Makita Vs Milwaukee Rip Saws. Do Different Blades Matter?

you running out of battery already have you mean 
welcome back to machinery nation guys and in this   video we've got some resip saw testing now i've 
got the makita djr186z which is a brush model   and ryan has got the milwaukee fuel csx top of 
the range top line resip saw now we know there   is going to be a difference between the two 
or we expect there is going to be and we got   some different blades laid out so we've got wood 
blades we've got metal blades and we've got the   axe and the torch which are the carbide blades 
so we're going to see which one performs least   and we're going to put the better quality blades 
on to see if it will bring the performance up   just seeing what difference it makes is it 
worth spending more money on a better equipment   find out so the first test up is a soft aluminium 
and we're both using the bi-metal blades from   milwaukee gonna keep it fair we've both got five 
amp batteries as well non-high output they are   just a standard five amp hour batteries 
gonna count us in will three two one go yeah that was impressive they won that i 
don't know if i went further than yours we   should do that again again three two one not 
a lot of differences but then that is only   soft metal yeah i think when we get up to the 
heavier duty stuff in a second all right ask   the next one yeah so this is probably bright 
steel yeah yeah bright steel three two one three two one   again i didn't you clearly started before i did 
on that oh my god we got camera evidence we'll   have a look back the brushless and brushed no 
difference is there no no difference whatsoever   alright so you could give this little uh brushed 
version a little bit of head start and you just uh   what do you call it you're on your your blue one 
blue power blue powder blue power tablets okay   you run our battery already have you mate just 
bed on the rim he's disturbing you oh there we go you sure you're hearing you 
can hear the one yeah i'm sure   yeah yeah don't don't just make it up got it gotta 
go when he says not like 10 seconds beforehand   all right no premature reciprocation 
josh me premature never three two one there's definitely a second difference do you go 
and then i thought well i'm gonna have to stop i   was like five seconds uh waiting for you to finish 
all right i still okay i heard you always arrived   how's your blade doing anyway he's looking he's 
looking worn yeah how's yours looking well you get   a few more cuts let's give it a go different 
stance this time for a different cut right   like that yeah that's it yeah 
yeah left hander three two one beat him again so this one was definitely quicker right so now 
we're going to swap the blades out i'm going to   put a nice new blade in this one we all know the 
morky one's better without a doubt and josh will   you put a new one well i'm going to put a carbide 
toothed blade in so this is the torch blade from   milwaukee to see if this will increase the 
performance of a brushed machine what do you   reckon car well i say it is a milwaukee blade and 
a makita so it's half good let's go three two one i think you're happy in that one yeah 
i think i did i think we'll do one more   precious building now i've won something for 
once in my life good old blue power three two one yeah boy my cutting angle wasn't the same as the 
first one so i think you do penetrate better going   to the point to the point that's right that's good 
if you go that way i don't think you cut quite   quickly let's go to the point then both at the 
same time so exactly the same cutting technique   yeah there's so much power though i'm just i'm 
just trying to keep her still three two one go oh no no well not now no so those blades 
do make a difference yeah well i'm happy   with that yeah it does show that you've got 
a decent blade and uh something that's not   got the same yeah same performance or 
we'll just go to the sack the same as uh   as a top spec reset source so really impressed 
what do you reckon wood test would test   right so now we fixed the axe blades on 
here so these are the for the wood we're   now gonna go do six slats each you're 
gonna go on two again three two one oh my god has he lost that one do you want to 
try yours with a car bike first one   obviously ryan lost the last test so 
i've given him the better blade this time   he obviously reckons he's got a better tool but 
the proof is in the pudding come on come on red   palette yeah red palette at least someone supports 
him where are we gonna count down three two one i think there's nails in that i kept stopping   i kept stopping on knocks and stuff paul 
workman blames his tools was that three two one yes we've got one more job left to do 
what is it josh hey yes it's that time   we have got to the final test so what we're 
going to do ryan we're going to cut some wood   josh what are we going to cut right happens to 
be this one right in front of us cool what's   the size three by three three by three there are 
there are boats oh what is it josh our softwood stuff we found around the corner we have 
got bigger blades on here now so i have got   wood blade this is wood with nails yeah jeffrey 
you got i got the nine inch wood with nails   but the axe version bear in mind all these 
blades all available on our sponsor's website   what's that haze machinery dot co dot uk so 
thank you very much for sponsors today so what   do you reckon three cuts in right yeah three 
cuts along with it yeah so down up down up yup two one i don't think much you're screwing me   they're like mini earthquakes aren't they oh geez we almost got hit by the lock everything 
was falling i was like take cover all right   let's try it again yeah try again strap down 
ready to go kind of sim will three two one torch blades versus axe blades versus carbide 
tips brushless versus numb brushless what was that   brushless and brushed are you brushed i 
brushed i got a brush up i'm brushless   i think it does it does make a difference having 
a better blade and you definitely tell there is   definitely a power performance difference when 
you get into bigger stuff and harder material so   definitely if you're doing a lot of work go for a 
brushless machine but a hobbyist probably brushed   is going to be good enough yeah as long as you go 
for the better blade you go even with a lower end   machine go for the better blades it brings the 
performance up no end so really good so thanks   for watching guys just remember if you've got 
any other videos and any other comparisons you   want us to do please drop a comment into the box 
below and we'll do our best to do those for you   please don't forget to like share and subscribe 
this video thank you very much for watching cheers

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