HVAC Fake News! Goodman Reverse Psychology

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[Music] All right My name is Zach siota and this is the HVAC fake news Goodman is pioneering a Brand new manufacturing process to Combat their leaking issues Goodman is Calling this method operation reverse Psychology they are releasing the Refrigerant around the unit sprinkling Over the top of the unit and hopes it Will leak back into the unit before the Customer needs it in other news Fieldpiece has released a product Warning for their new wireless Temperature probes Fieldpiece advises That technicians and installers out There do not use the field piece Job Link wireless temperature probe as a Human thermometer especially rectally Several HVAC technicians and installers Have been reported as losing the tip During this process and requiring Immediate medical attention we here at The HVAC fake news can only hope that This was a misguided medical issue and Nothing more testo has not needed to put Out any such warning because their Probes actually don't have the Connection distance to perform that Medical task Refco has not put out any warning on Their Wireless probes only because they Desperately want someone to use them for Anything this week Snips magazine

Released three interesting HVAC dealer Facts which we think you guys will love To hear about which HVAC dealer is most Likely to have an active bench warrant Will that be nor Tech or Nordyne as many People know them which dealer is most Likely to make love with socks shoes or Sandals still on their feet That'd be train or American Standard Which dealer is most likely to be Involved in a fist fight or scuffle with Their own customer You guessed it that's Goodman In our human interest story tonight Technician Gino giasupa was having a Very difficult day this difficult day Was made all the more worse with his Wife's calling and incessant nagging About what time that he would be home Finally Gino snapped Geno angrily Replied to the final phone call saying That he'll be home as soon as he can be Home he doesn't predict the work or the Weather She better have dinner ready and be legs Up on the bed when he gets there Services will be held this weekend at First Baptist Church at 2 pm Eastern Standard Time My name is Zack Sierra and that was the Fake news [Music]

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