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Hey man you got a cool screen can you Hear me I can hear you oh man that looks Really cool are you you got like some Kind of YouTube channel I don't know About or something what's going on I I Emailed you uh last week I was uh I'm Starting to set up a YouTube channel Oh okay that's right sometime there's Some trial and errors and some things That have just been ship broken so Oh man that looks good man that looks That looks better than this one I've had A lot of time too so there's no excuse You got a TV behind you you're standing There you're looking very cool you know What my wife is the brains behind all That so I can't take credit you know It's pretty nice I mean I mean you found That wife I mean that that's credit to You good job for selecting her Uh oh man okay so everybody can hear Everybody here it's a miracle I can't Believe it uh so hey tell me a little Bit about it now that we're sitting here We see your stuff what do you got going On there Um so I've been doing this for about 23 Years and I I don't know if you're Familiar with anything out here in Arizona We have uh what we call heat pump Council kind of like Nate but I'm one of The instructors for heat pump Council And I also run an air conditioning

Company And it just all the guys are like man Why don't you post videos about all this Stuff that you do and I'm like Because I don't have time so now I kind Of have time so Um slowly getting it working in the Videos and stuff I started doing the tick tock thing and I'm not really a big fan of The Tick Tock stuff so I figure I'd come here and See if I can post and share some Knowledge and information Well that's pretty cool right there First of all yeah Tick Tock they're Already downloading your thoughts Um that's just I'm gonna speculate it Your thoughts and your neighbors Thoughts have already been downloaded They're triangulate your location so I Mean you don't want that and uh that's Pretty cool that you actually are an Instructor you own the company or you Own a company I don't own the I'm not Sure how licensing works all so I'm from Florida and I moved out here to Arizona I'm what they call the qualifying party I hold the license for the company And I'm the service manager so I I hold The license for the company I don't own It I just hold the Contracting license And I'm the service manager so So but if you leave the company Immediately goes under

Um I wouldn't say they'd go under they Have 90 days to find a new qualifying Party someone to hold the license And technically I am under contract so I Have to give them a 90-day notice Well what that's kind of neat yeah it's It's similar here people do that where They use a license to do a job and kind Of work under somebody else so that's Similar to what it is here but here in The state you have to actually have Stake in the company in order to be a Qualifying party That's good that's that's definitely a Nice step to take because there's a lot Of I don't know redneck maybe redneck Ways to do things where you just hey a Guy I know has a license let's get his License and get a permit and then we can Do an awful job officially They kind of asked me to take the License because I used to own my own Company and I Not that it was a failure it was Actually very successful I just I have The stress was not like beyond what I Can handle What what would you say was the the like The the biggest stressor owning the Company Um the biggest stressor was when it was Just me and um my business partner when We started out I was just going to be a Silent partner and just be kind of like

The cash flow behind everything and what Really got to me was when we started Having to hire employees because he was The sales brains and he'd sell sell sell Sell and we got to the point where I was Like we're both working beyond what we Can handle right so I told him I was Like we need to start hiring people so We hired two technicians bought a couple Trucks and Turn around and guess what you need now An office staff to manage those guys and We had like I think 10 technicians total But it was just so stressful I had a Truck that burned to the ground and it Made me freak out wow um technicians That got in trouble and your customers Calling you and complaining because we Did industrial refrigeration and you're Like man I can't afford to lose a Multi-million dollar account so I just Sat there one day and I was like you Know what owning a company's not for me Right now Now okay don't tell me because I owned a Company for a lot of years not in the Same situation residential situation and It was very stressful for me as well do You think that's something that you Acquire an ability to deal with or is it Just something where you identify that This isn't for me and you just go Somewhere else and do something else I I think that over time I've learned

Ways to handle this dress Um because when I jumped into it I was Pretty young I was I want to say I was like 23 years old When I jumped into starting a company Um and I just was not ready for that Stress And I had no life no freedom I literally Worked more than I ever imagined I'd Work in my my life ever I leave for the Field come home sit in my office at my House do my paperwork get the next day Lined up wake up the next day do it all Over again seven days a week And it never ended now I kind of learned The balance between where you tell a Customer hey no this is not the time for This we can wait a couple days for this Let's give it a break stuff like that And how to just let certain things not Bother you that's why I think it really Boils down to Because I let everything bother me when I have my company It's hard to turn that off though I mean If something bothers you like let's say Customers that have issues if it really Eats at you and bothers you I mean I Don't know if that's something that you Can ever really shake completely it's Just part of your DNA almost what do you Think Um yeah it's hard to shake the when Customers are upset about something or

They feel like you did a poor job but You gotta kind of learn to not let it Eat you as much and my wife will say I I Let everything eat me if I can't figure It out it eats at me eats at me eats at Me I'll wake up at two o'clock in the Morning and be like oh man that's why That board did that I gotta get on the Computer and find let me find this board Real quick and let my customer know First thing in the morning I don't do That too much anymore I don't blame you It bugs me all in if I can't figure out Something it eats away at me but I would Say in the past five years I've learned To let it not eat away at me and I Really think what kind of helped me Scale back a little bit was is I waited Longer in my life to have kids and with My first kid I realized that work is not Everything So sure yeah that's kind of why I left My last my last company Um I traveled way too much I traveled all over the country doing uh Controls and I was the what they call The Western regional service manager and Uh sales manager And I just traveled across the country Selling controls and new equipment and Stuff like that and it turned into with Covid that is just way too much work and I never saw my kids and I was like you know what work's not

Everything Now it was the onset of covert did it Keep you out of travel for and and you Discovered during that time period that You were traveling too much or how did That work did covet help in that regard No covet actually made us made me travel More because one I had a shortage of Technicians I had technicians that Wanted to retire and they just took it And they're like I'm done you know so They were older and then also there was Like we did a lot of Hawaii work And a lot of the contractors in Hawaii Were just like yeah we're not doing work Anymore because of covid so we actually Picked up more work and which required Me to travel more And it just became a thing of I don't know Well I started working harder because of Covid I don't know what Hawaii work is Precisely but it sounds it sounds good It sounds like something you want to do Um during covid it's not fun but before Kovid and stuff it was it was pretty Nice but we like if we were in Industrial Refrigeration company I I Tried to stay out of the the residential World for as long as I could I did it For a few years with my grandfather and I kind of was like uh this isn't for me Why not why do you prefer industrial

Over residential it's got to be people Right it's got to be the customers it Was it was mostly due to the customers And it was also kind of a thing of like You you always talk about like I've been Watching your channel for a while Um you've got the super tech right That guy I I had to be the best at Everything and I always felt like the Industrial Refrigeration the ammonia Market like if you could if you could Master that you were the best It looks good it really does look good You know from my vantage point at Residential which is the lowest part of The pyramid someone who does industrial Ammonia Refrigeration they look pretty Cool they're like rocket scientists so Yeah I think you're right about the Perceptive part of that but yeah I guess You move past that and it's like Perception is not everything yeah Perception is not everything and I'll be Honest Um and all like like commercial heavy Commercial and Industrial The and it's not always about the money But the largest profit margin that we Find is in the residential field Change out It's not even that it's just it's It's your largest profit margin because When it comes to Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration you usually

Charge by the hour Um at my company we don't charge by the Hour for commercial we actually have Flat rate pricing for stuff so we Actually have quite a few large accounts And we do mostly restaurants so But yeah it's Commercial industrial is a different World I feel like in if if you can Master the commercial and Industrial World you'd have no problem being a Residential Tech and you'd actually Probably make more money Yeah residential techs do pretty well I Mean if you can abandon your morality You do real well Yeah if you can abandon yourself I have Guys that are actually pretty moral Um I have one guy I call him my uh my Remy specialist And oh they're Remy Halo yeah so you Have to understand me I am very Auntie Remy Halo IAQ stuff and Um hard start kits like I I cringe Whenever one of my guys put us in an Invoice you eat a hard start kit and I'm Like No you don't Uh okay okay I can understand the Remy Halo for everything because I've seen People you know like you need a Remy Halo and then your car drives better and All that sort of thing but why the hard Start kit because I I agree with you

That people use them too much but why do You say that So there actually is a thing like if you Look at certain some of the like Compressors like Copeland if you pull That actual compressor up it will say no Starting components it'll say not Applicable and that's because it's going To destroy the windings in that Compressor increasing that voltage Because as you increase the voltage You're going to increase the amperage And a lot of guys don't understand is They look at these data plates and they Go just for an example let's say Let's say the unit calls for lock rotor Amps at 127 right And that's what the data plate says but They don't understand that's that 230 Volts tested in a factory You have 247 volts yeah your lock rotor Amps is going to be higher on Startup But they always assume they think the Data plate is Gospel They don't actually take the difference In the voltage and add it and see oh Well the amp draw is actually normal I could definitely see that we have Voltages here that go all the way up to In the 250s that are really close to the Maximum allowable so it says voltage so I definitely understand that and yeah if You put hard start kits on units it's You're Expediting their death in a lot

Of cases but they will start they may Start a little bit cleaner but they will Also die faster sometimes so yeah I Agree with you on that that's Interesting you don't hear that a whole Lot because guys like to use them a lot I'm thinking of somebody in particular Name I don't take them away from my Technicians I I still let them sell them But I go be smart about it don't promise That it's going to save their compressor It's not a compressor saver usually what Those are intended to do is to extend What you have left because you may not Have much left you know yeah there Shouldn't be at that point right you're Trying to keep it from you know just not Starting at all ever again you want to Start but it's like all right we're Pushing this wheelbarrow up a hill one Or two more times and it's you know That's going back down I don't know if You've looked into Um Micro Air at all have you ever heard of Them I have not tell me about it they Make these uh soft starts for Residential air conditioning now I've Heard of soft starts but I haven't heard Of them maybe that's something to talk About they are the most expensive on the Market right now Um and ICM just came out with an actual Soft start a true soft start that kind

Of mimics what my career did I installed A couple of those on someone's house and One it did everything it said it was Going to do it did lower the starting Amps and it slowly induced the voltage On the startup The lights didn't dim on the house Anymore it didn't do the load shedding On the solar because we have a lot of Solar here in Arizona and whenever the Unit would kick on it would turn the Breaker off because it would draw so Many amps in the heat well with that uh Soft art it lowered that amp draw and The load shed didn't happen anymore and It was able to start up and now they can Start up the air conditioners on their Generator Oh very nice yeah I'm a research that I Like ICM anyway I like their product Line so I'll research yeah I'm waiting To hear back from ICM on Um what their capabilities are because The micro air says hey this is for like RV equipment this is for one and a half To two and a half tons and this is for Two to three and a half tons and this is Three and a half or four and a half Whatever all the way up to six tons Yeah yeah I see well there's several People that do that I guess there's Several different brands and they don't Always match precisely because you know They're very specific they're supposed

To be very specific for that compressor And unit and oftentimes you're kind of Getting the closest fit which isn't Ideal as well or super boost That's awesome the buck boost the subco Super boost the one you see exploded Often times a year later the magical two Wire everyone can install yeah that's Right yeah um I I like I said I despise Hard kits hard targets will make me Cringe that's the hardest of all yeah But I mean the nice thing about the ICM I I've looked into it and the micro Air Soft start is it's actually adjusting And learning as it starts up that system It starts up the first time monitors it Starts the second time monitors it Starts up the third time and monitors it And if it finds that happy point of how Much voltage to actually put to that Compressor before it's too little or too Much Oh that's very interesting yeah I'll Definitely read up on those and the ICM Version as well so this is something That you have used in practice already Or just just a theoretical that you're Going to use uh no I I've actually used The micro air Um soft starts on two Linux units that Were super loud on Startup Because that was their complaint it was Like super loud on Startup and the Lights dimmed whenever they started up

Which is weird because they were Two-stage uh Linux units but we we put Them in as a test thing to see if it Would do anything didn't do the load Shed problem anymore with the solar it Solved the startup noise don't get me Wrong it didn't like quiet it down like An inverter system but it was quiet for Her and it definitely allows them to run Their generator we tested the generator Out and they can start both air Conditioners on the generator now Are they a two-stage scroll compressors Yeah two-stage scroll compressors okay Interesting that's pretty cool well let Me ask you an old train with the two Pumpkins and they call it two-stage yeah It's you know there's two stages uh yeah There are it's the most expensive Possible way but yeah And that's what Train's all about Expensive uh let me ask you uh so what Have you got planned first of all do you Want to play one of the trivias or sure Name name that you you can pick trivia Or name that YouTuber which one would You like to do Um I think I would do the trivia because I only follow a couple of you on Um YouTube I I follow you and I follow Um uh what's his name from HBA school in Florida Oh Brian yeah Brian Brian or yeah he was

Actually uh here's what you would have Seen the very first one and check this Out so why does a fuse blow What is it see you would have got that Right see you would have had that but uh That's okay because we have trivia Questions for you you can win One of These Fine shirts that you see hanging Behind me that looks like a redneck Clothesline professionally done mind you And uh okay so I'm gonna ask you a Question you get it right we get a shirt You get it wrong I'll probably still Give you a shirt so there's very little Tension here all right I'm gonna add Tense music So here you go here's here it is Here is your one and only question that Has no No effect on what you win Here we are which manufacturer makes the Evolution series Darwin it's funny right Bryant American Standard or Bosch I'm gonna go with Bosch Well the answer is everybody loves Bosch But uh believe it or not the answer is Actually Bryant the Bryant Is that their inverter series it's it's Their high end it might have inverters In the series but I know there's two Stage with einstalls with two stage Versions of those but look because we Reward failure and success here on the

Show because we often do both ourselves Uh you get a shirt all you have to do is Email me hvacshoptalk gmail.com and let Me know your shirt size and where to Send it and I will send it to you with Some stickers and stuff yeah But before before we go I want to ask What do you have going on next and how Can people find the stuff that you're Working on CE um I was in the process of uh making The first video when your YouTube live Came up and I was like oh let me just Stop and put that to the side and check Out his YouTube live and then um I was Also working on the first video for what Will actually be something and that's Going to be for new technicians on where To spend their money coming into the Field and where not to spend their money Coming in the field oh that's good Because a lot of guys think they have to Spend all the dollars on all the fancy Stuff when they really don't have to Oh man I couldn't agree with that more Well that's excellent so if they go to Your name in the chat they can go to Your YouTube channel but where else you Say you're on Tick Tock I know a lot of These guys even though they talk about Tick Tock are probably on there so is it The same name throughout your social Media no not on the tick tock The Tick Tock was

Um it's company branded it's uh Arizona's Dukes of air Arizona Duke's Affair okay where else Can they find you besides those two Places Um at your house in the evening that's Pretty much it they can find me on the Phone Um I actually I try to stay away from Social media because it turns into a Sour bitter thing sometimes I think you Know I kind of been getting pushed Towards this Um I I just every time uh I talked I Don't know if you're familiar with NCI Um sure they tried to get me to come Teach at NCI and I was like I'm not Ready for that pay cut Oh man yeah yeah I know some of the guys Have been on here as guests uh for sure But yeah On there yeah sure uh David Richardson Comes on here probably as much as I do I've taken one of them Oh Jesus I'm trying to remember we have Andy Holt but he's not NCI but his Brother David Holt who is NCI has come On here too so we have both of them and Of course Andy's outdoor University Sorry yeah I I have to be careful because I'm not Sure what I can and cannot say due to Being an instructor with heat pump Council and that's part of the electric

League of Arizona so I I have to you guys are the best you Guys that's all you got to say we're the Best if you want training you want to go To NCI and get a bunch of garbage I'm Just kidding they're great like I Actually prefer NCI over anybody I Really do I think they have the best Courses their their airflow Dynamics is Phenomenal Um their combustion analyzation class That's like probably the best class I've Ever taken elevation Yeah that's good A lot of people talk About that a lot of people even guys That have been on here for years YouTubers say that you know taking Jim Davis's class has been eye-opening as Far as understanding combustion so Absolutely right okay so got the YouTube Channel uh you just got probably two More followers you're welcome and uh Thank you we'll continue if you're if You're in the chat in the future kind of Let us know what you're working on and We'll we'll go check it out and Definitely we'll set up something Official where you can come back and Talk more if you like yeah I just I paid For the xsplit uh software and uh I'm I'm still working on it and once I Get it all figured out I'm not certified I guess to be YouTube live yet so oh That's pretty easy you must just have to

Click a box or something I think Everybody gets certified pretty quickly Two days they said Okay well cool yeah if you have any Questions I've used xsplit the whole Time that's been the only software I've Ever used and uh be happy to help you And uh come back and we'll have an Official talk on whatever we'll figure Out what we can talk about we'll talk About it for a little bit longer yeah Cool let someone else win some prizes Now yep see if anyone else is man enough To come in here I throw him down the Gauntlet now and I'm going to uh let you Go but thanks man I appreciate you Coming on here and talking with me it's Been awesome And away we go that was pretty cool Awesome check out his channel guys check Out his channel if you go on Tick Tock Hey I'm not going to judge you if you go On Tick Tock and you want to watch Teenage girl shuffle dance because You're a creepy old person I've never Done that before by the way Um that was awful specific to never have Done it

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