O General Dc Inverter Ac | Operation 6 & Timer 2 Light Blink | O General Ac light blinking error

Subscribe Forever Tech You Tube channel to get latest videos updates Assalam-u-alakum Friends! I am Nadeem Robin and you are watching our You Tube channel Forever Tech So Friends , Today we will talk about O General Dc Inverter Ac We will discuss and share with you its error code And I will tell you that when this problem comes …. How will you solve it Friends watch video till end so that you can understand every point in the video If you are professional or a user so you can learn why this problem comes and how can you solve it Friends it will be a request that If you are new on our channel So Subscribe our channel and Press Bell Icon so that you can get upcoming videos notification With out wasting any time let go towards the video So friends the error code we will discuss with you It have start coming on the display We will tell you that why this error comes and what is its reason So first of all we will count it Operation light will Main lights in it And Timer lights will be the sub lights From which we will know what will its specific error code in the unit So lets count it First of all we will count Operation lights 1 2 3 4 5 6 Lights are blinking 6 times We will wait for the Timer light 1 2 Light has blink 2 times 6 2 Operation light has blink 6 times and Timer light has blink 2 times So it means that your Indoor Fan Motor is faulted or jammed Its not working cause of any reason Connector has get loose So because of this your unit will show you blinks Now I will show you that Indoor Fan Motor connector …….

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That Where does it fit in the PCB? This is Indoor unit PCB And see its Fan Motor is attach here in the PCB The brown color connector See it is attach here and now I will take it out It is something like this And in PCB it is attach here Check that there is no loose connection If it is not loose connected so change its motor After this also Motor doesn't start working So it means that your motor is faulted Or your PCB is faulted So get repair your PCB or change the motor So your this fault will get finish Friends , I hope you liked today's information An it will come in work for you So will meet in the next video

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