Top 5 Problems Chevy Avalanche Truck 2nd Generation 2007-13

In this video, we're going over the top five
problems on this second generation Chevy Avalanche. Number one, the throttle body. The throttle body is located right here underneath
this cover, and this is what allows more or less airflow into the engine. There's an electronic motor attached to it
with sensors in there. The problem with this throttle body is those
sensors fail, and then you end up with an engine-reduced power mode light on your dash,
or also a check engine light.

The code you're gonna get is a P2135, and
when you get this code, cleaning the throttle body isn't going to fix the problem. It has to do with those sensors. It's always a good idea to check the wiring
and the connector. Those could also cause this same issue, but
most of the time, it's just the throttle body and it's got to be replaced. Number two, the EVAP system. Like most GM vehicles, they have EVAP problems. You always want to start with the gas cap. Check to make sure it's not loose, and make
sure it's not cracking. Part of the EVAP system that can also give
you trouble is the EVAP purge valve, and that's located right here behind the alternator,
under that cap. And last with the EVAP system is the vent

It's located right there above the spare tire. Those three parts are the most common repairs
for that issue. Always check with the gas cap first, though. Number three, the AFM lifters, also known
as the active fuel management lifters. The active fuel management system in this
vehicle shuts the cylinders down while you're going down the road so that it goes into four-cylinder
mode. Normally, it's in eight-cylinder mode. When it shuts those cylinders down, it collapses
the lifters. Well, sometimes those lifters get stuck and
they don't come back. The lifters are an internal engine component,
and when those lifters fail and they get stuck closed, the valves are going to be closed. You're going to get a check engine light,
the engine is going to run rough, and you're going to have a misfire. Number four, the outside door handles. Now, the outside door handle is located right
here, and this vehicle happens to have outside door handles on all four doors.

pexels photo 3807319

The area of the door handle that actually
breaks is near the pivot area, so when you're opening the door, you want to make sure you're
opening it from this side. The plastic that's in this location, where
it's fastened to the door, is actually pretty weak. So, they can break, so just be careful. So, that's a problem that's pretty common,
also the inside door handles as well. Number five, the plastic trim. Just like the original Chevy Avalanche, any
of the plastic trim fades. There's many ways you can fix this, between
using a heat gun, trim restorer, even peanut butter.

And we actually did a video on this, so check
that out in the description. This problem happens on a lot of vehicles. Luckily, with this Avalanche, it's not like
the original one where there's cladding all over the side, so it's just this area you
got to worry about. So, there's our top five problems for this
Chevy Avalanche. Overall, these are really great cars. I actually used to own one. If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe
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