Which 1/4 Socket Set Would You Buy? TENG – BAHCO – HALFORDS – SEALEY – DRAPER – MILWAUKEE?

yeah we just thank you bastard anyway 
let me go on today right i'm going to   get on there good to see you later in this 
video we have six quarter inch socket sets   let's check them out and see what you get for 
your money let's go tested by machinery nation   so quarter inch mini socket sets are useful for 
pretty much everybody whether you're a technician   or whether you're a domestic user and today 
we have six brands we have milwaukee ceiling   halfords a barco have a draper set and a 10 
tools so all the top brands you kind of see   every day it's pretty much top six it came at 
the top of google when i googled it presuming   most people have something from these brands 
within their toolbox which what are you most   excited about opening up right because i know 
which one i am yeah see i'm a big milwaukee fan   but do you know what i can see what's in that 
one i'm looking i'm interested to see the barcode   yeah the barcode barcode yeah i'll say 
i'll say barcode with a fish last set can you guess which one i'm most 
excited about looking at draper   nearly nearly actually the ceiling okay 
seriously because it's the smallest set   with the most in it it's going to be quite 
interesting to have a look all right let's   open them up and see what's inside i look 
at you going straight into the ceiling for   the ceiling i want to go for the halford half is 
the biggest packaging we've got biggest um case   but it hasn't got as much in it it's quite 
a nice little case that is lovely isn't it   oh come on hello what'd you do oh it popped that's 
quite nice and it is sealy premium oh look at that   thank you for the socket set we really like you 
go outside i didn't know there's going to be   singing this video i can only apologize oh feeling 
lucky feeling lucky always lucky feeling lucky   all right that was a nice little set doesn't it 
it's lovely isn't it the thing i love about like   say little quarries they say dinky aren't they 
it's like a toddler's tool kit oh that's right   nice simple basic but yeah don't do the noise 
test we always like noise sets in these videos   do you like that do you like it as much as me 
so we've got here in here then so we should   have 45 i think isn't it forty five piece 
thirty eight thirty eight i suppose close   so what we start off with the smallest here 
we've got according to this the smallest we have   is a five point five point five yeah six seven 
eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen that looks quite smart nice bit set nice bit set 
socket set you've got the nut driver in there you   need a little screwdriver you want we did do 
another video where we've done the big sockets   that's the big ones with lifetime warranties 
which is really interesting and thank you very   much for watching really appreciate it class 
so even these are spring mounted well that's   probably what pushes up the box yeah no that is 
nice the case does feel quite durable quite strong   happy with that how much is that coming out that 
comes in at what's on the screen below because i   forgot that's how much is or how much we paid for 
on the interweb biggest test is it pocket is it a   pocket pocket does it fit in your pocket it fits 
in your pocket what more can you ask for calpers   you've got eyes durable case than that durable 
case but quite a bulky case it's got a big case   so i'm guessing there's lots of 
air in there lots of space right   because it is only there's only 25 pieces 
25 piece but it does start with a four so   with four now that ratchet is a decent size 
isn't it for a quarter inch do the sound test oh i don't know which one i prefer that order 
ah so the the driver actually comes over there   i can use it as an extension someone pointed that 
out in another video that we've done that you can   actually use the driver as an extension yeah 
on the top and you can't do that with a sealy   do not no see there's a solid end oh yeah 
it is solid end well do you like that case   yeah just down here play more basic basic set 
from it's not half as advanced as just halford's   standard tool range um but that's a quite little 
pretty little set it's got your everything you   need in it to be prepared but it's quite a 
bulky case go on right do the pocket test uh   oh he's got cargo shorts on so you can see he can 
it will fit in cargo travel as well it is a pocket   rocket set a pocket a pocket socket set okay look 
at socket rockers um i'm going to choose now done   that's the most compact set we've got those 
combat set and this is the most cost effective   set as you'll see on the bottom of the screen 
now the price is that much of how much we paid   on the old interweb little case probably the case 
so far the most likely to break yeah but then you   know you get a catheter you get what you pay for 
plastic case which is quite quite brittle but it's   very steep yes that is the smallest little rapture 
i've ever seen that is look at that should we do   the noise test do you reckon it's gonna get that's 
all right sounds all right oh it does sound nice   but it's a fingertip ratchet isn't it there's 
a thing of tip just like that is amazing look   at that socket looks massive on there it starts 
at four again that is a proper dinky isn't it i   think that's what that was like 16 quid what's 
that so that's that well it's great little   tool box set really isn't it that is a proper 
thing right you can just compare that to the   quarter inch look at the difference in that 
so it should be that way around for comparison it's not how big it is it's just it's how 
well it works and it sounds like it's gonna   work really well well it's great for compact 
spaces and tight spaces now do you know my   first brand new socket set many moons ago it 
was a draper set and i still got some of it   tang tang tank this is really nice i love the look 
of tang stuff tang has got the coolest logo what   is it i can't remember actually is something like 
the devil what we're going oh for looks nice the   ratchets are beautiful that is that it's light as 
well it's really light is it i say that because i   had looking at earlier on because the only set 
that isn't actually packaged ah so yeah it's a   plastic ratchet plastic ratchet that's pretty one 
yeah nice what does it mean the sound of ratchet was a good attitude four mil four 
mil twelve oh no there's no one   thirteen four to thirteen four to thirteen he's 
got like a weird sort of coating on it isn't it   yeah it's like someone's just gone 
over there's a bit of spray paint but   they've got a quite a bright sort of look color to 
them going back to the the sealy had the biggest   bit set it's also got your tamper-proof torques 
allen keys yeah flats and potty drive and phillips   yeah it's a nice thing to see the and the uh 
outfits in fact you do have a screwdriver bet   yes you don't have that in the draper or all this 
no all that one and we'll find out about that oh my god ryan with a phone as well with the 
phone on the phone so sorry was that a um is   that a rocket in your pocket or is that a pocket 
socket rocket that's a pocket socket rocket   tools you wanted to say that 
for eight years too fair smaller now so you should be quite familiar with this i 
should be very familiar with it i'll tell you why   can't you open it up i'll show them why because i 
already have it look see look it says james only   is that so have you ever seen that user no 
one else is allowed to use my tools will say   james only on so yeah so i've been using 
this set for a long time fairly clean to i like to polish my tools okay 
if you look that up closely   let's get that nice and quick closer on the 
old camera there you can see it has been   quite well used it's not as clean it's not 
it's not as shiny as that one okay you see   the difference all right four mil yeah and 
let's have a look at ratchet let's see the   new versus one has been on the bridge all 
right let's shoot just a new first the new it's a good quality it's a good quality ratchet 
right that's new this is used used this is used both together this one's perfectly loud though yeah yeah 
it's small enough to fit in sort of four   fingers depending on how big your fingers are it's 
still very much of a much just because of the sets   just missing the screwdriver attachment yeah it 
doesn't have the nut driver and it doesn't have   tamper-proof torques and stuff like that but up 
to 34mm to 30 mil very very useful all right i'll   get rid of mine yeah very nice so i get rid of 
that and then i guess we've that's all of them   isn't it there's nothing else here that we want 
to look at the one that you can open the one i   couldn't open is one of those so i got a lot of 
milwaukee tools but then again i also got back   from my soccer central barco i got 10 cords as 
well ceiling remember yeah yeah well i haven't   got actually i've got no draper tools we all have 
to start somewhere that's nothing wrong about   a little set that's a standard case it's like 
you get your drill bits in and things like that   that's that's really nice this is my thunder web 
set and my shockwave set so you drill in a bit set   ah you just don't have the hole on the back of the 
hole in the bottom anymore you know really that's   quite heavy i've never used the whole hole in the 
bottom but they don't they don't clip together do   they they don't they'd be nice milwaukee if you're 
listening going forward making sure they've just   clipped together so you just have a stack of 
sex there it definitely looks flash man oh that   is flash isn't it dressing table toy doesn't 
it it's quite a stumpy little um screwdriver cold yeah go between the half as one as it's open 
and the milwaukee one that's the halfords   this is morky i can't hear it is that quiet okay oh hello square so we didn't feature milwaukee in the last 
video we've done those big socket sets   but this is one thing i really like you put 
it on a table right and you roll a socket and   they always roll off right they've got square 
ends so they don't rot i haven't got anything   with degrees on but we've got a smooth case here 
thank you bako for letting us test the milwaukee   okay rolls off rubbish how's the rubbish i'm 
guessing when you put that on there and you can't   ratchet enough you haven't got enough leverage 
you can probably put a spanner or something on   there can you yeah you could so you could 
use it as a bit of a crow's foot type tool   yeah so let's put a test on here right 
that's the halfage round socket there let's flick him up don't eat it there 
we go click it but it doesn't move   same place but on again all the rolls 
doesn't roll yeah i know who knew that   square didn't roll and round those wilson's 
thinking himself i got so much energy to do yeah the other thing is a round is this is 
the little attachment there for that one yeah   these two sets are comparable they're sealy and 
then milwaukee because they are both 38 piece   both tailed sets and those two are comparable 
because they don't have the nut driver   nor does that one have the nut driver and that one 
well i think it's a little more on a league of its   own because it's a big case it's still the size 
of this but it has a nut driver and to be fair   the price of that is very good it's 17 quid okay 
so that's really good for the halfords so that was   very well priced right so price wise where do 
they stand within the market because to become   honest there's a there's a lot of differences 
in the prices what you get for your money so   starting at the top with the most expensive is 
the milwaukee at 57 pounds yeah 57 quid for that   set this is including the v80 the price you would 
pay if you bought them on a website the next most   expensive is the sealy which is 45 pounds 66 which 
quite rightly so the two bigger sets yeah and a cd   premium says let's see these top spec range they 
do do cheaper ranges but that is a top one and the   next one is the tang so the most expensive smaller 
set we do is a tank set a 40 pound 36 yeah but   it's a plastic ratchet well a gear ring would be 
metal but plastic ratchet says quite light seems   quite sturdy and then the tobacco which i do like 
obviously i've got one i've got to say i like it   21 pound 95.

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That's good it is good value it's 
good value apart from the case we want to mention   this because you go to get a socket and i find 
this all the time in mind go to get a socket from and it closes automatic closing is really 
annoying with all of these skaters sit flat   back oh sort out and then the next one which 
alfred's is very surprising is how much is   17 pounds that's definitely going to be the best 
five years 17 quid do you get a proper quarter   interaction yeah proper size ratchet normal 
people's hands but if you have very small hands   then the draper set comes in at 16 pounds 18 pence 
yeah i like soccer then the sockets compared to   that the halfords you can see there's a definite 
difference in the quality of the socket and the   metal that's been used and but there's 
this nice little handy set where do   we use these tools in right other than 
as a homeowner well see we'll find out what's up carol cronin are you know 
this means you've got a soccer second   boris yeah cause i have how many do you 
want i've got one euro that'll be great thank you very much no worries dude what's up 
with the caddy oh they pick up yeah oh no only   nick that wasn't mine ah no it's all right now all 
about today's buddy tara kickers and tea drinkers   i'm fed up with them i'll see you directly see 
you cheers yeah come on doug come on look at him   go he's not a natural cyclist right now what are 
you doing i've been bloody trying i won't start   ryan i don't know about anything i've been given 
this new fandangled starter starter packs hey and   there's your speed jfegwo jfe will go we'll go and 
it's it's usually pretty good but i've got to plug   it on here but i can't get the bloody socket the 
terminal back i don't got the right bloody socket   this morning i don't but thank you for letting me 
your socket set i bought one myself you've got a   new year's eve well let me can i use them yeah 
you can bloody start buying did you got the 13   and then yeah look at that bloody handsome thank 
you very much proper cheers i'll keep that bit how big is it norm how big is this carrot cruncher 
yeah he's three thousand am three thousand now oh   jesus then they're like a bit of spark here i 
don't know hey i want to get me polarity right   i think let's give me clarity right before i 
start you know good jumps old trailers yeah   i'm making a difference this beautiful stuff 
not so many sparks this time it's all it's on   let's see if it works putting out a gear oh there 
he is ready i won't put the stop in how's this gonna know him your dog's called norman norman norman and norman 
yeah well don't forget his name nancy yeah we just   thank you bastard anyway well let me get on today 
right i'm going to get on there good to see you good old norm so we go we have six pretty cool 
socket sets and we've got it yeah they're all nice   there's they've all got benefits they've all 
got uses which one would you go for right   well i'm a big mortgage fan however this 
little seaweed sound little tank set   we're in a little bit of kit so pretty good 
for the tanks to be honest something a bit   different that's interesting yeah that's 
interesting i love do like the tank set and   i do like my backup set by the case as previously 
mentioned but to be fair because i got the backhoe   set i'll probably go for the sealy set to be 
honest because i'd like a bigger set really   and it's still small and compact so i really do 
like the size of the case and how compact it is   yeah norma's got one of these as well has he 
yeah oh you saw mary yeah yeah he let me hiss   cool thank you very much for watching please like 
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