UK Spec Milwaukee PACKOUT Storage System | What’s the difference?

milwaukee pack out is it the best modular tool   storage system in the world 
let's find out cue the intro so what makes milwaukee pacquiao so unique to 
other storage tool systems on the market well it's   down to how they interlock to one another on this 
one here you've got a little clip you slide it off   and what you have you have these notches on the 
back these link in the notches on the top of the   other unit almost a bit like lego as such they all 
click in there are 12 locking points which means   when they are all stacked up like this one here it 
is massively stable it's not going to go anywhere   other units have clips on the side which means 
i've only got two points of contact as opposed   to milwaukee's 12 which means you will get some 
rocking action there so if you've got heavy tools   you want to take it down to the job site this 
is a much more stable option the boxes are ip65   rated so what that actually means is it is water 
and dust resistant it's not waterproof but it is   resistant so you can use it on the rain and things 
like that it'd be absolutely fine your tools will   be safe in there if you're using a high pressure 
hose like a pressure washer spraying it down   it will leak like that it's ip65 right not 67.

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we'll see that later in the video where we'll go   and wash this kit down so what they have in the 
range their range is massive there are so many   different add-ons you can have so for example 
here top box here is that slimline organizer   very very nice separate drawers in it tough 
sturdy construction once again dust of water   resistance then you have the drawers sadly the 
drawers are not ip65 rated but they are durable   so nice draw action locking bar there for the 
draw click and plenty of space in there you'll   notice here they have metal runners here 
it's nice and steady each straw can hold   approximately 11 kilograms of weight also comes 
with a set of divides as well so you can really   divide out your tools to make it as organized as 
possible so they do have locking latches on there   so the drawers are secure but just to protect 
it even further it's a metal bar that comes up   if that gets in your way you can actually just 
fold it away so nice and easy there's also a   hole here to be able to put a padlock in here to 
secure your drawers if you need to face box here   standable handle nice solid or metal latches 
here with plastic clips inside the box   you find yourself a plastic solid tote and there's 
plenty of room in there as well these base boxes   have wheels inset to the side which means if 
you're going down narrow pasture ways things like   that yeah don't worry about your wheels catching 
anything because it's all in line with the toolbox   side handle as well so if you do need to move 
it around you've got two handles one either side   on the back you have a tie down point so it's in 
your van or your truck you can secure it in place   and there your front as well it's a metal bar as 
well same again use it as a tie down point handle   nice wide handle rubberized grip really nice solid 
sturdy boxes this is the pack out 50 centimeter   tote nice and long you got straps here to put 
a saw inside here you got all your different   pockets to really organize your tools nice flexi 
handle with a rubberized grip side cushion there   so when you're carrying it touching your leg makes 
it nice and comfortable even with heavy weight in   super bowl pouch shoulder strap another large 
zippered pouch there pack out crates so nice solid   construction that's just easy if you've got to 
want to throw some tools in it if you haven't got   a tote and you want something strong you can whack 
that all your tools in there and just click it   onto the top but if you've got the van racking 
there's also clasps at the back so you can   actually have it hooked on on your walls and 
things like that so it becomes a really useful   solid storage crate in the slimline box you get 
additional shelf little storage cubby another   little storage company there which these little 
drawers are removable on the other side same again   for removable sliders there storage cubby and you 
get a neat little solid box to store your smaller   items what you may notice on these boxes a lot of 
them have a little circular insert here and that's   what's called for the milwaukee one key tick so 
one key tick is a little tracking you can actually   install in each of your toolboxes and actually 
track it on the phone but you'll see another   video that at some point regardless of the wonky 
system there are so many different items out there   for regards from walking or all different add-ons 
everything you see here are all available on our   website haze machinery.koda uk all the boxes here 
have side impact protection here they have metal   bars going down the side of the toolbox that's 
just protecting the box for stopping them getting   bashed around so you might see other videos online 
regardless of walking pack out you notice a lot   of those videos the pack out kit is all red as 
opposed to here in the uk is black and the reason   for that is the company who manufactures the 
milky boxes for milking also makes the same sort   of boxes for a brand called hilti and hilti boxes 
all red already so they can't have the two same   colors in the uk so what they've done is they made 
an agreement and in the uk in the european market   you'll find them more black that's why everything 
in the box is identical it's just different color   so good thing about milwaukee a lot of their tools 
now are going to start coming in pack our boxes   just for example this little kit here this is an 
m12 kit all coming in a pack out box and more and   more tools are coming to go with the pack out 
system there are pack out radios to clip on top   my personal favorite is this box here so if you 
haven't seen one looks like a normal box however   this is a floodlight so this little unit here 
we'll do another video on this separately   it turns your pack out system here into a 
portable floodlight this little baby is amazing   beauty of the pack out because it's a front 
loading system most other systems on the market   have got clips in the side so if i want to get 
this box out and it's all strapped down to the   van i'll have to undo all the strapping slide the 
entire box out and then undo the two clips because   mork is a unique front loading system all i gotta 
do is press that and take it off and away i go so what does ip65 actually mean so the six 
stands for it's not gonna let any dust or   debris into the boxes and five means it is water 
resistant and what it means by water resistant   showers rain those sort of things spraying on 
there it means everything in your in your toolbox   will stay dry and safe let's put that to the test 
come in closer well we'll have a look in here   so this is one of our pack out kits that we 
actually use ourselves this is for for auto mowers   so we've got some bits and pieces in here still 
fairly new but you can see nice and dry in there   let's close them up like i say got the seal there 
and the next drawer down here is richard's tools   so he's our auto mower engineer look at that nice 
new walky tools he's got there she's using them   a few times let's use the hose pipe and get this 
baby wet there you go needs a bit of a clean off heavy downpour look at that torrential rain see what content 
is like inside let's get this excess water off they're back on open the clips up it's 
going to be dry look at that bone dry so all the goods in there nice and safe let's 
have a look richard's tools are dry if not i   am going to be in trouble open this box up see 
all the water still on there on the end of the   box open up look at that i am saved it's all 
nice and dry in there so does it protect your   tools in torrential downpours yes it does that is 
the water test passed so as a brief overview of   some of the walky pack out items we have to offer 
everything you've seen here is all available on   our website at the start of the 
video i asked is milwaukee pack out the best   modular tool storage system currently on the 
market well it's up to you to decide i think   it is i think it is superb so we're going to do 
now is we're going to do a prize giveaway so what   we're doing now is a price giveaway it's actually 
going to one of our members yes you can become a   member now at haze machinery all they're going 
to cost you is 99p a month click on that join   and become a member so today's lucky winner is 
going to win a power bank charge your phone up   walkie pen and a milky t-shirt so the lucky 
winner of those prizes is drum roll fun things   to do with tech sparky so congratulations give 
us an email info haze machinery dot co uk and   these could be on the way to you if you like this 
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done for the web thank you very much and goodbye

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