HVAC Contractor Chris does 80% Home Warranty but Hates Anji

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Talking about service magic which later Became HomeAdvisor now people I know put The same category as home warranty I did Home Advisor for a while I liked HomeAdvisor I would just I would just Calculated about what I did with them Because it was it was easy to lose your Shirt have you ever used HomeAdvisor Before so I think Home Advisor now is Listed as Angie or Angie's List Something of the sort that's right I Signed up for it for a month and Absolutely got rid of it because the Difference in that and regular home Warranties is you have to pay for leads Like I mean you literally forking out so Much money to try to try and get to even Talk to a homeowner as opposed to and And there's no guarantee you're even Going to get the job or get you know get Anything done with those with with American Home Shield 210 Old Republic I mean first American Those are the four made ones I deal with I think I mean all of them they just Give me the work I don't have to pay Extra for it a lot of them collect the Deductibles from the homeowners prior to Us even coming out there and so we don't Have to deal with that part of the Headache you know and if it's something We can fix it Fix it be done with it I mean like a lot Of American Home Show contracts they

Only cover ten dollars per pound on Freon so the homeowner has to pay the Cost difference so I mean but it works out because I mean I Can charge them full price for free so I Mean so if they got to put like as an Example because we run into it a lot Like you know the system's two three Pounds long Freon I mean and that's all It'll take to fix it we'll put you know Tell them hey you're looking worst case Scenario 225 for Freon and we'll put Some free on it and you know and they're Cool and they're comfortable and we move On And The gas and go the gas and go they got Exactly I mean it's a legit thing yeah Gas and go uh is what people have to do Sometimes which is how it is Um now let me ask you this Are you well let me let me go back to This how many years would you say you've Been at that 80 plus percentage level With home warranty companies ever since I've been in business This is this is what's telling me so It's 2023 for people now who may have Just traveled here from the past or Future it's 2023 it's 15 years that You're able to sustain yourself with Home warranty so what I'm going to Assume is that you can make enough money To survive because obviously you're

Living in a box car you know it looks Like an actual drywall wall behind you So I think that unless it's just like Something you built for the show or Something uh so you can make enough Money and uh It's a viable way To make a living Which I kind of Wonder it's like why Don't more people do that why do people Get stuck in one spot or another let me Ask you how did you get onto it to begin With so ask you that I was working for Before I got my contractor's license I Was working for another heat and air Company and they did home warranty work Well back That was like 2006 2007 And every time I was on a service call I Had to call in to the warranty company To get approved instead of like now we Can just submit online for approval and Like you know because we have like a High author limit you know usually Somewhere between like five six hundred Bucks so if the job total is under like That total we can just fix it be done With it don't have to get approval Before we complete the work we even just Because they because we have a preset Author limit and it's done well anyway So back in 2006 or seven when I was Working for the last company I worked For

I had to I got to know a lot of the Home Warranty company people that worked There and I started getting frustrated with the Company I was working at because I was Busting my butt and not getting any help And I went to ask for a pay raise and I Was told that I'm making too much money And that's what pushed me out the door That is a good sign when you go after a Race 20 3 24 at the time and I had my HVAC Certificate from tried it and I've been Doing service work for you know three Four or five years at that point and uh Well the owner of the company got sick And so his son was taken over and his Son only knowledge he knew was what he Read in the book online or you know Whatever he had no field experience Nothing I mean he couldn't he couldn't Try and fix a unit if he knew you know If he got sent out there on his own Without you know being on the phone and Somebody trying to walk up through it And anyways so he said that based on my Age uh my experience and my schooling I'm actually making too much money an Effective a week and a half from now He's going to give me a pay decrease I Kid you not this actually happened I Never heard of something like that oh I Know I mean it just I didn't even know It was legal I mean I actually made a

Couple phone calls after I left to check Into it and apparently it is I mean Somehow and well anyway so I had known so many people with the Warranty companies from making these Phone calls to get authorizations Because I was doing everybody else's Work for the company and worked at and They told me what I needed to do and you Know they said you just need to have Your liability insurance workers comp And uh automobile insurance to a certain Level and they'll just give you work and You know I mean it started out slower it Took me a while to get kind of used to You know repair over a place because That's the goal if you can fix it they Want you to fix it and you know Regardless I mean if you've got a bad Fan motor change the fan motor get the Thing running and be done with it and it Doesn't matter if the thing is Five years old of the thing is 35 years Old I mean I will fix a 30 year old unit All day long no questions asked I mean If I got parts to fix it I'm gonna fix It and I like that personally there's Going to be some disagreement about that Oh I know there are other people because You know people say you know well if It's 30 years old there's no official no Longer efficient and I mean I've seen Where a 30 year old unit works better Than these brand new 14 you know 13

Whatever 14 point suit you know these New units I mean you know they'll break Down quicker and and you know that's why I saw you know sometimes it's better to Just fix the old one if you can fix it So and you know I you know I got to Where I was doing what the warranty Companies wanted and they started giving Me more and more work Foreign [Music]

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