you have to check can go if electric is not going from here you have given supply but electric is not on from here we will open its cover and show you that what is fault in it if error in PCB indoor so it will show E5 error what can be reason we will show you after opening this cover now we came to outdoor mostly I experienced your outdoor unit see this is PCB we will open this PCB mostly we have see when PCB is faulty so cause of it E5 error code is shown first normal thing you have to check is its fuse here one fuse is attached let me show you we will open PCB and show you if this fuse burns or gets low cause of some reason so it will show E5 error you will open it and check it this is its fuse which you can see in PCB If fuse is alright but still E5 error will come this means you have check fuse and wires and have check electric and electrically is present here is alright 230 ,220 volts are coming and still unit will show E5 error it is confirmed your PCB is faulty any component in it is burnt its IPM or any component is needs repairing or to be changed you will repair it or change it this E5 error will disappear from display friends we have taken out cover from unit now we will take out PCB from it open its cover and take it out and will show you when any problem comes in PCB what is its problem? and how can you solve it? I have taken out PCB from indoor whenever electric is coming to indoor and E5 error is shown on display and after testing electric is not coming in N and L this means in indoor in it switching rely is installed here as you can see switching rely is installed this is of 30 ampere and runs on 240 volts in AC its rely is Dc ampere 12 volt its working on it if it gets faulty ….micro controller have onned it carbon comes two points are attaching with each other magnet comes and are attaching with each other cause of which giving supply to outdoor if carbon comes and do not work so electric will not pass it will show E5 error so do not ignore it must check it whenever electric comes fast between in which wires are installed if they are of low quality it burns very soon if is of good quality…this communication wire mainly this S instead of being of good quality it burns cause of which…your everything is okay ..because this wire is burnt because here low voltage communicates cause of which is burns signals are not passing so can shoe E5 error so you have to check wire sometimes it will show correct continuity for this attach simple wire with communication wire if Error disappears this means it was this wire fault so friends you have watched video hopefully you liked this video And would be very useful for you take care …meet you in next video

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