NEW Milwaukee M12™ Force Logic 1″ Jaw – AHR Expo 2022.

hey it's alexandra weber with fasteners here 
at the ahr expo with milwaukee jack is going to   walk us through the all new inch ips dash p press 
jaw jack can you tell us a little more about it   for sure so about two weeks ago we launched our 
new one inch ips p jaw for the m12 force logic   press tool this was in addition to the current 
jaws that we've been offering the half inch   ips and three quarter inch ips we're now kidding 
this so you'll be able to buy the half through one   inch ips dash peak kit and basically jump in if 
you already have an m12 tool jump in and be right   into the carbon steel press space immediately 
so really before we get into that i want to   talk somewhat about the historical capacities 
of this tool so back in 2012 we released the   m12 force logic tool we could do all the way up 
to one and a quarter inch copper then 2018 comes   around we now increase your productivity with 
packs and you can do all the way up to one and   a half inch packs again we're leaving this manual 
tool in the truck we're leaving our flames in the   truck all of our consumables and mess that comes 
along with that fast forward to 2019 and we hit   the three-quarter inch and one or half inch size 
for ips and again this is keeping guys from having   to pull their threaders out pull wrenches out 
all their fittings and with the addition of this   new one-inch size we're really taking this 
tool and making it a comprehensive solution   and right sizing it for the residential and light 
commercial user to ensure that really all they're   going to do when they walk off the van that 
day is just grab their jaws and their tool and   go make presses so with that i'll show you guys 
how this works so basically easy on and off jaw and then i'll set this up so we'll 
put the the one inch pipe in here   again one uh one-handed manipulation of 
the jaw we'll get that centered on there and just like that we have a quality one-inch 
connection that you can use for both gas and   potable water applications and you can 
tell this is a very strong connection   very strong yep all right thanks jack we 
appreciate you sharing all this information   on the new one-inch press jaw by milwaukee 
if you have more questions on this item or   anything milwaukee feel free to stop by 
give us a call or contact your sales rep


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