DeWalt T-STAK 2.0 UND TOUGH CASES | Einsatzbereite modulare Aufbewahrung und Organisation

hello tool fans welcome to Gotools
trust ev my name is sebastian and today it's not just about
tool go but an extreme important topic namely
storage system today we look us times the system from dewalt and
One thing is very important to those who he is when it comes to bosch or
makita or matt awo or festool should be very precise here today
to look too that could be very interesting for you
his who thinks that systems of order are boring and that you are that
actually doesn't really need it look further now
I have thought about systems of order his boxing and so it can be exciting
be Well, I don't have that at all now
I answer but then tried it out and kept saying it
yes that's great what it all can do oh that's how it works, you can do that too
still make that madness and I really want you today
bring closer because what have yours parents already said back then
Order is half of life and it is exactly the same and every one of them
such a workshop is built up with the time will determine that order
is extremely important and especially when less space has less space from
has is all the more important of course order and this are systems that do it
definitely allow any amount to have everything in its place
to have and even mobile to take with you
I have to say I watched it I am excited and now I want you
inspire what we actually have we have the so-called here from dewalt
deep tech system that's this and here so the lower area and we have
the tav käses this is this and that both are together like that
universal so good so really really well you have to look at that and say it
let's look here on this page that is the 2 cases when we go
look down here the smp 54 is protected that means we have
here dust safe and Splash-proof cheese that means
let's have a look here, I'll show you let's make it clear
he sees me quite well as you can see down here is good and it works
up here in this yes I say so some kind of foam in here at the
put and that's the way it is inner here really protected with that
suitcase let's do the following and I'll just take it now
each suitcase individually and then build little by little paint tower together and
then you see what everything is possible i start now with this one and one
thing i tell you it always gets with time
so in the end it will be more spectacular at some point be ready to say
that is still possible but there come soon let's say here for the first time that
they are the clips and what corresponds to them It can be easily connected here
from doing other side from doing and then we hit the whole thing like that
let's start with the box here you have a handle all that
wear all here wonderfully ergo yes, of course others can do the same
hang down underneath and then you have here the possibility to wear it well
I can find it sometimes distance ago I would be solved nicely
then you have the opportunity up here friend then we have them here
possibility to do bulk material rhine yes whatever you need was cleared up bad
or what ever joke or something like that could be easy here
do whatever he needs to do the whole to you you have two brackets
and then it's closed and here inside inside
here the area here is the one is splash-proof and
accordingly you have here the possibility over this this this one
a molded yes in the foam here you can according to what you cannot
needs take out and could be here for tool to create a corresponding one
make an example we can for example here for the 12 volt
Dewalt batteries are not available in a deep dogs that is what it means
simple tool box the so not is stackable then you do the following
did he buy such a box or one other computer to and more integrated
yes just perfect in your system then you can now do the whole thing because of me
could build another one here now second does not simulate the times with
another manufacturer as an example then you can do a second one here
sit down or so reindeer charger or you can for the one here for example
simply insert more batteries here here a charger and so on yes you
are here already very universal or you can also put in whatever you want
want and now friends now it is so now they should or we should
make the talent remains for a short time own here
we now do the following and leave this look at our ears we have the somewhat larger suitcases here
so yes here again with the poetry and then happen here
so and now it is so that we ourselves now take a look at this, yes
a device system yes and the pc world and is designed for the world but well there
you can actually put everything in you can build there, for example
you now build something like that or you could be a farmer now
as an an example yes but quickly here
I'm just saying this is now a system from dewalt
but of course I like to say vision compatible with other manufacturers
because something like this offers here what nobody is actually only becomes
milwaukee still on otherwise nobody actually has that and
honestly you want that therefore very simple suitcase without
more special function than we have here just a suitcase for the den
castrate speak close we have the
the watertightness and here we have the system can do it again
taking out is of course not like that at all simple but we can do it i
I'll do it once on the basis of smaller ones are
so we can do it completely remove so then we have accordingly
here an empty suitcase and you can use it also use individually yes that it belongs
accordingly yes here with it and we get it free again of course
and now admitted I would have said we build towers
so just need to put that on you see that snap to this immediately
and that's it, that's number one now it's getting really exciting
or evening where exciting if you are interested in the system
take a look at the honest one below price comparison that's all of these
different boxes linked if you as well as a single box price know
want to take a look at that and in the video description of so many
different ones and there are more cheese is as what we have here and
I'll show you that here and very importantly there is also here
also a trolley system that is what it means say there is a bigger suitcase
she is about height here with one arm that you can pull out and there are too
still a pure trolley only on bottom hatred and accordingly an arm or
can and still pile the whole thing up other things that I don't do here today
all there but the system is like that extensive that is really amazing
so far just below the price comparison take a look and now
so this is what you want bad but now come to that
absolute highlights and there you ask times here
to do this, we have to dismantle the tower again so and there they start me somewhere else
friends, we start here and although we take the here and now
let's stand by for a moment as you can see, this is a whole
normal suitcase from dewalt as it is here a battery also wins in it and that is
a suitcase, we might as well at home and then you can
do the following this system is fully compatible with
what we're about to show you and that I can now speak to you here in
build the height I believe that to the side that
we can get started right away this is madness because they
quality of this suitcase is certain outstandingly good, one could say
he's just a little plastic stuff but in all honesty she got off
this suitcase is really great is can i just try you guys a bit
to give back over it but if you firmly defend yourself very much
and it is stable made us feel like this again
I should be the subject of these suitcases do a test for stability
writes that one also writes down in the Comments
and above all whether I have other systems we should be able to test them too
test against each other because so bosch and makita or festool should I go there
go in the topic then please write times in the comments definitely that
here this is real how i would have real Lust a stability test here
do so now here we have our system and
that's the suitcase and now you can you have to do the following down here
are handy shows you the choice there we have a handle and that is the one
lock to release so and then you have I find you here this system of order
really great solved what this is also still change accordingly
could so there is how you can see it here
it doesn't take up that much space anymore needs space and you can see here
is a right track in it now not so plastic what also plasticker
makes around a bit in the area but look here listen I would
awesome yes then i would have each Punkt calls it firm then this falls here
also not out yes that is really solid the system and so you have a box here
where your really perfect bulk Could accommodate that is a great one
solution now we can build our tower
the rest of us build the tower number one and number two could
By the way, we are now too, of course so wear yes and already have that here
accessories for the saw with with or for that, whatever is always here
down in the big main suitcase have opened again so on
you already know the suitcase here to be sure, show you yes again
now it sounds familiar to you system completely a bit denser
show that right, very tight on it
here you see what i mean i take one out of here for you too
yes yes yes yes I try at least with the cutter knife will do it now
so here you can see the individual cubes can take them out and then
beautiful here or tool wealth but we had already passed
now and here so now it begins getting crazy really crazy
because we have here now we have this now
so-called carry here with the caddy is so that you have these boxes here
now come we are here this is here the stacks here are now eight boxes
we have these roof boxes here now so all the little ones out here too
all out this is what the single caddy had
and now I have little things I just discovered myself earlier
well that's my brilliant idea we can put this part on top of it
pack and do but could do here also hang it on the wall
then look here for the appropriate loosen fastening
then you have it here on the wall then we can hang the small boxes
here here here a 24 piece like this one here you can stow away wonderfully there see everything and look wonderful
turn to the bank and if you think now yes well haters because I think so
it is a great system and still I can just go back here now
take out and this too simply take it out again accordingly
and of course as I said before that is whole fully compatible now here with
our tower here again one side the other
page works so now we already have very state turret and of course
we could do more for the individual buy things and listen to the whole thing now
I mean we are natural and stack start on the ground but we have
what is neat here and now let's take the top boxes out of here
because I'm going to show you something with it because I thought well that's just it
such a box and changes to friends not at all we'll get to it in a moment because now we come here as well
often case system and there is different sizes
this is a very small size for bulk is a poet here that is
that you see it then you know completely small size slide open are
little things in it that you need like here, for example, these are please
is this not on it a t20 please for example we have it in here
sometimes you need a couple of her more you know that who doesn't know that
if we have it all there then it is here the next bigger box is this box
and here we have more tools in there or we have now as an example
here corresponding tool in there I am not primarily concerned with it now
the tool in here but about the box itself, yes if you look at this
box that they have a certain property because you see here
there is a kind of small hook or recesses and they fit
oddly enough, perfect with these boxes match
and now you could do the following I'll show you that even if it's a
a bit of his knowledge is fumbled here is a system i'll call it
deliberately we put it aside page we'll see that again soon is also still what you see that is
not that difficult at all you can already see it is tight in there
yes in here does not fall out either yes but you can make it big
solve so now you have the opportunity this box picture to populate like us
want here you can tell me well but i need of all the things
here maybe I just need this one then I do the maybe 90 made
just go here yes yes I can go here just insert it here
but for that I need a lot of those things then I can watch them
just use it here that’s how we’re in here
there and then I supposedly need them
but they don't have and then I put them in there accordingly
or can do a lot of different things here and now i'm doing the example
is and I already have my box here equipped and I think that's a great
system it's as modular as you can with it do whatever you want, yes that
is really, really well resolved that you have really very good that is
if you have two weeks in there not that easy to remove
then you just take that up here one moment and then you can do it
accordingly so here quite simply then but to get out again
as you can see this box here is stop here with compatible and then we look
let's look at the next system namely this here and now we stay
first here with the next size here we have the next size
this box of the table is the café you see here again at the side
the whole and now we can we can do the whole thing ourselves here
take out get it and can now also say yes I need that
doing the universal together means because of my biz ranks still makes me
that still in or got something out of the system with ryan
here my box and ready if now back to the way it was before
and now he's going crazy the cgi and compatible with each other
Clear again so now we have this we have
now yes this box okay i have full equipped everything is inside everything is great
and now we want to box them both take away what are we going to do now
of course do the following we build these boxing together there is still happening
not done at all but it works if we do it like that, no like that
pack like this and then summarize it like this and yes we have a fixed one here now
connection and and now the whole just solve it again yes come now
accordingly also down here again and so the whole thing settles accordingly
on we have the big box that we have the following option here
moment I have to see how it was here that's so that's the big council the big one
topcase here is going crazy because here we have so many
possibilities of connection and only once we just do that on we catch
we here looks chic or we have a wonderful one here
handle and here you can practically infinite opportunities to do things in
yes we open it up completely how to you can also see this here
spacers here how to simply here Anyone can also take pictures
put here there there and so on goes on now from now on and now you see here
in itself that you have the same system everywhere yes we can do that again here
small chip boxes put in here we can really many don't know at all
how many the box four times already correctly placed like this
maybe we will make a distance then why again and again
times and therefore do a search so you see
space without end and here we also have the opportunity
various tools here for example not super resolved
you're not falling out we have here all of that part in here
I take it out of here and we can We want to get a great job here now
want to transport whole here let's pack that back in, depending on the top
it is protected against falling out and that holds is great and I have it here
first inside there is also a possibility here through these little ones
spacers a possibility too create all sorts of things here
So being able to do rows is extreme modular like that and now do the whole thing
back to it and now we can start to stack
that means we have now here frequently we park a big box in here and
there and attach the whole thing like it already fixed now
now we have a second ok then let's put them on top of here those on top and attach that
the whole time every one again and now that's attached to here now
japan imagine we have some of them here and there
therefore even smaller by us the small ones, in turn, are packed here
on it and attach the whole life also put the whole thing on here
put this on here and fasten it that too and you can see that
with that really yes By the way, building a wonderful tower here
tower construction we wanted to do something here so that we clack clack and have you
now here is our tool tower and that whole we can like modularly designed
always we want that means he has seen in here the little ones can
chip box the very small the small put very small mini top cases in here
here are the next size here possibility to do that in here
we make the whole season compatible and do
and if I wasn't shown earlier because I'm no longer sure I was so in
rhede rage here which times also show this size can of course be found here
just click and fold up here fold and accordingly it is
connected and here the following says order is half life so taking it
we do the whole thing and equip ours here box again too
we can put it in, I want that do not have that on the side
in here this here and now here again
and the box is filled again everything is inside everything is wonderful
we pack on it and then we have we already have our tower and
By the way, just to be on the safe side not as you think you can't get in now
the tool can of course you can without problems
for example i would have a suitcase open where the whole thing unfold and
you can use the tool here accordingly ran and do the whole thing with it I also find the ip54 right now
Protected boxes great because when you're on you're on the construction site and it's getting dusty
even if you are now here plasterboard grinds and so on it comes here
not in he can do that or what I do to a person
just filth and whatever that doesn't bring in here
and you can find the suitcase yourself now leaves somewhere in the rain
therefore does not penetrate or wherever what he's on
the job comes and I find it great system and again great
well thought out and I also think so good that they are so robust and there
fall be me anyway but i am curious if we should see
so now from me again the hint the whole thing, of course, compatible
this slide or this through the cam which could also give out to others
manufacturers seen so you can also put other devices in here and
consider that for the first time exactly one thing namely as a perfect system of order

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