HVAC Tip: How to Efficiently Recover Refrigerant

When it comes to efficiently recovering refrigerant in HVAC systems, he or she needs to ensure they follow the proper steps. By correctly recovering refrigerant, one can not only comply with environmental regulations and standards but also prevent any potential harm to the environment. In this blog post, we will explore the essential tips and techniques to effectively recover refrigerant, helping HVAC professionals optimize their processes and enhance overall system performance.

HVAC Tip: How to Efficiently Recover Refrigerant


Recovering refrigerant is an essential part of HVAC maintenance and repair. When it comes to compressor change-outs, it is crucial to keep the tank cool to maintain low pressure, which leads to faster recovery of refrigerants. In this article, we will explore an innovative tool called the “Cool Presser” by Subco, which can significantly help in cooling down the tank and improving the efficiency of the refrigerant recovery process.

The Importance of Cooling the Tank

When performing a compressor change-out, it is highly recommended to cool the tank. By doing so, the pressure inside the tank remains low, allowing for a quicker recovery of the refrigerant. This not only saves time but also ensures more efficient and effective refrigerant recovery.

The Cool Presser: A Game-Changer for HVAC Technicians

The “Cool Presser” is a tool designed specifically for cooling down the tank and enhancing the refrigerant recovery process. It is an effective solution for maintaining low pressure and ensuring a faster recovery. Let’s dive into the details of this innovative tool:

1. Self-Purge Mode for Efficient Refrigerant Removal

The Cool Presser machine features a self-purge mode that efficiently removes refrigerant from the system or the machine itself. This self-purge function simplifies the recovery process, making it more convenient and time-saving for HVAC technicians.

2. Cooling Down the Tank with the Cool Presser

To enable the self-purge mode, it is necessary to cool down the tank and reduce high pressure. This is where the Cool Presser comes into play. With its powerful cooling mechanism, it effectively reduces the tank’s temperature, allowing for a smoother and faster recovery process.

3. Secure Attachment with the Magnetic Feature

The Cool Presser tool is specifically designed to attach securely to the tank. It possesses a built-in magnet that ensures a firm attachment. This prevents any accidental slipping or detachment during the process, making it safe and reliable for HVAC technicians.

4. Regulating Water Flow for Optimal Cooling

A valve is incorporated into the Cool Presser tool, allowing technicians to regulate the water used for cooling. This ensures efficient and optimal cooling of the tank, providing the right conditions for an effective refrigerant recovery.

5. Versatility: Cooling Compressors and More

The Cool Presser tool not only cools down the tank but can also be used to cool down an actual compressor. This versatility makes it an indispensable tool for HVAC technicians, as it serves multiple purposes and enhances overall efficiency in HVAC maintenance and repair.

For More Information

To explore and learn more about the Cool Presser tool, it is highly suggested to personally check it out. Experience firsthand how this innovative tool can revolutionize the way refrigerant recovery is done during compressor change-outs.

Now let’s address some common questions FAQs) that may arise regarding refrigerant recovery:


  1. Does cooling the tank really make a difference in the refrigerant recovery process?

    • Absolutely! Cooling the tank helps to maintain low pressure, leading to faster recovery of refrigerants. It significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the recovery process.
  2. Is the Cool Presser tool compatible with all types of tanks?

    • Yes, the Cool Presser tool is designed to attach securely to most tanks. Its magnetic feature ensures a firm and stable connection during the refrigerant recovery process.
  3. How does the self-purge mode work in the Cool Presser machine?

    • The self-purge mode in the Cool Presser machine efficiently removes refrigerant from the system or the machine itself. It simplifies the recovery process, making it more convenient for HVAC technicians.
  4. Can the Cool Presser tool be used for cooling other components besides the tank?

    • Yes, the Cool Presser tool is versatile and can be used to cool down an actual compressor as well. It serves multiple purposes in the HVAC maintenance and repair process.
  5. Where can HVAC technicians find the Cool Presser tool?

    • For more information and to purchase the Cool Presser tool, HVAC technicians can visit the Subco website or contact their local HVAC supply stores.


Efficiently recovering refrigerant is crucial in HVAC maintenance and repair. The use of innovative tools like the Cool Presser by Subco can greatly enhance the refrigerant recovery process. By keeping the tank cool and utilizing the self-purge mode, HVAC technicians can save time, improve efficiency, and ensure optimal results in their compressor change-out procedures. So, equip yourself with the right tools and techniques to maximize your HVAC operations and deliver exceptional results.

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