Milwaukee PACKOUT MOD: How to Organize Your Wrenches

you got them didn't you you got the cool 18 piece 90 tooth ratchet set and now you don't know how to configure it well guess what I've got some ideas I want to share with you stick around this my friend is the Milwaukee pack out three drawer unit and it's missing a drawer because I'm working on it up above I'm trying to organize it so that it fits my mobile mechanic needs many of you who do this know what I'm talking about when it comes to organization we have to be very careful with all the space used so this is what I came up with as my first option I'm experimenting with organization a bit here with the Milwaukee packout system and I've used some noodles some swim noodles or pool noodles as one of my friends that's a mechanic called it but it's actually pipe insulation you put these over your pipes I had this extra from some construction jobs that I've done and thought that it would fit perfectly see the Milwaukee pack out drawer has a rim that goes right above here and nothing can sit flat let me show you foreign so here we are at the Milwaukee packout drawer again and you see these little Rises that are there they're about a quarter inch to half inch rise and then you've got these little points that stick up here those little things are designed to put together these this little rail system that clicks in so that you can create some dividers and make some squares for organization so basically nothing will fit flat it's one of those problems that's really annoying when you're trying to use the Milwaukee packout system for some of these things like mobile mechanic work and uh organization so these pool noodles or this pipe insulation has worked out perfect right here because when you cut it in half you get half of it and it gives you a u-shape that you can place right there and then you just create your slits and lay in your wrenches but guys I remember that I have something else right here that I can show or use for organization I have this really cool tool tray that is designed for wrenches and as you can see it's labeled with each wrench size right there on the right hand side and I can go ahead and put my wrenches both metric and SAE and I believe there are no skips so you'll be able to identify where it skips if you're missing a wrench but you can put a bunch of wrenches here this is tight it's clean and leaves me a lot of space around the drawer look at that I can put this up against here and I still have that section there for more wrenches this looks clean and neat now I have a question for you which should I go with which would you go with I will put a link in the description where you can get this tool drawer or I mean this actual uh tray I'll put that in the description I'll also put a description link for the Milwaukee packout 164 dollar three drawer unit here so that you can see that the insulation noodle well I'm sure you can find that on Home Depot by yourselves so guys this is what I'm going with and I hope in the end this helps somebody out that's going through the same issue of organization with the Milwaukee packout system it's not an easy thing the drawers are kind of a weird shape and size they're not like regular tool drawers that you'd be used to and that has to do with the mobility of the Milwaukee packout system so I went with the tray I think the tray makes things neat clean and fast I even layered in another set of wrenches so that I could clean up some of the skips I didn't get all of them but the cool thing about the tray is that it has some spaces between the sets of wrenches so you got this three set here and then you've got a blank space I put in my stubbies in those blanks right there and then I've got my giant 7 8 right here on the right hand side and then my little wrenches there now then I have those beautiful box end wrenches that unfortunately I can't put them in here very clean and I don't have a tray for them so for now since this will be an Ever evolving process of getting organized this box right here that the box and wrenches came from is serving as their holder I went ahead and cut that guy out and did that and for right now it's the best I can do wait a minute wait a minute I forgot to tell you guys that box in the bottom I went ahead and put a layer of tape on there because I know there's going to be oil and grime and all kinds of chemicals off my wrenches and they would ruin the cardboard so don't catch me on that I did it now make sure you hit subscribe like and hit that Bell back to the video I know this isn't perfect and some of you are better at organization design and setup so I'd gladly take your feedback and suggestions for now this is your buddy your friend at the old Tech guy telling you I love you and I'm signing off thank you [Music] [Music]

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