what's up guys This is Roy And welcome to another brand new video on my last AC servicing video Shandeep asked me How to open front panel of an split AC ? today in this video I will show you guys How you can open the front panel of an split AC first if your AC is running turn it off kidd Ferr Roy what is the white box
near to the AC it's a voltage stabilizer it step up the voltages when voltage is low And step down the voltage when voltage is high it's a company from Vguard and the model number is VWI 400 its working voltage is 140 volt to 280 volts and output voltage is 220 to 240 volts I bought it from amazon india around 4,300 rupees it's awesome as stabilizer I'm using for nearby year so if you guys want to check it I will leave a link in the description below before disassembling your AC make sure you turn off the power switch then remove the plug from the socket the left side and the right side
will find two clip just be put pressure it will open the front cover and the front cover connected with the main body using three hinge and all of those three hinges are hooked into the main body and Music finally the front cover is detached from
the main body next remove those two your filters and
bacteria filters and this is AC swing we exactly don't need to remove it but I am
showing you guys like how to do that it's connected with the main chassis is
using four clips and if you are able to remove all of this 4 clips this swing will move from the main chassis so now it's removed from the chassis on the right hand side of a PCB cover it's attached with a Philips head screw so remove it bottom of the indoor unit we have a plastic panel which is screwed with the main chassis using Philips head screws so there is three screws it's covered with a plastic cover remove the cover and remove the screws music and on the top the front plastic cover
is hooked with the body using six clips so you can use a straight screwdriver or a prey tools then press it then if you open the clip I am using an LG 4 star inverter AC and probably your AC company and model number is different than mine but the basic idea is same guys this is not some kind of rocket science guys so if you guys figure out where is the screws and where is the
clips and hooks you can figure out how to open any kind of Split AC indoor unit again here the main front cover is screwed to the body using two Philips head screws one is on the right hand side another is on the left hand side now all of this is screws are on is screwed and all of these clips are unplugged now grab the front cover of the AC and little bit put pressure and it will open and if you guys are facing some problem opening your AC front cover make sure you remove all of the screws as well as all of these clips so guys that's how you can open your AC in your unit it's simple and if you guys have any question any suggestion let me know in the comment section below and guys that's it for today meet you made you threw on my next video till then bye bye

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