Top 5 Problems Cadillac DTS Sedan 1st Generation 2006-2011

In this video, we're going over the top five
problems on this 1st Generation Cadillac DTS. Number one, the water pump. On this vehicle, the water pump is actually
located on the backside of the engine, and there's a separate belt that drives it. Some of the symptoms you're going to notice
is the coolant level is low, sometimes the heat won't be working, or the engine is actually
overheating. The water pump is actually not that easy to
get to. It's behind this right here. And on the older ones, you could use a special
tool. You could take this cover off and use a tool. Some of the newer ones are actually bolted
on where you actually have to take this entire crossover off to access to the water pump. Number two, engine oil leaks. Now you may find that you see some oil dripping
on the ground. And a lot of times the leaking isn't coming
just from the actual oil pan.

But it's actually the case half of the engine. The engine is actually sandwiched together. There's a top half and then a lower half. Not just the heads in the oil pan, but another
separation. And a lot of times they leak there. The unfortunate part about that is you need
to remove the engine to actually to replace those seals. You can see right here where the separation
is. Number three, transmission cooler lines. Now you may find that you have transmission
fluid leaking on the ground in this vicinity somewhere on the driver's side. And there is cooler lines that go from the
transmission to the radiator. There's two lines and there's got rubber in
between. There's two pieces of metal that go into rubber. And normally where the rubber meets the metal,
that's where they leak. One of the lines is located right here, and
the other one is further down underneath a little bit, but they both leak. Right in this area is where you're going to
see the fluid.

Number four, the door latch actuators. You may notice that one of your doors either
doesn't lock or doesn't unlock. And that's because the door latch actuator
has gone bad. Now the actuator is attached to the door latch
itself. You can buy them separate and just pull the
whole door latch out, replace just the actuator, and then put it back in. You should be good to go. Number five, the steering wheel position sensor. You may notice, while you're driving down
the road, that you have the service stability light on, and a lot of times that's due to
the steering wheel position sensor being faulty. It's at the base of the steering column. When removing it, sometimes you have to remove
the column.

pexels photo 5877455

Sometimes you can get away with just doing
it in the car. You always want to double-check the connector
in the wiring going to the sensor, but most of the time, it's just the sensor. So there's our top five problems for this
Cadillac DTS. Overall, these are great cars. I actually used to own one. If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe
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