What if the Outdoor (Condenser) Fan Runs During Heat Pump Defrost?

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I have a hard time with stuff whenever I Don't understand how it works I don't Have confidence working on something Unless I feel like I understand its Function and understand how it does what It does it leads to a certain degree Like I'm pretty comfortable working on Heat pumps but I don't know every bit of Logic and what every piece of a circuit Board does in a defrost controller but I Still feel pretty comfortable because I Understand exactly what it's doing when It's supposed to do it and that the Board is saying to do something at a Certain time I can check a reading on a Board and say all right this system is In defrost but the board outside is not Putting out the W signal to the heat Strips on the inside something is wrong With this board Check dip switches and things like that But typically you know there's a failure In the board a lot of times in defrost Controllers the little black relay on it For the fan it fails and the fan either Never shuts off it the relay weld shut Where it doesn't shut the fan off and Just runs during defrost which just Makes defrost inefficient it'll still Defrost but if you imagine when a heat Pump defrost the fan shuts off and it Switches in the AC because the outer Coil becomes very hot because it's a Condenser coil again for that short

Period of time Well if the fan is running it's going to Start rejecting heat instead of keeping It right there on the coil so it's not Going to be nearly as efficient it might Work not if it gets really really cold And icy outside but it might work

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