VOLLE LICHTPOWER mit Milwaukee M18 Akku Arbeitsleuchten und Baustrahler | inkl. Verlosung

a bit of lamp is not a battery comment in the comments. Aha, nuclear power, nuclear power plant, Transformers under the lights, how was that? Hello tool fans, welcome to Gotools.tv, my name is Sebastian and today we are going to take a closer look at the subject of work lights and, from my point of view, Milwaukee has one of the most comprehensive ranges in the field. We really have eight different devices in the 18 volt range. I think they're all 18 volt work lights from Milwaukee and we're going to take a closer look at those today and it's Friday. Of course there is something to be won here, namely the large construction site luminaire M 18 SAL from me. Everything you have to do is to be discussed with us in the comments, which lamp is best and also simply what is your opinion on these Devices? Or do you have others that you prefer? SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL NOW From my point of view, the subject of light on the construction site is underestimated time and time again.

However, it is extremely important to have a really well-lit construction site in order to be able to work sensibly, because shadows or in the right place to work sensibly or to recognize what am I actually doing about hitting the right hole or or or. For this you need good or correspondingly bright light. And that's why let's take a look at all of the lights here and I can tell you, personally I am mega enthusiastic about these lights and have now used them a few times, because you know we're currently building our buildings around our studio and there we have most of them currently no electricity and no light.

And we do all of that with exactly these lights here. And because I was so excited about them, I really wanted to show them to you. And now we look at all the lamps little by little and light up little by little and I'm very curious what she says about it. Can we still look very nice and slim with the M18 SA on the device that we are giving away today. Or why actually? Quite simply because the device was built in such a way that it can be stowed away wonderfully small. That it really looked at the device from before. You can just do the following: you press this switch and I'll show you the whole thing and the whole thing is done.

And that's how easy it came back to me and I think that's great. I'll show you that again correctly, if we take a good look here or just put it there , done. Simply insert the battery here. Here I can turn the whole thing on and you can now see in the room how incredibly bright the whole thing is. With 2000 lumens it is a very nice, bright lamp and you can of course switch on the various brightness levels accordingly . We have two brackets here, number one, so I can pull it out.

So and there I have number two again, pull that out even further and then I can tilt the whole thing here and set it where I would like to have shined. As you can see, we have a really massive foot that is really very good. By the way, you can anchor the whole thing in the ground again if you want to and make holes accordingly. And I would like to show how long it takes or how little time it takes to recapture the whole thing. You just take the whole thing back in to the top number one and it's super stable, the whole construction put back in here, done and I can start again. How long does the battery actually last? We have a five hour battery 18 volts here and the device lasts four hours. That means we need 0.8 hours per hour. That means, if you have a bigger bet, such as the eighth and twelfth, then it lasts correspondingly longer.

By the way, what does the whole thing actually cost here with the M 18 SAL and you can win it today at a price of just under € 300 for the device. We are interested in taking a look at the honest price comparison. As always, you get a good deal there. And if the 2000 lumens like the one we have or had here are not enough now, then let's go over here to see our big brother. M18 HOSALA C … with a similar logic, but a much higher light output, we drive 6000 lumens and a little more other gimmicks. But so do we. Earlier we have this wonderful stand again. Take a look at that, we have the opportunity to bring the whole thing out of here accordingly. Yes, in and done. I'll show you the whole thing right here. You can pull out of here as with the other. Nice aluminum, by the way, as is the case here. And then we have the opportunity to do the whole thing simply. See now. We have an enormous luminosity here with 6000 lumens. That can already illuminate superlatively in a normal room. The whole thing also works wonderfully outdoors.

We can also adjust the head individually around each individual emitter , rotate the whole thing again and move it to any position. I think it's really well thought out and, above all, built very very very modularly so that you really have the light where you need it. By the way, we can use the control panel to set the brightness , here downwards and upwards here. And I have a little gimmick, but it's not that bad at all. We have a USB port on the side and there you can charge your cell phone or whatever you want. We have 6000 lumens here. Now of course the question how long does the battery last here? Quite simply We are at around 0.4 to 0.45 hours per ampere hour, which we use here as a battery. I wonder why do I have power cords here? Quite simply You can also operate the light with a cable, without a battery or the most powerful battery. And as soon as you connect to the power, the battery is charged.

And here, too, it can be stowed away extremely quickly. And I have to say, I never thought that this mechanism would be so simple and that the whole thing would go so quickly. At prices like here at around 430 €, the rich 6000 lumens still not like us. You want more? Then you get that. We have a full 9000 lumens here, which it radiates all around. And I have to say, I was personally most impressed by the device here.

Because if you turn that on here in front of the panel, then you have the following and you really have 9000 stupid ones, as I just said, but you have wonderfully illuminated the entire room all around and the light is really nice. And I think it's great if you have a very large room, then you just take two of them and one on the right in a corner on the left. And the way you have , I would light the whole room first. What you can also do is stack the devices on top of each other is specially designed so that you can simply click on the devices here and then you can produce more brightness than such a small little tower.

There is also the following: We have an opening in the front where we can insert two batteries: the device. I'll show you here, now it's on, but I can only use one. And of course it works anyway. That just meant so that you could use large batteries here. That lasts for a very, very, very long time. What we also have is the following if that makes sense now. We can simply put a lock in here so that nobody can steal the batteries here . What we see is. We can operate the whole thing with a power cable, we can go to the socket with whatever you want and of course you have the option of plugging it back in here . This also charges the battery again. I think that's great. In addition, you have the following , namely here you have the opportunity to connect another device here. Here are nice on it.

16 ampere 250 do you want? So look, we have a good hedge here too. And the whole thing is primarily intended to put several of these devices in series and then to use only one connection. I find another function very interesting. You can connect the lamp with the Milwaukee app here and set there that the lamp goes to a certain point, the lamp not. The luminaire is also not easy to switch on at a certain point in time and then switch it off again accordingly .

Turn the whole thing on once and it starts here accordingly. Lots of super interesting functions, more than just really impressed. I am very curious about your opinions and in the comments. The people are made of very high quality and I always find these little things. Personally, I think it's very important that you can stow the cable here in a really wonderful way . Let the little things, which are also important to me and are also decisive , conveyed around the whole thing, which is so in our hands here.

Of course you can also just transport it like this, but the cable is stowed here with the other one here. This is a small advertising clip with it, so that I don't waft around, just get in here and off you go. But now I have to say, of course, but it would be too good to be true. But of course it all has its price. The beautiful device we have has a total price of around 600 to 630 euros. But you have to say for the quality, for what you get here, it's a lot of money, but also really good. We were just at around € 600 now we have a device again, also in the range of around € 600. I have a very special device that is basically the Transformers among the lights and so we even have 5000 or 5300 lumens here again. And I'll show you now and let us first before we disassemble it, then I'll show you how to assemble them.

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Comes. But that's not how it is. By the way, we don't have a 230 volt connection here. As you can see, there is nothing more to it and this is where the battery is inserted. The whole thing back a little. So and the batteries sit here again. And by the way, it is the same here! You only need one, but you can use two so that it shines independently for longer. Yes, in here then. So and so the default of this control panel. But we'll get to that in a moment. First of all we build together or dispute. To do this, we do the following. There's a button on there. When the whole thing snaps into place accordingly. Incidentally, I could go on and on. Well, here it is, the function at this point is not very clear.

I have to honestly say. So, I want the whole thing to stop us from solid aluminum, what we have here, me up and then grab this at these points. I can choose different points here, this one then we have the next one of these or also according to this one. I'll take it there, I'll take it through here and then through the whole thing and can pull it out. Here are just two of the details here. Now I have the maximum and here too and is that really a small transformer, in order to bring the light to the right place for you ? So switch on the whole thing and we see that we have a very bright light here again and can also illuminate a point here very, very brightly.

With 5300 lumens you can also adjust the brightness accordingly. As with the other lights, a very special device works wonderfully here. But maybe just right for you. The head here is adjustable in height, by the way, but you can also turn the whole thing accordingly. And all the dimensions here that are looking at. You can turn the whole thing, set caves in height, you can tilt, here you can still adjust the width, you can adjust this here again accordingly . Then you can guarantee to adjust this light here to exactly the point you need. I think it's amazing, I've just seen what the device looks like when it's extended and the whole thing becomes so compact. That's awesome, isn't it? And now you come to the next one, too, this is really unusual, but also awesome, because we have a lamp here. That means everything we see here is 100%. For us it now comes in such a way that it looks 100% compatible with the luggage. By the way, about the packaging system and I've already made a video that I'll link up here.

Do you want to know more about packing? Then please write the comments below. I would really care. I only had the packout system here once and there are now so many new things and so many new bags and cases and whatever in the packout system I should check back in. We have something here that is really such an all-in-one issue. So first of all we have an out system and that's half a pack out. We have here. If we take two of them and put them on top of a suitcase next to each other, then we have our lamps here , which we can flip over here and then turn as we need, in a certain direction there to the side and so on and so forth . Then we also have the other two here again. So around, then we have another one here. We can let that shine somewhere accordingly. If we do it now, and if we do , then all three of them will shine head-on in this direction.

But of course we can also let it shine on the ceiling here, or or or. Yes, I think it's really great. Great solution that you can shine something anywhere. And then? Why is that such an egg-laying woolly milk pig when we are here because we are hiding behind. Here is the battery compartment. This is where the battery comes in. Let's do it too. Here and now we see the following that we still have a compartment on the other side, namely here, because we can also supply the whole with electricity. Then we have a mobile battery storage impulse system here, which we can also see up here. We can also connect USB here again and then store other devices accordingly. We take a look at how the luminosity is and you can also see that here with a total output of 3000 lumens, it is really very interesting.

Here, too, this really large space is told from us. We have over 120 square meters of space here. Accordingly, it is quite exhausting to get the whole thing in light here. But even the little one creates a beautiful light here and you can see here that it is really wonderful to rummage, do and do and adapt it to your needs. Our little multi-purpose miracle because what we have again packout, lamp, battery, charger all in all costs around 250 €. If I am interested in the device for us, just have a look at the video description below there you will find, as always, the honest price comparison or just look in the comments or with us with commenting thinkers.

Today there is something to be said. We come to M 18. I'm keeping myself a little shorter here, also with the other two devices, because I made a video about these guys. You can find that up here. For the sake of completeness. We'll take a quick look at the device anyway, and here you have a foot below. Oh, by the way, we have 2500 lumens here that come out of the rays. Here the battery is operated in the foot, which we were not a 230 volt connection as we are. Friends, this is how we are, this is how the device is. We can turn it on here and then we have several options here. We have a point of light. On the one hand there is a light here and a scattered light here. What to say is unlikely to be variable. You can adjust it in a variety of ways, you can move it to the left, up to the right and you can pan the whole thing here and so on and so forth. I also find it very, very interesting visually, because it's such a job, but I've never seen it anywhere else.

Also very practical here. Here. There is a corresponding possibility to attach the whole thing. And if I remember correctly, you can pull the whole thing out again right here and hang it on something somewhere, a pipe or armor or the like. That pulls, withdraws and then hangs in here accordingly. Very, very modular and thoughtful here and then I could still take it and adjust it like that and then somewhere like that somewhere. These large surface emitters. But there you often have the following, namely that the room is basically already lit, but is now working on a certain point and wanting to have precisely this point illuminated. And of course such a device is also very interesting because it is small and compact. You can take it with you anywhere, even in smaller places, and then you can put the spotlights where you need them. If in doubt, you can also focus us on one point.

That is already very bright. At the moment there unfortunately the whole thing its price here are in the range of around 400 to 450 euros. We come to the last two, namely the M 18 HOAL and the M 18 TAL. two interesting lights come on. We have another point of light here. We are in the range of a little over € 200 here, here in the range of around € 150. And here it is that we have a single conceivable source of light. But we have 4000 lumens here, which of course also show the whole thing, as always , switch it on for us here and we also see 4000 lumens on the wall here is really a lot of power, whole pans and of course we can also do the different ones here as always Set the brightness, set the modes. We don't have more here with the whole thing , but we don't have to, because that's exactly what it's about at a certain point. an area corresponding to swivel here was to generate light. This is my personal I don't want to say goodnight light, but my personal emergency light at home, because we actually have a very, very nice lamp here in case the power goes out.

And here, as always, the possibility of inserting the battery and can then switch on two flares here, one up here and one down here. And the whole thing. As you can see, I also want to make a very bright light and we can adjust that. As I said, only up here or even just in front. Both at the same time are not always just one or the other. And I have to say, I really enjoy making the lamp. And I told them that in an emergency I would shine my lamp for home, because my lamp for home, because we have a total of 2200 lumens here. And now I can say Okay, now let's assume I had a power failure when I turn the whole thing on, I have my flashlight here, I can walk around comfortably, can also illuminate something.

I've also used it a couple of times in my garden in the evening, when there is no lighting to see if something is going on. Sometimes things happen there. I've also had foxes in the garden here, but that's another story, we always come to that. And what I can do, of course, is to press the other switches here. And then here I have one. Alright now. Yes, and then I completely lit one of the rooms here. Even if it doesn't look so bright now, because it's daytime, a normal small room of around 20 square meters is really pleasantly lit and then you can find your way in there perfectly or, of course, do things accordingly. Now we're through. I hope it was a lot of fun. I hope I have to get an overview of all the lights now .

I am very curious what you think about it. Personally, I actually really liked all of these devices. My personal highlights show me one more time, they definitely show it here. I just like that. Here in our team too, opinions differ, but some find other devices more interesting. But I just think this indirect and diffuse light, what this device creates here, I think it's just great.

And the second highlight are of course these two devices and still this mechanism here, so that maybe the whole thing works is really well done. And that although the device has so much power or so many functions that it is still light. But enough of lamps and lights and now let's go to the tools and see you next time..

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