Milwaukee M18 15-Gauge Finish Nailer Review [OLD VS NEW]

Milwaukee's original cordless finish nailers 
had some great successes but they left room   for improvement we got our hands on their new 15 
gauge cordless finish nailer to show you how they   address some of the major pain points that pros 
have talked about and it's more than the fact   that this can stand up on its own clinton tom 
are back here doing some framing in the shop so   we moved outside i'm going to take a break from 
all that to show you guys these nailers now the   biggest thing that you're going to notice between 
these two is the nose the new one is much narrower   much more easy to see and even when you're firing 
it's a lot more precise so if you're worried about   making sure that you get really accurate shots 
you're really going to love the new nose on   this thing now performance wasn't a problem with 
either one of these nailers for us the original   one here we could even drive it an oak i've got 
two and a half inch nails in here we're going   through solid oak and soak all the way through 
and hit our power button here make sure we're on   and then you can even see some of the visibility 
issues that was on this big old giant nose but if   you line it up you can still get a good accurate 
shot and then grabbing a hold of the new one here we'll get it turned on and right away you can see just 
how much more visible that nose is sinks that two and a half inch nail no problem 
whatsoever there and just for verification   no issues all right also leaves a nice clean 
hole so the one other thing that we did notice   when we were firing this you might have been able 
to hear it not sure with all the banging going on   back here there is a slightly different 
sound in the new nailer compared to the   old one this nitrogen air spring system that 
milwaukee's got going on just sounds different performance wise it seems like we can sync 
them about the same depth so i don't know   that there's necessarily an advantage but it 
is something we noticed now there are some   more minor changes that we want to talk about 
so let's go through those kind of quick hits   now one of the first things that we notice like we 
said is that the new nailer is able to stand up on   its own even with a compact battery the magazine 
is oriented in a way that it's not in the way so   great call there we like that and you also 
might notice that there is a difference   in the two belt hooks the one on the original 
one was toward the back it was stout enough   and all that good stuff but we did shift it 
down toward the battery it's a much bigger   wire steel design moving up to the nose 
there is a difference in the depth adjustment   it's moved from the left hand side to the 
right and instead of being infinitely movable   it now has positive stops in there so 
you can feel it click from one to another   you'll notice that the latch system on these is 
very similar in terms of being able to access   any jams that you get somewhere along the way 
we haven't had any jamming problems either   one of these nailers but you're going 
to get them eventually everybody does   now another kind of bigger change that we saw is 
in where the controls are now the original one had   the power button and the mode switch on the back 
all in one button you pressed it down for a couple   of seconds to bring the power on and then press it 
momentarily to switch between single fire and bump   fire and the only way you could tell which one 
it was was either had a solid light or you had   a blinking light to let you know the difference 
on the new one the power button is now separate   and same thing used to hold it down for a couple 
of seconds but the mode button is different and   each mode has its own light so now you know 
exactly if you're in single or bump fire modes   you do have to hold it down for just a second 
it's not a momentary press like it was before   but it's a lot easier to tell which mode you're 
in and i like the fact that they separated it   from the power button completely another 
relatively minor change is the led placement   it has moved up a little bit and it's angled up 
some for us it's also a little bit different color   it's a little more yellow than it was originally 
a little more natural on that so not sure if   anybody really cares about the color temperature 
so much but it does seem to put the light better   on your firing area in terms of what nails this 
thing can take it's compatible with any 15 gauge   da style nails one and a quarter inches 
all the way up to two and a half inches   like we showed you we were able to sink 
two and a half inch nails into oak so   no problems with performance there and it's also 
compatible with any m18 batteries that you want   to use we recommend the 2 amp hour for most nails 
you're going to be doing a lot of firing with two   and a half especially into hardwoods think about 
going with that 3 amp hour high output battery but   the 2 amp hours what's going to come in the kit 
as far as price goes you're looking at 329 for the   bare tool 399 for a kit and that includes one 2 
amp hour battery with it and charger of course now   from what we've experienced we think the 
upgrade is totally worth it on this and the   extra kind of features and design tweaks that 
they made just sweetens the deal so if you have   any questions about this nailer feel free to 
leave them in the comments below and as always   thanks for watching help us out by subscribing to 
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