18V Schlagabtausch mit 4x1000NM vs Sebastian | Bosch Makita Milwaukee & DeWalt im Test | Verlosung

1000 newton meters brand new have only been on the market for a few weeks you have just seen what a brute performance these four devices have hello tool fans welcome to Gotools TV my name is Sebastian and we have the new Bosch impact wrench with 1000 brand newton meters have only been on the market for a few weeks and I used that as an opportunity to make a brand comparison here again because here we have a lot of devices so around 1000 newton meters some even more so that we have 4677 in total newton meters are already there really I'm really excited about the devices and for that reason we thought well our old style and wrench is now obsolete , we also have a new torque wrench and the whole thing works here with up to 1000 newton meters to see if we can so that today have fun relaxed an official device here in any case, but as always, something was raffled off on friday and there it was r the latest is we are raffling off the bosch everything we had to do just take a look at your opinion on the devices your experience with such a blow and in the comments we have a lot of devices here, each of them can come up with around 1000 newton meters and bosch has now finally an impact wrench with three-quarters should be shots, by the way, all three quarters have great shots that can really play in the thousands of jews-meter class , what a great thing if someone thinks I would buy myself to switch to the wheels, that's not what they are a bit overdimensioned because with 1000 jews meters but advice I would not want to do it now we don't actually have the gds 18 50h from bosch like you with what im 18 or fh iwf 34 ideen.de because dcf 897 and the makita dtw 1001 this time all performance data at a glance you can see that bosch 1050 can now turn with the maximum milwaukee but 1627 machida 1050 and just below that with 950 newton meters he can also see which beat which gear you have which headline and so on and so on interesting but I find the following, namely the weight of 2.9 and 2.6 kilos, they all weigh about the same a lot apart from makita the rice relatively far out with 3.4 kilos without battery even seen that everyone can make it over 1000 meters with a suit but where they do not differ the thing is the break loose moment the loosening moment for it so that all screws with up to 1600 1700 newton meters can also be solved before we try the whole thing, we take a look at the devices in detail once we have a daycare center up here there's nothing to say except when you look at the device here it is very nice rubberized honduras lie down that is on the top rubber on no matter from which side the whole thing is viewed, in the upper area we only have the one on the left on the right klaus yes there must be set accordingly on the one lever to operate us accordingly and in the lower area we can set here is devil yes whether we are now on level 1 2 or 3 so what number of strokes we want and also what energy or energy we can attract or release the back is nothing else except that we can see how full the battery is but afterwards I have to put in a new one because we will of course only test with full batteries in the forest everything is also very well combined is also on the rubber on us You can also see the whole front made of metal but that with all devices here the same classic right-left run and here it is actually quite well solved and although we can also adjust the rotation by one level here, but with the very simple job So we can simply say one, two and three, I think it was a great solution that it was not intuitively easy and it also works very quickly We have here a position light so we work according lights very strong up and it is really very very bright more there is in the device actually only times not to say this milwaukee all super rubberized forward rule of law and so on more we have here only once not except here the control panel attention here of course the position light we have the control panel here can adjust the torque level in four levels, by the way, here it is also like this here is the sign that you can also connect to bluetooth here and you can do everything here We still get to configure our bosch device here, as with others, also super rubberized we have ideas right left run here accordingly to start everything else here have no further button on it or can buttons except that here below and here it is so that you can set the speed accordingly here, also set to 1, 2 and 3 or the power can nst and can also turn on and off as a position light, by the way, here you can also see the position of the charge level of the battery, by the way, that is not a very bright not what you are here during the day can of course not look like that, but I also remember the years behind I didn't mention it all has a fast motor at Bosch, the specialty is the whole device is now also converted to a biturbo basis, which means we have an even more powerful motor and a correspondingly strong battery that works perfectly together the s biturbo was over and now we want to do the whole thing try that we have this torque here and it goes up to 1000 newton meters but do you think that I get 1000 newton meters here so I'm just so mack we try that times I stand that can now go up to 750 newton meters and see how I get the screw tightened o man man man a friends the club with not yet that high it was 750 newton meters that is enough now friend e that was exhausting that was a relaxed 750 newton meters on 4 80 cm pipe length i don't notice so merck kgaa i don't want to go so the hope that i will put on 1000 meters and then that will be solved accordingly that is not where i can think of something please write the comments below if you have an idea how I would look at this city I can test my heart because that's an announcement yes yes yes but now I want to do the following I will always take an impact wrench and screw the five fix it and then see if the other three can solve it can have a certain comparison if that at least works but I think I have a break before that so enough break I now take the following and I take the makita and will with the makita on the highest torque level now just tighten the screws here and with the other three loosen the whole thing again for me the screw will be taken out men or do you see that is so screwed in here with this and hard I don't even go out and actually you see whatever so I'll try it again get out here you see what power is behind it here you see the whole as it is said before yes a bit scratched yes ok and this is how it looks now we really have a recess of sofas 2 mm where the screw was pushed in like here so really solidly pressed into the metal here too and I would have followed this here so you could Don't turn the screw here comes the issue of price and here it is that milwaukee and bosch with rest 240 euros cost about the same for us, as always, you will find below the honest price comparison with different offers so on the whole with battery without and so on further on here we are at a hefty 10 to 20 euros more somewhere 250 260 and here we add a few euros on top but in total we are about the same price segment between 240 and 280 euros so you have just seen what a brute performance these four devices have really thought about it incredibly times they have managed to push such a screw and that is already a massive screw into the metal rhine a two millimeters deep and to deform the whole thing in such a way that the screws no longer came out that is a real achievement I found it amazing and there was my thought here with this here today why to do it well a little or a little wrong maybe we need the 1000 newton meter torque we are something else if you have an idea for what I can still use this one then I'll write the comments I'll be very grateful for that I've now bought for free but you never know because here too we need it better we'll have a look briefly the devices if you ask me what is the best device or let's first see what we have all seen n put it on everyone solved it yes that was not a problem at first if you asked me how would i sort these devices because i had it in my hand i saw how quickly how easy it is for you, i would say too in terms of performance on the data sheet, the dewald was the weakest device here that was a bit weaker than the others I'm talking about 10% to about maybe even together with marita but something like which sorting bosch was definitely in place so at least mr rather in second place but in second place in terms of strength and brute force but walking couldn't be beaten because when you were just loosening it you had the feeling that you were pushing on it really presented one again here because I have to say you really have to consider all four of them are doing great and all four are doing a really good job here and all four are doing n a really good job that means if I already feel comfortable in one of these battery systems then you can definitely take each one here and grab if you need so much power I think it didn't matter if you need it you don't sometimes interesting to see how much energy they spend and you have indeed following in mind think I have myself as a person with 50 kilo here topics on the left start and have just done it 750 newton meters on so to be able to draw on it with those here it is no problem at all, 1000 newton meters or here over 1500 newton meters also a screw that is really an achievement so you have to imagine that so you can really solve yours and that now without even batting an eyelid So if you need it you have a lot of fun with it

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