Sharp Dc Inverter Ac UVW Fan Motor Problem With L3 Error Code | Sharp Ac Error Code | L3 Error Code

now as you can see that in sharp DC air conditioner that it consist of L3 error code on its iutdoor unit so now i will explain you that why does L3 error is coming on it and the reason behind it so lets move to outdoor unit because it is an outdoor unit fault and we will explain you its all points why does this error comes so when this situation comes, so as you can see indoor blower fan is working but error is coming but as you can see its outdoor unit is totally stopped neither fan is working nor its compressor but its PCB is working but here as you can see diode number D105 is blinking and is continuously blinking so now lets see what fault has come in it due to which L3 is coming on the display and when this situation comes that unit outdoor is giving L3 error code so when L3 error is coming so the first thing you have to check is the fan or blades of outdoor unit that isn't it moving properly or not if it is moving properly so fault can be in its PCB and if it is not working properly so than ypu have to check reason behind it that isn't the fan is jammed is there any particle has stuked due to which it is stopped as it is of UVW fan motor as i am showing you this kind of fan motor does not have circuit inside it but its circuit or main PCB is present here as you can see here two screws are installed as you can see here the reason of this two screws is to tight up the IPM these two screws are installed here for heat sink so it can cool it if PCB will get damaged so problem can be appear and if fan motor gets stop or jamm due to any reason so L3 error will appear on the display because its working feedback is not going to microcontroller so this reason can be of L3 error code and if its fan motor wire get cutted or mice eat it than also this fault can occur i have take out its connector as you can see and if there is loose connection in the connector so fault can appear but its PCB when its is installed in unit so its connec tor is installed here amd if there is loose connection in it so fault can occur but sometimes it happens that its connector that points it consist one of it is not touching it electrically due to which this problem can occur so you have to do is take out the connector move it and than again attach it with its connector so there is also chance that this fault can be finished as you can see that we have take out its outdoor PCB from the unit so here you can see heat sink the small heat sink is its dry circuit and is IPM of fan motor and if here heat sink is not installed so fault can occur because if it will be heated so problem can be occur thats why its heat sink should be properly installed beside it if its IPM get damaged so than problem can occur and can give you L3 error beside it here three capacitors are installed in different positions if any capacitor get shortcircuit because from here feedback is generated and feedback goes to microcontroller as you can s ee in back side its microcontroller is installed and due to any reason capacitor give fluctuation and any problem come in them than also feedback will not be generated properly and microcontroller will think that fan is not working properly so this situation can also occur so you have to change these three capacitors so there are chances that PCB get fine beside it as 14-15 volts are coming in it at some points there are14 volt and on some points 15 volt and if they are not present here so than also it will make problem so than we have to check isn't any line is disconnected here beside it voltage regulator is working properly if they are working properly so there is no problem and if not so there can be fault in IPM beside it as you see this is its two big capacitors so these capacitor gives its 320 volts as you can see these whole line is coming from here and than goes to IPM and if it get disconnect so problem can occur so according to situation you have to see what pro blem is in unit because for error codes there can be different situation and different faults can be in unit

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