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Subscribe Forever Tech YouTube channel to get latest videos updates Assalam-u-alakum Friends ! I am Nadeem Robin and you are watching our YouTube channel Forever Tech Friends , Today we will talk about Gree Dc Inverter Ac error code In this we will tell you that when Hc error code comes so what does it mean So let start the video So friends , whenever Hc error code comes on display So it means that company had named it PFC error code PFC Protection error code So what is PFC And why it comes First of all we will talk about PFC PFC is power factor correction So what is power factor correction First of all its important to understand power factor correction Now we will separate video in two parts In one part we will tell you that what is PFC And through graph we will tell And in 2nd part we will tell that what you have to check in PCB And which which things we have to change So first with graph we will give you detail that what is PFC so now we will draw a graph See this is graph Sinusoidal waves of electric work something like this So it works in something this form It means in electric this waves known as sinusoidal waves Its half cycle goes upward and half comes downward so waves continuity will remain in this position and it works in 50 , 60 hertz in different countries its different now the main thing is that electric voltage are coming alright but current is also flowing with it if current will be in this position or in this position and will continue work in upward and downward position so the method to correct it is called PFC correction and in PCB it is generate so that these spikes should reduced so let me tell you about it so now what we have to do When spikes come in it ….

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I have shown you before the current must be flow with the sinusoidal waves in the right position be smooth with it to alright it the system is called PFC correction so let's take you towards PCB and will tell you that how it works in PCB and when it gets faulted so what we have to repair in it friends we will tell you that in PCB the spikes can come means both in shape of voltage or current can be faulted if in both flocculation will come so unit will show PFC or Hc on display so let's move towards PCB in PCB we will tell you what things you have to check and what things can be faulted before going toward PCB , I will give you a suggestion you must try it it is having chance that your unit will get alright So what you have to do That the electric is going to your unit , you have to totally disconnect it 15 , 20 minutes or half an hour keep it disconnect Don't fix it And then again give it electric and start it if it was temporary problem so it will get alright and unit will start working again but if it is permanent problem then it will give Hc error code again so because of permanent problem you have to check PCB That what is the fault in PCB Now we will tell you what you have to check in PCB so this is Gree Dc Inverter Ac 1.5 Ton outdoor PCB first of all you have to check main supply that main supply is alright here and whether voltages are up an down if it is having any problem so first it is needed to alright it and if still any problem is coming , so after this the first thing you have to check here line filter are attached two line filter are attached in this unit you have to take it out from the unit and you have to check them separate with multimeter that in both points its resistance value should be some ohms like 2 ohms , 3 ohms or should be till 4 ohms and if value is more than it so it means that resistance is more in it so they can be faulted if they are not having any problem and they are alright so take it out from the PCB after taking it out then check it after this small capacitors are attach with it if they are flocculated so they can do problem so for this also take them out if they are also alright when this system moves forward voltages and current move forward this system work to purify Ac volts and current After that this system shift electric or voltages to the rectification so it will need to check rectification if any up and down or flocculation or any damage has come in it it can do problem so check it because it work is to take Ac voltages and convert them to Dc but current is also passing from it so check it if it is having any problem it is up and down or short circuited if this is alright and then supply goes these two wires are attach these wires are installed with reactor you can see these three capacitors there job is to boost the voltages from here 220 230 voltages are coming from inside points from there 220 230 volts are coming and outside both the connections because they are attach with capacitor 320 volts on stand by and it should be in 380 volts when unit will in running position if in stand by 320 volts are coming and they are totally alright so what you have to check this reactor is attach with these wires This is reactor This reactor job is to purify Dc supply or to pure its current so here we have to check Dc supply from this reactor we have already tell the method to check this reactor our video is already present on it if you have not watched the video so watch it so you will know how to check the reactor after this check it if it is faulted or it is showing resistance so much so change it so your this system will get alright if these capacitors are also faulty so voltages will give you alright if they are short circuited or is having any problem so then also they can do problem so take them out from the system Take them out from PCB and then check them If there capacitance has get weak so change them so that from system spikes flectuation should finish and should bring unit back in working position after this also if it does not get alright if this all things are alright so then what you have to check between these reactor wires and IPM you have to check voltages this how you have to check this also I will tell you what you have to do you have to take multimeter take multimeter to diode setting we have take to diode after taking to diode , check voltages on both wires see we have attach one wire then we check on its positive point when we touch positive point so then it is showing 0.416 volts so it means it is alright from this point we will check its negative or neutral point see here some voltages are coming And then they are finish It means this point is also alright here its not having any problem like this we will reverse the wire Then check this side Here we should not see any voltages I am talking about negative and positive After this you have check and reverse the probs reversed it Again attach it on positive so there should be not any kind of voltages here 0.97 voltages should come if .97 voltages are coming attaching with negative … so it is totally alright this voltages also I will tell you that they are of which voltages These voltages are of IGBT and diode after this you will check it again after this again positive and negative here should be not any voltages it means our this system is totally alright and is working alright like this you can check it if 0 voltages comes in its center so it means IGBT is short or diode is short so these both will needed to check so like this you can check them easily

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