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Recently I've talked about some Giveaways we're going to have here on The channel and I want to go ahead and Get that kicked off in a nice strong way I'm going to do multiple giveaways as Time goes by but I'm going to get the All the names for potential winners off The same list A couple weeks ago I introduced that I Use an app or actually I talked about it Earlier but I continued to talk about it A couple weeks ago that I use the upside App to save money on gasoline so if you Sign up for upside and they're not a Sponsor of the show I just think they're A great app and it's a great way for me To earn a little bit of extra money as Well by referring people to upside it Works great so it's a good thing anyway But I'm going to choose from my Referrals that have gotten gasoline for The winners so if you've downloaded the Upside app and you've gotten gas with it You are entered to win all of the next Giveaways that we're going to have just Continue to use the app I'll continue to Reap the benefits 10 cents at a time and I'm gonna start the giveaways coming up Let's start them right now actually so I'm going to introduce this giveaway and Then we're going to announce the winner In a couple days so I want to make sure Anyone who wants to join up can do so And if you want to join up you can do

That by going into the description of This video right here and hitting that Link for my referral and get the app It's a good app to have you're not going To go wrong with it it's not going to be Anything negative unless you don't have Space on your phone then it'll take the Rest of the space potentially that's Going to be Unlikely and you're going to save a lot Of money I've saved I don't know how Much it is total I cashed out like a 50 Gift card already and I have like 43 More dollars so I have almost 100 worth Of savings over the last few months it's Been really really great and to Celebrate for you guys I'm going to give away the CPS IAQ Pro Smart air sensor now this right here is A pretty good price because it is an IQ Device that you set up in someone time Or your own home and it measures a lot Of the different things that inhabit the Air especially those negative things That you want to monitor it has a nice Little case right here this is a this is A nice little expensive item and it'll Be a nice prize for whoever wins it so I'm going to announce the winner in a Couple days so if you want to enter in Fact I may give you maybe give you three Or four days so you can sign up for the App and have a chance to get gasoline Because it doesn't show up on my app

Until you get gas with it so good luck Everybody out there And we'll announce a winner in a few Days

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