HVAC Troubleshooting- English Closed Caption

Hello this is Jake from JWB and I'm going to 
briefly show you how to troubleshoot your HVAC   system. You want to make sure that you do turn 
off your system before starting any of this   maintenance. Okay, so this is your air handler. Most 
times they can be found in a garage or a closet.  They may vary in size but they 
should look something like this.

Down at the bottom is where the filter is going to be 
held. Sometimes they can be on the side if the air   does come from the side and then you also have 
your drain line right here with your drain cap.   Okay so now we're going to go over how to change the air filter. It should be at the bottom of the   unit. This is where mine is located. Sometimes they 
have halves on here or little levers or pins that   you can pull.

Mine doesn't have any of those. 
It just sits on there. Pull out the old filter and then you take a new filter and replace 
it in there and then just do the steps   the opposite way. Okay moving forward we're going 
to locate the drain line it's going to be at   the bottom of the system and this allows the 
condensation to leak and then leave the system   to the outside the property. It's a PVC pipe and 
there's going to be an interruption right here   for your drain line cap. Most times 
these will just come off just like this.  Now you can either fill this with distilled vinegar and pour it down   or you can fill a little bit of distilled 
vinegar in a cap and pour it in.

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There it doesn't take much. Even just filling this 
up it's just enough for preventative maintenance.  Okay and lastly what we can try to do is 
we can try to shop vac the drain line. I have my shop vac here. You can find shop vacs 
at Lowe's, Home Depot, or ACE Hardware for 50 to 60 dollars. They'll be much smaller than this and actually 
more applicable for this situation.   Wat we'll do is again we'll remove 
this drain cap right here   and we can take this and you put it over it.

mine's a little bit bigger so if I was doing this   myself I would go ahead and just duct tape this a 
little bit over it. That way we've got a good seal.   You just turn on your shop vac and it 
can pull out any clogs that are in the line.   This line also does go to the outside of the 
property so sometimes you can pull from the   outside also. Okay like I mentioned there is an outside discharge for the drain line. If you   come in close you can see the drain line right 
here and you can see how it's wet underneath   because this should constantly be dripping.

would repeat the same process where you put the   shop vac hose up to this try to create a good 
seal and you can pull from here as well. On behalf   of JWB I would like to thank you for trying these 
troubleshooting tips and I would like to add that  these quick troubleshooting tips actually do alleviate the problem most times. Especially with   the drain line, we do find that a lot. If you 
have any other questions about the process or you   need help kind of walking through the steps, please 
feel free to contact your maintenance coordinator.

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