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And see friends , we are having this unit And we have turn it on And its working on temperature 16 But its Fan Blower Its working from inside Sometime it work and suddenly it get off two three times it did the same After this E6 error has occured Now what does it mean? Your unit situation can be different But if E6 error code is coming So this I will explain you… That what's its problem? See friends , we have open indoor And the E6 error was coming And the fault I showed you Its having relation with indoor Here I will tell you which faults possibilty can come Its fan was getting sometime slow sometime fast and sometime it was working and sometime it was not working This type of situation can also come And this can also happen that fan is totally stop It doesn't work at all And situation can also be this that fan is working and suddenly this error displays So all these three situation can come In this way , its fan is creating problem Means if its works and turns off So it means its feedback is Take out connector from feedback Sometimes it happen it get loose connected So its electrical connection does not work properly So move it And again fit the connector in feedback So we are having chance that unit can get alright here Except it , if totally its not working See , this is electric connector So it can be faulted We are already having video of….

How to repair Fan Motor? And How to install another brand motor in another unit? So must watch this video So your knowledge will increase with this video See if its capacitor has get faulted These all things are its possible faults If its jam so it means motor is totally jam Its bearings are jammed So then also it will not work and feedback will not come So then E6 error will show on display Friends , when E7 error code comes on unit display And in indoor you can see this problem And unit get totally off So what we have to do? So let me gave you its complete detail but let me tell you its not indoor fault Its outdoor fault So let me take you towards the outdoor And I will show you in outdoor …..

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How much blinks are coming? In outdoor also these blinks are coming And if we see in outdoor unit So here some blinks are coming See at the time LED 401 is blinking So we have to check how much time it is blinking So now we will count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Its blinking 9 times So it means outdoor is having fault So let you explain … Why is it happening? Friends I have turn off the unit so that here can't be any type of electric shock See here the sensor Its Outdoor Temperture Sensor It has get faulted This is its connector And at this time at our right side And see here something OAT is written And OAT is Outdoor Temperature Sensor If it get faulted Or if get short circuited or open So then it create problem If already you know about this work And if you don't know still I will tell you See Condensor Pipe Sensor is attach with condensor on outdoor And it check the outdoor temperature That which type of the environment outdoor is showing And how much is temperature By which its easy to control the unit Its easy for micro controller to control all the things If connector is not attach here so then also it can give you E7 error If wire get cut so then also it can give you E7 error So let me tell you how much should be its correct resistance value? Friends , now we will check its resistance value That how much be its sensor resistance value Through which our resistance can get alright Its relation with temperature is too much That's why we have already made video on PTC and NTC If you haven't watch that video so must watch it So it will easy for you to understand it and work on it So let me tell you how much should be its resistance value our room temperature is 21 degree right now it this right side is Outdoor Temperature Sensor So see we will check value here So it showing us 6.10 kilo-ohms resistance value So it means that if temperature was high so it would have shown us more less resistance value So check it and then change it If its wire gets cut off or break so then also it will have problem So easily you can repair it Let me tell you one more thing If its PCB is faulted So there you will check 5 volt Here this connector is attach There you will check 5 volts So then you will l knew that PCB is faulted or not And if PCB is faulted So then you have to repair the PCB But cause of short circuit or open circuit of sensor this fault shows on the display of the ac

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