What is so Bad About HVAC Home Warranty Contractors?

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Let's explore that because there were People in the chat that do not like home Warranty which is expected uh we Expected people not to like home Warranty because and I and I haven't Liked them in the past because of what I've seen contractors do How are you able to do a good job when a Lot of them seem to do a bad job and it Sounds like a bad question but I'm Curious because you sound like you keep Your your stuff above board ethically You make enough money your guys make Enough money what are other people in Your opinion if you have one about it Doing wrong with home warranty it's a Matter of not caring I mean and not Following up I mean because like I guess my example would be like you Know like that one with that that air Handler that you know somebody installed They slapped it in got their job done And left and you know I mean that's like With new construction that's like that Too where they just they they get in Slot especially cookie cutter houses I Mean they get in get out as quickly as They possibly can and I mean you'll Never like I mean we pull permits we get Jobs inspected I mean we do things by The book I mean there's a lot of Companies especially here in Charleston That just don't do it and because and I Don't know if it's just a lack of caring

You know or just you know I mean because They figure oh we're only getting paid So much for this job and so you know get In get out as quickly as possible and You know they can just deal with it Later I mean that makes my stomach sick With that people would think like that I Mean Uh you know I think I think people think Like that sometimes and there's people That get themselves into jams where that Happens and they're probably sick too Which is probably a pretty horrible Situation to be in not do a good job and Be sick about it uh and that's their Fault [Music]

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