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Bismillah, Asalam u alikum in today's video we are going to discuss the function of tripping given in a car AC. We are going to discuss the function, why the car AC is tripped and how it is tripped. Which are those sensors on which ECL decides that car AC should trip. If the car AC trips again and again then where are the problems And if the AC does not trip then what are the problems in the car if after tripping AC did not automatically start, then where the problem is in this case. will discuss all this today. So lets start the video. So why does it get tripped, how does it get tripped or not tripped? Before knowing it, whe must know how Ac is tripped, what are the sensors and components that make it trip at the right time. When AC is switched on, the compressor gets a signal and magnetic field is formed. Due to the magnetic memory such a clutch becomes irritating and thus the circulation of refrigerant in the AC system starts and that is why cool air comes.

But inside such a compressor there are some pistons which compress and send AC gas to the condenser. I.e you are on long route and AC is continuously working and the compressor is running continuously, then the same compressor will start to heat, which may damage the AC compressor the rubber seals of compressor may leak and the life of such a compressor stort, If such a compressor continues to run, then the temperature cooling coil is said to be below 1C, unfortunately on Zero and at that temperature Ice starts forming. If the cooling coil is interrupted for a while due to the ice, then due to stopping the circulation of the refrigerant, the whole view will go to such a compressor. Auto trip function is given to avoid such circumstances. That is to say, if such a compressor is turned off, how will AC kit and ECM be known when AC has to run it and when to stop, the data of three sensors is used ECT (Engine cooling temperature sensor) AC Refrigerator Higher Pressure Switch/sensor and Evaporate or cooling coil attached Thermostat sensor These three sensors are included. In order to auto trip AC.

We first talk about the ECT sensor. So if engine is heating up on Switch on the AC, so according to reading of ECT, AC will be tripped Next is AC refrigeration high pressure switch, It is attached to high pressure line which is used to measure the pressure and send signal to ECM and AC kit. So for some reason there is no gas in AC system then AC high pressure switch wouldn't let AC start same way if the compressor net got dirty so after starting AC the gas temperature start increasing so due to reading of high pressure switch the AC will be tripped.

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Third number is thermostat sensor. Thermostat responsible for telling Evaporator temperature to AC kit or ECM. Cooling coil temperature goes to 1 or 2C, ECM shuts the AC compressor because if the temperature goes below 1C, ice stuck the cooling coil which is not good at all. And as soon as cooling coil temperature reaches 3 degrees Celsius, ECM turns on compressor again and this series continues from 1C to 3C. Why does AC trip again and again? Let's talk about the thermostat sensor. Then there is the number one problem with the thermostat sensor is damage of wire or internal issue then AC either trip repeatedly or not at all In the same way, there is a problem in the filter is very wide, because it is dirty. And the other reason of AC not tripping is heater compartment get loose or damage the hot air into AC cooling compartment. due to which the temperature never comes below 3C and compressor works continuously.. The second most common reason for tripping of AC is a refrigerant high pressure switch.

If you get issue related to AC trip, Firstly you have to scan AC system, if you get error of AC refrigerant etc than work accordingly otherwise check gas pressure, if gas is less or higher than AC will trip. Refrigeration high pressure switch is responsible for measuring the gas pressure in this system. So if refrigerant switch is damaged than AC will not work or trip again and again. Two wire high pressure switch connect with each other And start AC direct and even in the wire of four switch, two wires having earth current combine with each other to start AC direct. This can be understood and it can be confirmed that there is a problem in switch or else. you cannot bypass a three-region high pressure switch. Next is the ECT sensor. If car is heating up due to any reason so in this condition, AC trip is normal. if ECT gives wrong reading to ECM than Ac trips again and again in this condition use scanner to check ECT temperature and cooling pipe temperature by touching it or using any temperature meter to see if the ETC is telling temperature correctly or not. Beside this same issue comes is motor of AC fan or radiator fan is week.

This is my third video on this principle. To watch the previous two videos, click on the link given in the description. There will be two or three more videos in this regard. This is today's video hope you like it. See you in the video with new topic
Till than ALLAH HAFIZ..

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