Top 5 Must Have Milwaukee Accessories!

so here at hayes machinery we are massive 
milwaukee dealers we love the milwaukee brand   and the products and everything that they do and 
today we are going to show you our five favorite   milwaukee accessories yes our top favorite 
there's over 3500 accessories in their range   and we're going to show you our top five we're 
haze machinery this is our youtube channel   please consider subscribing let's crack on so 
starting at number five we have the milwaukee   switchblade set yes it's a jolly big drill bit set 
why is it so good let's open it up and have a look   from your normal standard large big 
bits like this that you would get from   many other brands as well as milwaukee milwaukee 
do some simple ones like this but the reasons we   like these is you can actually change the blade 
on the drill bit there's a nice little range   they are built to last let me show you the arbor 
because get it out of the case that is one jolly   big piece that goes onto it so you can clip 
that in there let's make it a little bit longer   a little bit more reach we really like that 
but the best thing about switchblade is that   these drill bits are not exactly your cheap 
standard run-of-the-mill bits because when   you have to replace them once the drill bits lost 
its edge you have to go and replace it with these   you just have to change the blade and that is 
the nicest thing about these because you can just   switch over the blades hence why they're called a 
switchblade they even come with spare blades with   them so you're theoretically getting two sets of 
blades for the price of one with these and then   you can just buy the replacement blades when those 
are dull how cool is that i think it's great let's   move on to number four so coming in at number 
four is the hole saw set yes not just one set but   two sets they do a large one and they do a smaller 
one but milwaukee are very good at marketing their   products they don't just call it a hole saw no 
they call it hull dozer well done team milwaukee   i love that name i think it's brilliant let's 
take a look open it up and see what's inside   yes a beautiful range of hole saws sorry whole 
dozers there we are so i forgot we have got some   large ones right down to some little itty bitty 
ones so if you're just using a hole saw i don't   know for plumbing for electric work whatever it 
might be or even tube notching these will fit   into a tube notcher they are brilliant i love 
them i've been using hole saws a lot and you   can really tell the difference in the quality 
of the milwaukee hole doses so it's even got a   really strong arbor as well so i'll show you 
how these go on literally put them on there   screw them on screw them on there like that nice 
and tight slide up your locator to stop the thing   spinning because obviously you don't want that to 
happen then you tighten up your nut with a nice   obviously milwaukee spanner and you put that in 
your drill and off you go simple as that beautiful   beautiful hole saw set sorry dozer dough hold 
dozer set there we are and again easy to come off   to do pull that back spin that one off and it's 
back on you can change it pretty cool i like that   actually another little trick they do let's see 
if it fits on here put a big one on like that   and then obviously if you cut the wrong size 
hole will another one fit on the inside that   is a question it will look at that so then you can 
do that up like that locate your thing and then if   you drill the two smaller hole you can then put 
that through that hole and put that one on the   outside a little trick of the trade there i've 
seen before i'm gonna have to try that out see   if that works myself because i've never tried it 
but i've seen other people do it so i think it's   pretty cool that these will fit and do that as 
well right let's move on to number three so number   three is a personal favorite of mine something i 
use quite often is the inks all paint pens yeah   quite simple you've got the black the white and 
the yellow and to prove a point i use one myself   i absolutely adore this but any metal work 
application these are brilliant we've all   tried panama markers scribes chalk these are the 
best let's take a rusty bit of steel got a little   angle iron here and this pen is quite i've been 
using this a long time so it's not like there's a   new one i don't like that look how clear that line 
is it's perfect that's exactly what you want to   achieve from the paint pen highly recommend these 
available on our website oh yeah let's move on to   number two so number two another personal favorite 
of mine is the fix tech nut yes the grinder nut   you know that horrible little nut you get on your 
grinder i'll prove a point again on my grinder   one of many i had must say the annoying thing is 
sometimes you can use the spanner to take it off   sometimes you can use your hand obviously to undo 
it but we always get that one every now and again   which doesn't come off very easily you think it's 
stuck on there nice thing about the fixed techna   lift it up like so and just spin it 
off with your hand it's got this little it's got a little flapper on there like you 
would on like a fuel cap or something like   that so that's really really handy lift that 
up you've got something to put your hand on   especially got gloves on and you can't get it 
around there or something like that or you've   got different adaption on your grinder love 
the little fix tech nut nice little adaption   but not only to milwaukee tools all of these will 
fit onto any brand so if you've got yellow ones   green ones blue ones whatever color your power 
equipment whatever color your grinder now let   me show you so just have a dig into the cupboard 
to find a different brand just to prove a point   put this on there and your fix tech nut yeah 
milwaukee fixed set nut obviously we'll just   go on there like so it'll fit onto 
any grinder with a 40 mil shaft on it   nine inch four inch five inch four and a 
half inch however many inch your grinder is   it's gonna fit love the fix tech now just handy 
just to be able to get your hand on there or if   you've got a little weakling in your workshop 
who ain't very good about taking the disks off   perfect right let's move on to number one number 
oh no all right so number one are you ready yeah   we have got an angled shockwave adapter so for 
any of your impacts that you use to better get   into those awkward corners this is the perfect 
tool i've got one where is it it's on the impact   i've never used it myself so this is only going 
on by personal recommendation from a customer   we had these on our counter we had them come in 
we thought yeah okay that's pretty cool put them   on the counter the amount of people who've come in 
and gone wow we love them and we had one customer   come in and he is a building contractor and he's 
bought like a handful of them to give one to each   of his guys to make it easier for getting into 
those awkward corners so simply they go in to your   impact like so but so you can get nice and tight 
into the corners or something other than that in a   stud work or something someone's put an awkward 
screw into a stud work you can go in there and   get it out again hang on get out this my personal 
set still generation one on the old shock wave but   there we go in like so and you can go nicely into 
a corner underneath something it's just easier   to get everything with one of those just nice 
little accessory you can keep in your toolbox   or your pack out you know we'll move on to that 
another time i love that i think it's brilliant   but they also come with some generation three 
bits so as part of the set that is available to   buy on our website haze machinery dot co uk the 
little bits there on the side all your little   shock wave sets come with it as standard nice 
little extras there to be included so that is   our top five milwaukee accessories there is over 
3 500 milwaukee accessories available or skus as   they like to call them available in their range 
the range is massive but this is our top five   more videos to come subscribe to our channel check 
out our website we'll see you in the next one

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