Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty Sockets | Power Tool Rundown

What's up, everybody!? Which socket 
do you need? More specifically,   which Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty Socket 
do you need? I'ma help you today with a Power   Tool Rundown. Or socket set rundown… 
or, I don't know, just play the thing… These Shockwave sockets come in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 
3/4" and 1" drive sizes to fit all your ratchets,   drivers, and adapters. They come in Metric, but 
if you're a full-blooded American, they're also   available in Standard SAE. I know not every 
nut is standard, so you can still grab a combo   SAE/Metric set that will cover all the bases. Let's talk deep versus standard. With a standard 
socket, you can get into tighter spaces and they   work great for standard sized bolts, obviously. 
But if you're dealing with a longer bolt,   you may not even touch the nut before 
the bolt reaches the end of the socket.   That's why you go deep, so the socket 
can get all the way down to that nut…

If you're a car guy or mechanic, you may 
prefer a standard set for engine work,   but you might use a deep socket to release a clamp 
or for a better fit on a lug nut. Also, if you're   working on both foreign and domestic machinery 
or vehicles, you will need both a metric and a   standard set. You might also ask, "Why do drivers 
only come in standard?" America, that's why! Rundown time! There is a six-point design 
made of high-impact steel for high-torque   applications. They have a dual-pull design and 
groove for easier attachment. The sockets feature   bold, long-lasting markings with stamped and 
ink-filled diameter markings for wear resistance.   They have easy-to-see laser etched part numbers. 
All of the Shockwave impact duty sockets and   extensions are backed by Milwaukee's lifetime 
guarantee. Sets are available from 3-piece to   43-piece deep and standard for Metric, SAE or 
combination and prices range from $14 to $194. That should do it for the Milwaukee 
shockwave impact duty sockets! If I   missed anything or you're more 
confused after watching this,   leave it in the comments below.

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