Why HVACR Wireless Refrigerant Probes Need Range

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I had one comment that I was going to Highlight this is our comment for today I'm gonna get rid of this chat on the Screen here uh I thought this was Interesting and it It says in the very beginning I have to Ask and I mean no hate which is usually A trigger for YouTubers who's like all Right what's this going to be about it's A good comment though I have to ask and I mean no Hate by the way but Buy this but why would you care to walk More than 10 feet away talking about Smart probes he's like I made a video About how far they reach and compare Testo and UEI and field piece and this Guy's like why you even have to go 10 Feet away He's just kind of curious what the Answer is all right here's my answer to This question at least for myself you Guys can answer too Whenever I use Smart probes I would typically have you know the ones You have on the outside for pressure and Line temperature but I'd always have Interior probes return and supply and to Get linked up with all of them sometime Was a chore depending on what type of House it was sometimes you could sit out Of the condenser and you had no problems But sometimes you gotta find an Intermediate area and you might want to Walk around a little bit and sometimes

You lose connection to the interior Interior interior ones That was a big issue that's why I think It's important for the range that's just That's just I like fry lock says because Commercial and that's not even getting My answer wasn't even getting into Commercial about just you know working Different floors away from the equipment My mind was more just the practicality Of having all the different probes Everywhere you kind of want them to have A good connection distance because just Because what they say like in this video That I put out I walk like 400 feet with The field piece probes yeah that was in A perfect environment too Everybody knows heck the Testo probes Went past second base because this was On a ball field where I did this the Testo probes went past second base and As we all know Testo probes lose Connection If you look at them funny So it's important to know And I you know Tesco probes all right But it just don't go as far the second Generation good the first generation Yikes not if not far at all not far at All so Freylex says dude never had to adjust TXV at a stadium well you know that is a Pretty small percentage Frylock Of all the guys here how many of you

Have adjusted a TXV at a stadium that's Very specific but you're right he Wouldn't be wanting to use Testo Generation one on a TXV at the stadium Foreign [Music]

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