Cool oder Hot!? Wie gut sind die Kühlboxen Eurer Werkzeughersteller? Inklusive Verlosung

Hello tool fans, welcome to
My name is Sebastian. And today it's about cooling options,
so cool boxes or whatever you might call it, because we have
passive cool boxes and active cool boxes here. Possibilities for things,
why I say things. You will find out later and
we have cool boxes down to minus 18 degrees here. Do the whole thing up to 60 degrees
and so on and so forth. And why is the video only coming now that
summer is almost over? Because I've
waited forever for the Metabo cool box. But now it's finally here
and we're going to do it today especially testing. We'll see
how long will it be that the temperature is going down or goes up with a battery
and so on and so forth.

Of course we will today also raffle something again
because it took a long time. The ones with Metabo, cool box, everything we everything you do
has to be easy and with us discuss in the comments
what's the best solution here. I realize I need a definite one larger workbench to present
the whole thing sensibly to you . But I could do everything one by one anyway
and then we'll get it right. But what is it actually about? Of course there are plenty of cool boxes but
certainly cheaper from other manufacturers than all that, what we see here.
In the respective class or application. But we have cool boxes here
like in the respective one Ecosystem, are like here or in the case system are
like this on the page. And that's why this can of
course be very interesting for you. Especially if you are a tool
fan on the one hand , then maybe you will from your preferred tool brand, who
fetch a corresponding coolant from a corresponding cool box. Or you just say
I want it like this, for example the whole in my suitcase
system works.

And that's exactly why we're looking at this and not because there is
nothing better on the market . I would like to say that very, very clearly. And of course the whole thing also applies
to this cool box. Surely there are
other boxes on the market and so on and so forth. And in the case of Metabo
you can of course use CAS batteries. What the whole thing means,
I'll link it up here. But we'll come back
to that in a moment and especially today we will
test it. We will test and for example
this one, how long does it keep cold? And that's what we're going to do here
, especially with the systems here. And of course we have batteries
in them. How long does the battery
take to cool it down? Then the battery lasts, then it lasts cold
and so on and so forth. We're going to look at all of that today,
but now let's get to the price. I find the subject of prices interesting, because you will see that metaphor
really puts itself in the middle.

We have a box
of metal here and the little one whether it makes sense or not. If we take a look at each other, they
cost 25 euros, then we have here at Makita with around 60 Euro here Metbao an active box. We have
an active passive passive box with around 100 euros also costs around 100 euros. The small box, the large
box also 100 euros. Here we are in the range of 140 euros. And over here. Well, here we are at over 400! If you are interested in the devices, take a
look under the honest price comparison, because especially those with
have it so new on the market. I can of course
develop the price differently, depending on demand. And of course I still hope and oh yes yes 13 kilos of friends. So if you want something easy,
then of course that's real the wrong box. We'll just start
with the passive boxes namely with the smallest. We have to create a
little space. And I have to say the size the boxes and the capacity.

I tell you this
every time because it is partial in such a way that the box
weighs quite a bit when empty. And of course you do
n't have any roles either. So we have to take a
look at it. But let's just start at the very back and not here and here, but here. Well,
let's start at Metabo now. You have to say here that this box has
nothing to do with it, because there is no attachment,
fatigue or the like here. That it belongs to be had. And the only thing that
goes towards Metabo here is that we are here have the Metbao written on it
and that it is green. Otherwise there is nothing to do with it,
in contrast to all other boxes. But it only costs 20-30
euros and is quite cheap. They say okay, such a beautiful box wherever I can always be
is the right thing for you. I am also curious afterwards
how long it will keep you cold.

We'll see. We have a very simple
opening mechanism here. The whole thing that is important to me is The following: We have no poetry here, no poetry
at all, no nothing at all. That means opening up. And that was it. We have two plastic bodies or
plastic bodies that lie on top of each other. That is optimal. I do not think so. But value for
money, you know what I mean. I have to say,
I have very little experience with such a goat . But I did have one experience.
Nothing fits in there. And always not
what I like to use, because we have to test.

We have here a small cold drink that
many of you may enjoy drinking. We have the classic water bottle
and the classic large bottle. Now let's have a look.
Does it even fit in or not? And in what way? Take our
classic 0.5 beer bottle. Do in. It does not work. Can you fool? Yes, it works. Okay, weird. And so forth. Just this yourself.
Of course that doesn't fit either.

Can put it in here too.
But then it gets difficult. It's only going diagonally. And our big one. It doesn't work at all. Yes, a bottle
gets in, a or yes, a single one. So you see,
it's not at all suitable for the big bottles . So you need another solution. That will be more
exciting with the other tables. So, my friends,
I want to go to the first test now I'll start by explaining
how we do it all . With passive boxes
, this is how it works, no matter what size. Because that will be the interesting thing. Let us use you budget
surpluses, Kyriakos, which each of you theoretically at home, fell twice
and hit his knee . We'll pack them in.

Then we sort of look How long does it take for it
to bottom out? and see when does
the temperature rise again? When is the tipping point? We look at this with these
passive cool boxes. We start with the Metabo. And with the active boxes that
we will see later of course we look at
how much it goes down. Keep your promise
of things that Metabo and how long would it have been to test, with
this Otherwise there is nothing more here inside. So we don't use any filling material,
just these four cool packs, no no ice, no
crushed ice, no nothing at all. We just look how good is the insulation
when you have 4 cool packs in here. And now up. Let's get started! Let's get to the Makita and I have to say
I find this box really interesting and i think they are really really mega,
because they are 100 percent is in Makita's system
and you don't even recognize her.

The only, the only chance
to recognize this box are these white tabs. Here we are of different colors. And if it just
stands around in your tool system as normal don't you recognize them in your tower you still have
a cordless screwdriver on it, and so on. You don't even see what the whole thing is. Makita introduced the whole thing
here as well. Works like any other. Is also relatively light with
a capacity of 18 liters. That doesn't sound like much
more than the Metabo from just now. But it is structured much more
sensibly. I'll show you
something now . Do it the way you know it and you see a completely different inlay here. I'm taking this out of here. By the way, you get a good with it. I also find that very useful. But what you see here, have a
look here. Here's a rubber seal up here and it reaches down here, so that we
have a proper seal here.

And we see the classic box here
and we have it here appropriate insulation material included
here to insulate the whole thing. Yes, that's now
maybe two centimeters or maybe three inches
just insulation material. But at least. And I'm very curious to see
how long it will last. But you can also see
how nicely the whole thing is shaped here. And I'll show you the following again We now take
our standard bottle and take a look. It fits in perfectly and Makita is not Makita because it would
not be written on the front.

We get from it. Well, I don't know that these
cans are called, but I guess so We get at least one
of these bottles. We will see. No no. I guess
if we have at least 20 of these Get beer bottles in here
or cold drink, bottles and maybe one or two AKU packs
and then it goes ahead. We do it differently. Friends. We'll just try it out afterwards
during the test. Yes, how many bottles
do we get in there? And that's what we do with everyone.

But we
also just get this bottle in . No. Yes, it's a shame
that it just doesn't fit in. But we can also easily put them in
and are determined by it get a lot in there too. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font>
We can get 10 bottles of it in here. And if here a stack. That will work. Here's the classic
test again. Of course that fits not at all and also like that does it not fit in. But you have to say that
the question is always what do you want? What are you using all of this for? When to cool certain things?
Can you use it wonderfully? Especially I say, with bottles
of this size it is not a problem at all. To get the bottles in,
or at least the bottles and with it the cool box.
And then it goes ahead. Because of course she needs ice cream
or Kyriakos, which you put in here. Ideally, you put
the bottles in Crash Ice on top here and then you
probably have a very long time.

We'll find out
later. An achievement. Let's look at that next. I have before you guys got the packout box, the big one, to show you how the Milwaukee Box fits on here and a note on Milwaukee
, we actually have to now, in terms of price I've got a bit of sorting,
but we're taking the active boxes in the end so i have here now the whole before not closed. You opened it according to the rhythm. Yes Yes Yes. So we have a system here where we know the whole thing
and you can just take this. Pinch and the whole thing will hold. And there I showed you briefly
and integrated the system. And you can also have two of these boxes
right here next to each other click here. If you want it
and of course other things. To solve the whole thing,
you have this handle in front of you and it starts again.

For me we need
a small 15 liter cool box. A little hint that
you can insert a small picture here. The fact is that there is
a small cooler bag for me . Unfortunately I don't have that today.
But there is still. But today I
actually wanted to concentrate on boxing. So, we have a
capacity of 15 liters here . The whole thing a bit smaller
because half a pack. That's why we open it up here
and just take a look. The first thing we see here is
a seal, and a very, very one massive seal. I think it's great and it will
keep the whole thing really tight. I also have a nice hearing here,
where the whole thing can be expressed. So it looks like you get it. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font>
Plus a small compartment that I can put in here.

Now you can do little things too, sometimes
I don't know a slice of bread or whatever to take in here
or anything else cooling. And then you have
your cooling option here , I would. I know that pretty dark. I hope
you can see that a bit. Let's say. Oh, but that doesn't look good. Adobe No, that doesn't work right now. That just doesn't work. No it's not possible. It doesn't work. It is a pity. So not even that fits in. You can of course
put it in there. From you. That already works. but this is also possible. No problem. And this? Oh yes,
that goes in here too. But not really either. So in this respect you already have
the opportunity to do something in here. But not even something like that
fits right in here. See if this
is right for you. But the question is always
what do you do in here? Drinks are of course the classic.

But many will also put
food or other things in there. Or, of course, things on the construction site that
need to be cooled. There are, of course, but we will come back to
the active boxes in a moment. But now there is
one thing that I find weak about Makita is this Here is no
Is that a bottle opener? There is no bottle opener with it. I know
the discussion came back on Milwaukee Radio the other day. Anyone who
needs a bottle opener on the construction site is wrong. Yes, fine, may be anything.
I already understand. But I think it's good
when you have a bottle opener with you. And
one is built right in here. At DeWalt we see
a very massive system here and of course the whole thing also fits
into the system. Here you can see the corresponding hooks
and I've prepared that.

A standard case box. It could also be a tool box
or something else. Can we
hook up here as normal ? Yes, and now it's available here. That means we can build
our tool tower on it. Here, of course, now the next
and so on and so forth. Yes, I think it's great. That's why these boxes have for me, this is an authorization
that they fit into the system. And especially here I think it's great. But it is a basement,
i.e. the foundation of the trolley, what we have here
is actually not that bad and we can
also have a massive burden on the whole thing. Think about it, let's assume
I put 20 liters in here. The IS put in here as an example and it's
really hard to carry around . That's 10 or 20,
it doesn't really matter because from 15 kilos something like this
can quickly become unwieldy and I have the option to
handle the whole thing here Driving around and they can
pull out the handle and then we drive the whole thing.

Wait a minute, I'll show you down and then you see here
we drive it around. Will my little
tool case work again here? It's about Kuru, of course. Naturally. In case we have
n't seen the video on this floor, just have a look at it
Super Boden, very interesting. Take a look at the tool floor, which we
moved here within two hours in the whole workshop.
But actually everyone is fine. So look here, you can
go back and forth wonderfully unlike Makita. We'll see something
but 20 liters by the way. We have a
capacity of 28 liters here. That means we can also put in
28 liters of ice-cold water and us nothing else. Or we can definitely
add a lot of ice or a cool box.

Let's have a look in here. Incidentally, the whole thing was made very massive. And what worries me a little,
what worries me a little that the information or below
there is something of 3 days keeps the whole thing with ice. We’re curious
what our test says. But first let's take a look. By the way. Nicely done when you
fold the whole thing backwards you see me on the handle
that it folds back with me . Yes, best say that from the side. So nicely solved and intelligent and so. Here we see again. Here we have a real rubber lip
that goes around it. The accordingly. Here firmly.

Was already a test. Fits wonderfully. water also fits wonderfully. Yes, and this doesn't fit. Too bad. Too bad. Too bad. The big bottles don't fit.
But at least that. And now I am a huge interior space. A huge space that we have. I find that really interesting
and of course very important, very important. So it shouldn't be missing on any construction site. No construction site, that can be missing the bottle opener. Here too, of course, we have the very important bottle opener back at the start and I would like to briefly touch
on one other thing, and that is these boxes always look very massive. But very important. These are not ladders,
they are not intended for.

Of course, you can, you could
theoretically step on it and take
it somewhere as a filing or reject it. But that is neither now nor intended. Generally these boxes are not
intended to be stacked. And then as a leader please don't do that. That's not what is there for. Here's a little hint Here we have again as with the other box also cupholder,
the one here now in size a height where I say yes, okay.

You can also add something here. But we see here, we have extremely wide
box, extremely large box and heavy. We weigh
over three pounds here, but one light smaller capacity
than the box. Here we have something below 26 liters that we can put in
and a very massive Scottish one. How big it is in preparation. The hint Here,
too, we have the system with which we
can stack the whole thing here accordingly . We can take a second one
from the boxes and put on top of it
and so on and so forth. But then it still has to be carried away. It's getting really difficult. So there is more coming in. So here too we really see
a massive massive Seal up here, solid
rubber, but with dirt on it here.

But what you see is this.
We have a very here very broad poetry in proportion. Whereby
no, not at all. The fact that this goes inwards again puts things into
perspective here a bit. But I guess there are
3 4 centimeters of seal which we have in here and the classic
test set number 1 fits. No. 2 also fits No. 3, but that fits. This is not a problem. That fits in here wonderfully. And you can use it for that. And you see now, in total
we have beautiful boxes here, Kickboxing from various manufacturers. And I find it interesting, especially
when you're on the construction site or if you also
feel comfortable in the system privately and if you like the colors, then that is for sure a system that can be
relevant and interesting for you . <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font>
Of course, it is much more relevant that the use of these boxes, if you don't stacks in the battery system right now here with Metabo.

At home, like that that we're here now one of a thing that is really interesting
for the following reason. Think about how you got you actively cool a cool box, which
really actively cools down from the temperature they got
down and even warmed up up to a certain temperature?
Which one is I going to tell you. But you are now here in the battery system in the battery makes sense with Metabo
and you can use your batteries here. And of course that is
the thing that is so interesting. And I have a cool box here
for around 100 euros. Again, the note below finds
its honest price comparison in the video description and maybe
just link it up here and you have three options here
to operate the whole thing. I have to say again Now you don't need any battery packs,
no Kopacz, nothing at all. I don't mean
acupressure battery packs, but the only thing you are using here
is number 1 either a battery You can number 2 here also operate with normal 130 volts. Here goes wonderful,
is part of it and above all very nice to stow here too.

And then here the whole thing again by
12 volts. That means you have three options
to operate this box here and that together with several other things that make
this box so incredibly interesting, because the price point is
what I think is so great. You are in the Metabo system, i.e. in the CAS and then have the whole thing from 100a. Such a beautiful box because you can here do some things
that you can't do with any other box right now namely where I now get stuck.

Take the whole. Take this here. And no other can do that. And yes, yes, yes, we'll take
a closer look at the whole thing . But that this
just works like that, that's really great. Because I don't like
that you can't always do big things can put in these boxes. What is a disadvantage? First from the box. What strikes you straight away is
it doesn't fit into the Metabo system.

pexels photo 4792489

That means we can't. We can't stack on top. Nothing at all. Also don't
step on it. Nothing. That breaks a lot.
Equally effective. Otherwise you can also see below. Yes, we have no brackets here,
no nothing. We can't
fix it to a tower somewhere either . That is also a disadvantage. Another disadvantage is
very clear from my point of view the subject of clasp,
because now here is too. But actually not either,
because if I do this here now, then it works
when I press properly here. And it doesn't go any further because the clasp is
the handle that you have with you. If I do this down here then I close hold on,
then it goes no further.

But if it folds back here,
then I can just open it. And I do
n't have an extra lock here. If I imagine
the whole thing is lying around somewhere, it's all about me . You now have a van
and I would knock it over, then it falls now on. Hmm, so
not nice. So that. So that's suboptimal. And now we can imagine
okay, now you can say I used it wrongly. What are we going to do there. If the whole thing is
noticeable here with gusto, then see right now in the moment and then open it again. But what you see is not now. There is no more poetry here. So she closes that. I don't think that's solved optimally. I wouldn't be so perfect, however no break if I want to. But I need to know
for you to know. That is one thing that
is not perfectly resolved.

You could have done it differently. The second is we
don't have a box here like at Makita who are here now produces extreme temperatures,
but we have installed a system here, what you manage to
cool down the whole thing. From there I assume
you have 30 degrees then it only makes it here in the cut so
to cool the 18 degrees all the way down. Ergo in that case to 12 degrees. So now 12 degrees that
cooled down to 12 degrees and now you have 20 degrees then of
course it goes up to close zero, but not deeper
, only that doesn't freeze in here. But it goes in this direction. That means you have a maximum
in the temperature difference here. The whole
thing is up too, so we're here for something and I find that
really very interesting. You can also use it to warm or heat. That means,
you can also adjust the box , that it heats up
and then it can reach up to 60 degrees here heat up the interior. And that in turn I find interesting because you
can use it to do other things and watch out for other things.

There are also materials that
have a certain shape Need flow, temperature and
where it makes sense when they are warm. And then the question is not now
on the construction site. I want to
get something warm somehow , to 30-40 degrees, if you like. We only have ten degrees outside. But you need 30 degrees to process something
or 20 degrees to process something. Here is your solution. You can do the whole thing with it,
because of course there are also materials you should keep them cold longer. And here you can definitely
cool it constantly. For a longer period of time
than do with such cooling packs, you can of course increase the temperature
slowly. And here you have the
active element via the battery and the whole time here at the front. Here you have the opportunity to set everything that you just want to use. How do you have the
opportunity to exhibit the whole thing or to put on cooling or how? Then you can say here
on which system I am operating the whole here on 12 volt battery, 12 Volt mains electricity, then here accordingly to 32 volts or 18 and now
I can just turn it on.

Hopefully you heard the click. So, and then the whole thing
starts to work if you go for the cold here, you can now hear the whole thing starting up
and it is so, that we have a fan here, who takes in air here and
then blows the air out again. Here on the side. I only believe here or only here. The whole thing then goes out here accordingly
and the heat is exchanged here. So if I put something out here, you'll
take it from him any possibility of
doing his job. But what you can do
is cool the whole thing down or to chill high
and can even chill that high. Really. I find it interesting. You can of course
now say that you have a pot and that's
definitely a bit warm here. In any case. But it's not there to tell
me I'm here now I don't know means my three sausages and my stew and can
heat it up here if I have it beforehand bought in the supermarket.

It won't work that way now. I'm tidy right now but it's not that what one would expect
to really prepare something now. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font>
Something else would have to be needed for that. Last thing we’ll have a look. You see in here is a partition that
he can also make. You get this with it. You have a slightly higher area
here because the battery is located below this. Somewhat deeper area
could separate the whole thing. That means, you can also for example Put ice cream in here
and drinks here. Will to go through here bit by bit,
but it's not that bad. Let's take a look here, the standard
bottle definitely fits in here. Down here anyway. The water bottle
will fit in here too. You still see. Where
we watch the same talk. And then we still have here. This and this
you get out of here. Now let's see if this works out here. But we also have the exit here,
that means in here.

Here the cooling takes place and here
the cold air is expelled downwards. It makes sense,
also right here at the point to have the too bold material
and we watch it here. Or do we see here that
this is not possible here. We have to get in here
and then it goes to and we can cool the whole thing down. I'm curious how long this will work. Hi friends, here's
the cut, Tansy. I am now doing
the test of the whole cool box with you . We start with the Metabo Box
and we look first. How long does the good cool box take to
get from room temperature, that we have here in the office as normal. So no workshop,
just a perfectly ordinary office to cool down, because it can
produce a difference of 18 degrees. That is, we have here theoretically 20 degrees inside, it could have
gone down to 2 degrees.

And what do we just test now? And then we look at
how long the battery lasts. I recommended myself,
I've already been in there a full battery. 18 volts, 8 amps. Exactly. And then let's just see
how long it can hold out. As you can see, we have a delicate two
and twenty point nine degrees in there. I'll try that thing now because somehow to attach inside
so we naturally all the time have a constant measurement
and can also look, how cold it is all the time.

You just went as expected.
We put the whole thing now of course on,
just like there is no Max. It runs on battery power
and then the stuffed. Also a fun fact, by the way. We have a capacity
of 28 liters here, which is just as much like our big DeWalt box. So you see, it always depends
on how the whole thing is shaped. Height, width, depth
and of course the inside diameter I find it very interesting. And now we come and have to.
We come to Makita. We come to Makita
and then we come to a device that
costs around 400 to 450 euros without a battery.

That's important to me. Just like Metabo,
even without a battery. The whole thing costs. We are here in the range of around 450 euros and that's why we get this big box and this time they get a handle that
can also be stowed here. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font>
They dangled around, but you have to so take out and down we have roles. That’s
good in theory, actually in practice. In theory only, because we have here our box, take it down
and now we have our bikes here. But I'm
not a giant myself now. And if I
can start running with it now, I start running here like this now. But you see, it's no fun. When I stand up normally,
I do that all the time and this like that! So I can't
carry this around with me. So i can wear it. Yes,
but nothing more. I can do that. I'm not in line now either
. It just does not work. You see when I do. As soon as I stand up normally and that's not what it's meant for that something a little longer
to take off and something.

And I mean mostly,
if that's probably already Men use and they actually are. Yes, so big that you can take it. I think it's a shame. Let's get to the Makita and we
really have different Makita systems. I'll show that again. We have the Harpo system here. We have a much
cheaper system here, because here it is that air is sucked in too. Air is blown in. But if air is blown in here
, what happens. There has to be air out again. And because of
that it is so that there is also one that battery power is also lost, because there is
always in a continuous cycle.

Here it is, of course the cold air is
transported out again , even colder air in . But we don't have that here. Basically, this is actually nothing except a
Makita refrigerator with batteries because we installed a different system here,
because we have in here no exchange. We have a small fridge here which we can fill accordingly here. What amazes me
what we still have in here the things number 1 entries are good You can see number 2 here the possibility
to operate the whole thing with 12 volts or also here 230 volts. The whole thing is connected
here, back here at the point and can then be operated like this. So just when you are in the van
, in the car or something, where is the reality you want to have
because it is little frozen to minus 18 degrees, because the device can
cool it down to minus 18 degrees . You ca
n't go down below 0 degrees with Havoc here to minus 18
degrees and also up to plus 60 degrees.

I think it's great,
you can do that here. And of course the system costs
considerably more here than the one with Metabo. But it is also a different system
and also more efficient in terms of battery usage. Because we have
the batteries here that we can use here namely here normal 18 volt batteries, in which I took the 6h here
and you do the whole thing in here. Incidentally, this is also an operator
with a battery. You don't need two, but when one is
empty so that the other reads up. Yes, that's just a. And I
still have a role here and that is there. You can also charge your mobile phone here,
just plug it in here, then the cell phone could still
collect dust here , if you want or also just
do not read out here and can load that. What I
think is a bit of a shame that this is here is a very hard patch
or is plastic. I could have
wished for something a little softer is, also does not give in so quickly.

Because if we assume
that you really use it in construction, then I think this will be be the first thing to
be broken is broken in proportion to another. That would be a bit of a shame
if the whole thing is open here now. Now the question what fits in here? Um. the test as just. That fits in, is it also possible? Yes, that fits in,
but everything else is here. That won't fit in anymore one would not speak of not at all here. The water bottle becomes natural, a water bottle will of course
fit there. But just put this bottle in there. Yes, but it works at best.

It works like that. And you have one here too. A nice, but relatively deep
storage space where you can put something in. But now we have to say that
in total we have here. I have to cheat. In sum, we have one here a volume of 20 liters. But now you can say 20 liters is
less than I have here with 28 liters. But one has to say about it You can
use the entire volume for yourself here. That means I really have
the opportunity here to use the 20 liters too. Another possibility is needed here. That means, you pack cool
batteries or ice or or or with it.

that you can somehow keep the temperature here . You can use it completely
because you don't have an add-on <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font>
You can put coolant or coolant in here. Incidentally, here again the note
that this is not a ladder. Sure, you could set up theoretically,
but this is really not intended that there is a deposit on top of it,
maybe a board to add to it or
whatever, but for nothing else. Here it seems to you. And here we see a major disadvantage. We now have
minus 18 degrees that we can produce at minus 10 degrees, i.e. 18 degrees. It doesn't work there. We can't do minus 10 minus 15. Then we have zero. What about minus 5? Who
want? We can't hire. Yes, we only have
these three options.

Upwards we also have 5 degrees 10 degrees. To set it to warm,
I would have to double-click. I have now set 60 degrees here
to heat it up. Artists assume 55 degrees. So that was I only have 55
degrees or 60 degrees. All that really doesn't work
anymore, you can't adjust it. That is also not the case that the batteries are empty or
something else, but it no longer works. And I think that's a shame. And of
course that shouldn't be missing here. I've already
tested the whole thing a bit and you'll see in a moment
what we've done. And there was
one thing I found interesting about the box . I switched the whole thing on and set
it to minus 18 degrees and after 10 15 minutes
it was so that I was here on the edge Had ice crystals and the whole
thing gets cold really super fast.

But let's
just test it out now. I have to tell you,
we've been testing for a really long time It took us well over a week
to get everything here to test through and to really
try ourselves through a bit. In the end we have a very clear 3
class society. Of course, we have ours here battery-operated devices that
are way ahead. I didn't think
the difference would be between these devices is so blatant,
because you really have to say that the two Devid have a completely different
sphere than these three devices. But now one by one. With these three, it is the case that they have
only slightly cooled the whole thing down.

That means we put them in there
and looked how long do you need
to even cool the whole thing down? What happened? Almost nothing. We only have
one drop in performance here had to the outside temperature
of 2 degrees 2 3 degrees. Nothing more happened. It would work better
and these three devices would work. The devices nonsense. These three boxes. So here Makita, Metabo
and the Milwaukee Box. That's so take something cold To it in there,
just to go somewhere for a moment. Then keep
the temperature in there for a bit . But not really long. Temperature is clearly shown because the ice packs are cold but because it is so poorly insulated
in proportion the cold kept going out
and that's why they couldn't go any further cool down and cannot
hold the temperature for long. So the 3 don't get me wrong
that now no junk, but
you can't expect too much from the 3 .

Then we have our DeWalt here. Of course, the two have shown
a completely different quality. If we think about it now. We did the same thing, with the
same number of cooling batteries we put the batteries in here
and we have a massive one here Cool performance or had massive cooling down
with these two devices. It was getting colder and at the same temperature it was held for quite a long
period of time. I think it was 4 5 hours
if I remember correctly which the temperature was kept here. So that means theoretically
I can simply say I have something that is not that cold yet
or maybe something else that we already have cooled down.
It goes in here in the fridge. Add a couple of batteries and then you come. Probably because of it has already cooled down
and I have to be said again over 5 6, 7 hours
that it is kept cold in here. And that's crazy. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font>
By the way, there is a picture in front of it, there they took crushed ice, the thing completely flooded here
and then put bottles in there.

I just believe that it is flood with ice. Then you will
probably be here 24 hours over a day or longer would I get a low
temperature in here. But first for a standard case
where you say I'll just take something with me Bottles in or something
else that I want to cool. Batteries in they last really long
and for only 100 to 140 euros. By the way, a note for everything Of course,
you can find the honest price comparison below in the video description and of
course we have to go through the two again maybe also
talk individually , let's say down. And here it is so that we
also have two different classes here. We had that earlier too. But I have
to take something again . We also took that for testing. But here too we have a 450 Euro box, something like 90 euros. The Metabo is brand new But that's why we need the test to be
postponed, several times postponed. There. In the case of the box, it is
specified as it is.

With you
the whole thing can go down about 18 degrees , that means 18 degrees from the outside air
to what's going on in here. If you now imagine that. At the time of the test,
we were around 22 degrees in our office and he managed
to cool the whole thing down to 4 degrees. That means, we did 18 degrees
and on that often on the low temperature managed the whole
thing to hold the 2 hours 3 hours earlier.

If you like, then the battery is all and you need a new battery or
then the battery is out hold out and then the temperature
slowly goes up again. Now you have to say
for the price we have here is of course an absolutely top device,
because price-performance is great. For
example, when you are near one of your cars with the device Turn on 12 volts and
you're done or have a socket nearby and just have to
come back and forth between two places , that every socket there is a socket
, the device is absolutely great. Especially since you mustn't forget we can even heat here
and that's one thing. First of all, after we are currently
on the construction site, you need things, if you are out and about in winter, Bringing something up to temperature,
glue or other things around her now <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font>
if my car has an outside temperature of 10 degrees , it is then.

Go up the sum to 20 30 degrees, to process them better
and this for the price. So that's where you get weak. Here at Makita, of course, we have
a completely different class here. Basically that's
just one thing. A real refrigerator and after a very short time
I took the thing, tried it, Battery in and came back 20
minutes later. That was a relatively humid day,
so was the air had a correspondingly high level of humidity. And that's when I noticed
that inside here ice crystals have already settled. Already after 20 30 minutes
the whole thing is like this that it goes down really quickly. The battery also lasts significantly longer here. So 4 5 hours. If I remember correctly, it is so that we have a very long
battery life here. Mind you, with 2 batteries
you have to see it of course. And if you have all of that as an overall package, this is of
course also an enormous cost factor. If you think about it 450 euros plus 2 batteries we are at
500 550 euros. So about the hang of it a lot of money. In other words, they also have a different one,
from my point of view, a completely different one Direction or application direction.

This is something where you say
okay, I'll take it cool is maybe also down
or would like to cool it down here. Have a lot of batteries with me
and want an even longer one Really
keep the period autark at a constant temperature. What would i do Can you, take the whole thing, do this
, go over to the ice cream shop, buy a lot of ice cream, put
it in here and then you can have one Transporting ice cream along the way?
It is very unusual. I wouldn't trust him to do that here. He keeps it at a certain
relatively low temperature is first found. But I wouldn't go along with that here. Here without hesitation. It is also adjustable to minus
15 degrees for me correctly remember.

That's already Adobe. So
it's a good device from my point of view. But and that is again very important
and that is now my final word again consider the following
These are all devices for tools Lovers in the secondary market,
in others from other brands. And so there are sure to be
other great devices. There are probably
cheaper devices than this maybe there is this and that and that. But we're looking at
the whole thing for tools today , for so many tool enthusiasts
and they say Makita is great. I have a battery system,
I want to stay there or I'm here in the system of violence
and so on and so forth. And for that I would say, are all devices
here interesting and for you, maybe just the right one for your area of
application. I am really looking forward to your comments. Write in the comments below. I still think
you can win the Metabo Box.

Yes, I would still have to ask and if we should do
other tests again long-term Please also test in the comments. But now get to the cool box or
the ice and beer and see you next time..

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