Rheem Furnace Diagnostic Codes

I need to find out about Rheem furnace diagnostic
codes. What is wrong with my furnace? I am the expert on all things furnaces, let
me help you. I see a number of codes displayed. I simply don't know what they mean. Well, the codes indicate different issues
with the furnace. The light with a two second pause in between,
means that there is a lockout of the furnace. Your furnace will not operate during the time
the light is blinking. There could be many things causing the lockout. You can try to fix the situation by restarting
the furnace. But a gas leak may be causing the situation,
in which case you should contact a repairman. There goes the holidays, are there any other
codes I should be aware of? One of the other issues you may see with this
furnace, is indicated by two blinks of the light, with a 2 second pause.

This indicates that the pressure switch is
open. Various conditions can cause this including
a blocked vent. What does three blinks of the light mean,
with a two second pause in between? This indicates that the limit switch is not
functioning. This may be due to a clogged filter. It means that air is not flowing through the
system properly. The situation with 4 blinks of the light means
what? Four blinks may also mean a problem with the
limit switch. In some cases, instead of 3 blinks of the
light, you will see four blinks instead. OK. I will have to go downstairs and check again,
to see what is happening with the furnace.

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Try resetting the furnace, and cleaning the
filter. Also check for any debris in the line. OK, I should be able to handle that. You can hopefully have a Happy Holidays after
all, without having to call the repairman..

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