hi, okay friend, cooling technique this time we will repair the AC cassette Daikin 5 PK, the indicator light is flashing and the air conditioner is not cold OK, first check with the remote, what is the error code for the damage . For how to check the error code, you can see in my previous video, how to check the error code AC cassette Daikin Okay, here the error code is e0 if e0 means that the safety system on the outdoor unit works here, I will share what is the cause of Error e0 on the AC cassette Daikin and how to solve it Okay friends, the previous cooling technique we have checked on the outdoor unit and freon- it's only 20 psi left and it's clear there's no automatic leakage but we've checked the outdoor unit and didn't find the leak point Yes but here at the indoor unit we find oil seepage if there is oil seepage like this it means there is a freon leak here you can see it could be Nepel that isn't tight, huh? And what's the relationship between error e0 and freon leakage here, okay, it's interconnected, K the arena of error e0 is that the safety system on the outdoor unit is working or the security on the outdoor unit is working.

So there is one security device on the outdoor unit whose system works based on freon pressure and here the freon is lacking, because there is a leak, so the device or device will automatically work and cut off the current because it's very dangerous If the compressor stays on when the freon is low or runs out so indirectly the device protects the compressor from damage okay here the leak is only because the Nepel is not tight we will vacuum and refill the freon after that we will see in the outdoor unit, hi, okay, buddy, the cooling technique is here, the air conditioner is on.

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So this is one of the security devices in the outdoor pressure switch unit, there are two here, the pressure switch is low press and high press, and it's attached to the pipe attached to the second pipe of this pressure switch. the function is different if the lowpress will cut off the current if the freon pressure is less and vice versa, the high-press will disconnect if the freon pressure is high or too high, so both work based on freon pressure, yes, according to the pressure from the freon ..

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