What Saved Stephen’s HVAC Business?

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You hired your wife I thought I heard That clearly Um I don't I don't know that I'd ever do That For a HVAC business it's tough I watch My mom and dad they were my Dad ran the Business from 80 whatever was it 87 Until present still running it my mom Actually worked with him in the field I Was there for a while working with him In the field too And it was it was taxing not uh Metaphorically taxing I guess but she's Office and you're out in the field so That's a little bit of Separation right There are you the types that would Function in the same environment like That are you built for that is she Watching you right now do you have to Say something in particular You have earbuds you can't hear right Right I mean we actually it's life right so I Mean yeah you don't always belong right Next to each other all day we actually Did it installation job Thursday Was it We did an installation on Thursday Um together Because my junior Tech Junior Tech Apprentice Um Has been on vacation

Um And we had this guy that needed some new Equipment and I was like If nothing else I'll do it by myself she Said I'll help So we did a coil and condenser swap on Two systems on Thursday for 10 and a Half hours got it knocked out wow that's Pretty good I'm not going to ask you any Five questions because you won't be able To be honest with me I'm just kidding no I think that's great No it's great that she did that I mean Um my wife's not like a I'm going to Come down here and use your power tools Sort of wife is your wife adapted doing Some of that stuff like that not really She's amazing with Pookie Um But yeah Um It she has not had the hands on with Shooting screws quite as It's because I won't let her that's fine Oh yeah I've heard that same thing from My wife I got to the point you know We'll be married 20 years in uh next Month actually and for a long time I was Like I don't want you she'd be like I Can use these tools I look at my saws And I'd imagine all of her fingers Flying off it's like nah but after 20 Years she asked me I'm like go get the Song just cut whatever you want

She hasn't done one board so it doesn't Matter I just wanted to be able to try I Guess yeah that's that's good that's That's really good Um so what is her is her official Position utility worker I mean what's Her position Um she I she's my office manager Um who does she manage at the office All of the customers all the customers Okay but is she the only actual Personnel in the office she has to deal With all the customers like did she Route them to you when they call in for Service no she's really Um she's really good with customers Um she did 11 years as a secretary for Six lawyers Before she came here so she took a major Pay cut But the stress level went from Mount Everest to the bottom of the ocean Um comparative to what she was dealing With Wow and I'm not A raging like a lot of her Hey there was an unsolicited description Of lawyers But no she she does an amazing job Handling the customers Um she's Caught up with things that I didn't even Know existed like mapping and routing And Things to manage where you put people on

The schedule quite literally I'll drive From Wake Forest to Zebulon or Further than that let's say Stanford Wake Forest to Sanford To get two calls out of the way just Because that's the day I'm trying to Schedule so I'm like yeah you're in Wake Forest I'll go there at 8 A.M and then I'll be in Sanford at 2 p.m two hours Apart yeah Thank you [Music]

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