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Hi freinds, I am Tanweer Ahmed In this video, I will explain to you Air Cooled Chiller System and related to that pipe accessories and pump so first of all, I will tell you about piping and its valve and then I will take you to the chiller water pump room This video is specially for those who are new Engineers, Junior and Fresh people those who are related to HVAC field beacause if you watch this video so which things i will explain you so these practical things you can clear your concept by seeing this in physical so come lets start the video This is HVAC/MEP Tutorial Videos YouTube Channel Friends, this chiller you are seeing is air cool chiller Why call this air cool chiller? this is why we speak air cool chiller for this is a condenser and condeser temperature is reduce with the help of fan on the top you can see these black colour rounds here is fan when this fan is running then condenser temperature reduces up to the atmosphere ambient temperature there is refrigerant in condenser its temperature reduces up to atmosphere temperature this is why it is called air cool chiller so you have seen water cool chiller, the condenser refrigerant cooled by water A cooling tower was installed for this but for air cool chiller it is not required They just have condensers with fans condenser temperature reduces with the help of fans so its top part is condenser and the below you see this is evaporater this black colour form is insulation for this evaporater this is why the temperature of water which is call chill water there is its temperature of 6 to 7 degrees celsius so ambient temperature is high so this temperature could not be increased this black foam insulation is applied due to low-temperature such as its temperature will not increase below side you can see this is evaporater top of the evaporator this is condenser coils up to the condenser coil, these are fans of black color This is second side of the chiller you can see these are compressors of the chiller this screw type compressor you can see and this is the second compressor In this way, different types of accessories are installed, so these i will not explain to you in details I will explain later with the help of drawing Secondly, this air cool chiller you can see in front of this is its electrical panel when operate chiller or close chiller the display screen inside it is as well as we see the reading/parameters by this, we can check what is the temperature of chill water inlet and outlet pressure, if there is a problem or error in it we found out by this panel Chiller with chilled water piping, its accessories, and pump room which things are installed in it and what is its function? so we start this first, we understand, here line from the chiller after coming out of the chill water is going to AHU first is this line of chiller and second is this what are the things in it? first of all, this is flexible pipe connector is installed after that, this flow switch is installed lets us see this practically This chiller line is going towards AHU so it has flexible pipe connect because this is insulation so the pipe is hidden in it, flexible pipe connecter hidden in it we cannot see this after this is a flow switch practically you can see this is a flow switch and here you can see flexible pipe connecter is connected and second is flow switch, I show you switch practically this is a flow switch after the flow switch, we came back here is pressure gauge and thermometer here is the flow switch, after flow switch, this is pressure gauge after pressure gauge this is the thermometer but here is one thing more and this is temperature sensor thermometer because the chill water going towards AHU if we want to know temperature through BMS, thermowell is called insert inside pipe and with the help of this we came to know temperature of chill water which is showed in BMS so here you can see flexible pipe connector is installed and secondly this is flow switch after flow switch this is pressure guage after pressure guage this is thermometer and we came back to the drawing after the thermometer, the balancing valve is connected and then check valve is connected, after this butterfly valve is connected after thermometer there is three things let's see practically what things in it so this is our balancing valve, its cladding is incomplete that's why its look like this so this is balancing valve in cladding inside this is insulation the fabric (cloth) is on the of insulation and this fabric is wrapped and below this is insulation so insulation couldn't be damaged here you can see insulation and the fabric is wrap on it on the top of the fabric, this is cladding, cladding is our aluminum sheet so one of the reasons for cladding is there is no rusting (corrosion) on it it has been done painted on the top so, this is balancing valve after balancing this is our butterfly valve butterfly valve is gear type valve so by this gearbox, we can ON/OFF pipeline after the butterfly valve the chill water line which is the returning so this line is returned toward AHUs which is placed in building then the line is coming back from AHUs, it is going in chiller but a pipeline from AHUs first will go to the pump room running from pump room it will connect with chiller the water which is outlet lets suppose this is 12-degree Celsius temperature then it will go into the chiller then chiller will reduce its temperature so first we see this return line then we go to pump room so in return line you can see physically this is butterfly valve and after butterfly valve this is motorized valve but between this, you can see there is cladding if you cannot see so below this, you can see here is strainer so once we see this in the drawing in this return line butterfly valve is installed after this is the strainer, a two-way motorized valve is installed so as I show you this is a butterfly valve then this is strianer after this is the two-way motorized valve is installed so here is given air vent after this it has a temperature thermometer with the help of this we know about temperature then it has a pressure gauge then it has a temperature sensor and after this is flexible pipe connector and then it has been connected with evaporator so once again we see this in drawing in the drawing you can see, this is a butterfly valve, this is a strainer, this is a two-way motorized valve, here is a thermometer, here is a pressure gauge and this is a flexible pipe connector Freinds, the pipes of near chiller which you have seen, these are same pipes which are going in building for AHUs, this is chilled water's supply line and this is chilled water's return second line so we see this in pump room Friends, this is a chilled water pump room, in which pumps are installed CHW in the room the chilled water is circulating and AHUs water is coming back it is coming towards the pumps and then it goes in chillers then direct from the pump go into buildings AHUs and FCUs in front we can see these are three pumps this is the first number pump, this is the second number pump, and this last is third, these are total of three pumps basically, we have two chillers and three water pumps for that so on full load, these three pumps will run, if the load is low then two pumps will run and if more load is low then one pump will run these pumps and chillers are interlinked with each other or synchronized What components are installed with the chilled water pump? so I am going to explain this, but first, the chilled water pump suction and discharge side but those two upsides are headers the header is a common pipe, these three pipes connect with suction side and these three pumps also connect in the discharge side so we will see, what accessories are installed with this We see the drawing of chilled water It has three pumps and this suction and discharge side has a flexible pipe connecter then on the side of suction and discharge, it has pressure gauges The strainer is always installed from where the water enter where the water is to be cleaned, there is an inlet pipe has strainer in pump room and the discharge has check valve and butterfly valve so we see this in physically Freinds, the marking on this chilled water pipeline is wrong because there is always a strainer installed at the suction side so on the suction side, the water comes toward the pump but here marking is wrong so it shows that water is going, but this shows that this is a strainer by this strainer, water is coming, so this suction side is our header the water is coming in the header from the building, after the header, this is a butterfly valve then this is the strainer, after strainer, this is a pressure gauge after pressure gauge, this is a flexible pipe connecter and this is a multistage centrifugal chilled water pump.

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Here flexible pipe connecter installed after this is our pressure gauge after pressure gauge, these are check valve and this is a butterfly valve and this water is being discharged at Header and these pipe going to chiller This is a cycle of chilled water in the pump room this you can see this is pressure gauge has siphoned and valve and this butterfly valve is geared type valve so these are our three pumps, it has an electrical panel with the help of this, our pumps and chillers will operate To be continued in Part-2 Thanks for watching this video Take Care, Allah Hafiz

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