Milwaukee VS DeWalt: Impact Driver Review

Hi everyone I'm Josh McGaffigan with pro 
tool reviews and today we're going to be   doing something a little bit different 
and something that we like to call   the mountain climber today we've got two flagship 
products from both milwaukee and dewalt we've got   the milwaukee 2853 and the dewalt dcf-887 so 
what we're going to do is we're going to run   through an 8-inch rugged structural screw 
and then just a series of lag bolts to see   well who can climb the mountain 
so let's go ahead and get started all right we got ourselves our first winner and we are going to be doing this pass fail today okay that's two for two well guys we can clearly see 
this one would have made it   had a little problem over here but moving on we'll call that one a tie i think 
all right here we go last one all right guys here we go after what we saw today 
we're going to go ahead and crown milwaukee the   winner i mean five out of five that's pretty good 
but the milwaukee 2853 does boast some pretty   impressive specs at 3 600 rpms 2 000 inch pounds 
of torque and hitting at a rate of 4 300 impacts   per minute guys that's that's fast but don't let 
that let you shy away from the dewalt because   dewalt also has 3 200 rpms 1825 inch pounds of 
torque and 3 600 impacts per minute the milwaukee   also carries a five year warranty while the dewalt 
only carries a three year warranty however the   dewalt does come in at a much more appealing price 
at 129 dollars as a bare tool and 199 is a kit   while the milwaukee 2853 comes in at 139 as a bear 
tool and 299 as a kit milwaukee and dewalt took   the stage today but we've got a shop full of tools 
that we're ready to put to the test who would you   like to see duke it out on the mountain let us 
know in the comments below i'm josh mcgafigan   thanks for watching help us out by subscribing 
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