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Subscribe our Youtube Channel Forever Tech to get latest updates of every upcoming video Asalam-ul-alakum friends I am Nadeem Robin and you are watching our You Tube channel Forever Tech in which we are making amazing and informative videos for you! so friends today we will talk about Changhong Ruba Dc inverter air conditioner Error codes so friends we always try our best from very first of Channel we are talking about Error codes and taught you practically whenever Error codes comes on display what does it means? and how can you solve it out! we work practically and try that you can learn thoroughly! do not skip the video watch till last you can learn every point and can understand so friends this is our request stay tune with us and if you are new to our channel please Subscribe our channel and press bell Icon that you can get every latest updates of videos so friends lets start the video! so friends this is Changhong Ruba Dc inverter air conditioner in which we will talk about its Error codes as you can see this is its indoor model! today we will discuss this and share about its Error codes that when Error code comes in it and stops what will be the fault! whenever F0 Error code comes on Changhong Ruba unit display what does it means and why it comes? so friends this means that your indoor fan motor is faulty not giving feedback and if working not giving feedback you will check its fan motor that its motor is jammed or not and connector is loose or not you will check it for checking you have to remove this cover you have to open it friends now I will show you where is its fan motor attached and in PCB where its connector is installed? before opening indoor unit off its electric and unplugg switch and then open the cover see I have opened the cover! now you can see its PCB below PCB fan motor is installed now you can see its blower its connected here this white color is blower this is indoor fan motor power connector which is installed here and its feedback connector as you can see is installed here it is three wires connector black,white and brown wire so this connector is called feedback connector of which Error code we will talk about is shown on display which you can see is F2 whenever on Changhong Ruba Dc inverter air conditioner display show this Error code and unit stops working what does it means? and why it comes? we will tell you in detail! whenever on display this F2 Error code is shown it means that your outdoor temperature sensor is faulty or opened or short circuited you will open outdoor and change its sensor after changing it doesn't disappear from display and unit do not comes back to working condition this means your outdoor PCB is faulty check it or repair it! this fault will disappear from display and unit will come back to working condition let me show you in outdoor PCB where it is installed and how it looks? this is its outdoor unit before opening cover off its electric and plugg out and open its cover when you will open its cover PCB when looks like this! this is yellow connector and black wire this is outdoor temperature connector sensor outdoor temperature sensor is installed here and looks like this! it is hanging outside of unit as you can see! so check it! if there is loose connection then fix it and if the wire is disconnected then fix it if everything is okay!then change it fully your fault will be okay and your unit will come back to working condition so friends you have seen video! hope so you enjoyed the video! and will be very useful for you meet you in next video

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