Top Pioneer Mini Split Reviews 2020: Ultimate HVAC Training 101 Buyer’s Guide

Top 5 Pioneer Mini Split Systems

As the demand for energy-efficient home appliances increases, more homeowners are shifting to ductless heating and cooling systems. Pioneer mini splits are known for their affordable price range and exceptional operational quality. These units go through extensive testing and meet the ISO standards to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability. With countless options in the market, selecting the ideal mini split for your requirements might be overwhelming. This article will guide you through the top five Pioneer mini splits available today.

1. Pioneer 9000 BTU Mini Split – Best 9000 BTU Mini Split

High Efficiency and Energy Saving

The Pioneer 9000 BTU 22.8 SEER Inverter++ Mini Split Heat Pump System is the top-rated 9000 BTU mini split model, known for its exceptional energy-saving ability. With a 22.8 SEER rating, this unit stands out for its high efficiency. Users can benefit from its low operational noise and energy consumption as low as $50 a year. However, be aware that the high-density filter is not included with the unit.

2. Pioneer 12000 BTU 19 SEER – Best Ducless Mini Split

Near-Perfect Performance for 400 Sq. Ft Area

With a 19 SEER rating, the Pioneer 12000 BTU 19 SEER is a highly-efficient ductless mini split making it our top pick in this category. With a noise output of only 28 dB, it is discreet and non-intrusive. The remote-control temperature sensor accurately detects and adjusts to the surrounding temperature. This mini split is perfect for areas up to 400 sq. ft. as it is designed to work optimally in small rooms.

3. Pioneer Air Conditioner WYS020G-MHI22M2 Multisplit – Best for the Money

Dual Zone System for Serene Performance

Considering the dual-zone system, the Pioneer Air Conditioner WYS020G-MHI22M2 Multisplit offers an efficient and cost-effective option. With independent temperature control, the system is perfect for cooling multiple rooms. Boasting a 21.3 SEER rating and a stylish flat front panel with LED display, this unit is a great bang for your buck. However, the thermostat on the remote may sometimes give inaccurate readings.

4. Pioneer 9000 BTU Mini Split Heat Pump – Runner-Up

Excellent Choice for Small Rooms

As the runner-up in our list, the Pioneer 9000 BTU Mini Split Heat Pump provides a cooling capacity of 9000 BTUs per hour and a heating capacity of 98,000 BTUs per hour. With a high SEER rating of 22.5, the unit ensures optimal efficiency. It is ideal for small rooms of around 300 sq. ft. but could be tricky to install.

5. Pioneer 12000 BTU Mini Split Heat Pump – Best Overall

Complete HVAC System Solution

Taking the top spot as the best overall Pioneer mini split is the highly-efficient Pioneer 12000 BTU Mini Split Heat Pump. With a cooling capacity of 12000 BTUs per hour and a heating capacity of 11,800 BTUs per hour, the unit acquires a 19.5 SEER rating qualifying it for Energy Star certification. The system includes ventilation, dehumidification, heating, and cooling functionalities. Despite its outstanding features, users may encounter difficulties during installation.


Now that we have discussed the top five Pioneer mini split systems, it will be easier for you to make an informed decision when investing in a new heating and cooling solution for your home. Don’t forget to check out the links provided in the description for detailed information and the latest pricing on these fantastic systems. Should you require further assistance or have any recommendations, please leave a comment below. Happy shopping!

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