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(dramatic theme music) – So here's the Milwaukee
Door Installation Kit. Again, locksmiths like it
'cause sometimes it's cheaper to buy the kit to get,
just to get the hole saws. We know we have different jigs, but some of them are good. Let's see what this one's like. So this is the Milwaukee. So it says right on there, it's good for doors,
inch and three eighths, two inch and three quarters. Sometimes the back doors
are inch and three eighths, on the front doors are usually
inch and three quarters. Usually all exterior doors should be inch and three quarters. If they're more, aah, you got problems. Now, the door, this is what confuses a lot of people, you have from the edge of the door to the center of the hole is either two and three eighths
or two and three quarters. Some of the older doors or some of the very custom
stuff is five inch backset. So this installation kit will
not do the five inch backsets, and it will not do thicker doors.

But, you could really
still kind of jury-rig this if you sorta know what you're doing to work for a thicker door. We do run across two inch
doors out there and more, so that requires a whole
different problem to fix, but not difficult to overcome. So again, this is the Milwaukee, let's take a look at what… Now, I really like the
Milwaukee hole saws, so…

Oh, and you gotta make sure you get a two and an eighth inch hole saw and a one inch hole saw. Some of these kits I've seen out there have a seven eighths a hole saw, or, and most of the locks
require a one inch hole to be drilled for the latch. The hole for the deadbolt
part is two and an eighth, and the hole for the latch
or the bolt is one inch. Sometimes you can get
away with seven eighths but not on a lot of the more modern ones. So let's just open it
up, let's take a peak what we got here. Again, you can find these on sale, especially around Christmas time where they're just
blowing them out the door.

Okay, what do we have here? We have, I call this the jigs, we have the door installation jig, we have a one inch hole saw,
we have the two and an eighth. Don't get fooled by the the two inch. Yeah, still works but not proper. And what we got, we got a whole pile of
bits and pieces here. (mumbles) So we got, jeez, it
got lots of drill bits, and they're DeWalt, we know
the drill bits are pretty good.


The arbor, (metal clinks) so the arbor just goes in this one. Now, I like to have two arbors, I don't, I don't wanna fart around with
replacing, you know, this. It's a good deal for locksmiths, you know, sometimes these are cheaper to buy the kit than it is to buy the hole saws. So we just go out and buy the kit. This one's (indistinct) is pretty good. Let's take a look at the jig. Pretty simple, um
(jig clicks) oh, a very, very simple,
(jig clicks) two and three eighths, (jig clicks)
two and three quarters.

So very simple, this is our backset and it doesn't look like anything special for the door thickness, (jig clicks)
pretty idiot-proof. Put it on the door, will
figure out your backset, (jig clicks severally) put it on the door. No little pieces farting around, good. This is the Milwaukee
Door Installation Kit. We know the hole saws are good, we know the drills are good, and this is okay, you know, it's for residential use, yeah. Maybe even a locksmith who
is in a jam, needs a jig, this does the trick. I hope you enjoyed watching this video, subscribe to my channel. Also, visit my website and you can see what
online locksmith training I have for beginners,
intermediate, and advanced, as well as my covert methods of entry and my non-destructive methods of entry.

(dramatic theme music).

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