Milwaukee Cordless Knockout Punch Tool M18HKP-201C 18V 2.0Ah

Last week I was up in West Gosford for
the opening of our new store and while I was there I caught up with Daniel from
Milwaukee and he was showing off their new 18 volt six tonne knockout punch so
we've got a 12 mil drawer stud so it's just a simple case of drilling a 13 mil
pilot hole through your material drawer stud goes straight through and screw the punch on
finger tight from underneath calls out of the connection here turn your collar
simple case of pulling the trigger and within a matter of a couple seconds
you've got a beautiful burr free clean hole the kit comes with punch and die
from M16 through to M63, battery and charger it'll do up to 3mm mild
steel around a 100 mill whole two and a half mill stainless steel I'm up to
about 80 mm – 2 amp battery supplied with the tool you'll get around 100 120 holes
per battery charge so great new tool on the market go out and grab one a very cool little
tool I've linked it in the description below and get any questions please don't
hesitate in asking in that comment section below
until then I'm Tim and you're watching Sydney Tools TV


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