Amazon Vs Milwaukee Impact Wrench

what is in this thing plus and minuses simple as that hands down throw it in the bin 
today we're going to test one of the cheapest   half inch impact guns against one of the best 
is it worth buying the best or can you make do   with a cheaper option today we will find out the 
links to buy both these items are available in   our description let's move on to the specs so here 
we have the high chica iw350 weighing in at 2.67   kilos with a max torque of 350 newton meters it 
has a half inch anvil it's running on a 4 amp hour   battery and they rate the revolutions per minute 
at 2 000 and it's only coming in at 102 pounds   next up we have the morky m18 1 fhi wf-1 

It weighs 3.39 kilos has a max torque   of a whopping 1898 newton meters it also has a 
half inch anvil running a 5 amp hour battery rated   at 2 100 revolutions per minute and comes in kit 
form at 309 pounds so this is my daily runabout   yes it's my answer to cutting down on fuel costs 
but today we are going to take one wheel each with   one nut busting gun each and whip off these 
tires it's going to be the first one to get   the tyres to hit the ground is the one who wins 
guns at the ready fingers steady three two one go there we go right back on put 
it back on three two one go ho ho ho you better not beat me right   i can't you can't beat me oh i dropped one 
do you drop me nuts i dropped my nut oh no   oh all i can say is i'm glad well's filming that 
way because i feel like i've got the camel toe so now something a little bit tougher 27 mil 
nuts on this livestock trailer here all talked   up to 110 five nights each let's crack on guns 
at the ready fingers steady three two one go i think mine were tighter 
than yours oh no i'm finished   i can't laugh wow that's right right back on back 
on back on we're allowed to hold the bottom of our   wheel i love making out the roars as we go along 
it's brilliant not to the ready three two one go bumbled my nuts actually making less work for mine one so before we move on to the next test we 
have just got word that we have turned   15 000 subscribers thank you all very much 
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you yeah now we're going to see the speed and the   bit changing on these guns so we have got 
four coach bolts or lag bolts if you are from   different parts of the universe and we have got 
some bit changes a 13 a 14 a 14 and a 17 17 mil 19   19 mil on the end ready yeah let's do it all 
right let's put the guns up here john's up here   i'm ready william again i'm ready william again   you ready yeah yeah i'm ready are you go to 
the ready fingers steady three two one go oh my god we've got to change bits 
i forgot i've been too deep i'm here come on girl come on we're still on the time timing though 
these are not coming out by the way okay god hey you're wearing down your i'm wearing down 
my ends is that the reason why it's long reach   so you got that much weird it just yeah it's just 
gradually turned from the long reach of the tower   that's hot well it did it it did it we got that we 
found a challenging thing for it but you seem to   boss that oh yeah things have gone through that 
like butter mate good luck getting those bolts   out real nuts we'll nuts on the alto treasure 
miss alto trailer nuts your nuts i lost my nuts   yeah i put one wrong way around as well and we've 
done these yeah do we want to get something more   challenging what else is there what do we need oh 
let's find out right so this is the toughest thing   that we have on site yes it's a five ton forklift 
it's got 24 mil wheel nuts and it's on a very very   fine thread god knows what torque they're done 
up to but it's going to be tough hopefully this   one can do it and then we'll see if the other 
one can do it as well but what we're going to   do right we're going to take just one knot off 
this time and see how quick it goes basically   and i'm going to take them walking up first timer 
at the ready fingers steady three two one go there we go 4.27 seconds four point two seven 
seconds i nearly pressed stop it didn't work   i pressed it again as the nut hit the ground 
fantastic so it's when the nut hits the ground   i'm looking forward to the other one 
point two seven seconds what a beast   gun on the nut finger ready three two one impact oh my god i've done it again that was on the floor that was on the floor 
that was one hour nine seconds forty four nine   seconds but i've done that that's actually quite 
surprising it wasn't that much different what was   that well i was expecting that to struggle a lot 
more i was expecting that to struggle a lot more   really tough also nuts on your van like 600 yeah 
the bedford bedford we need to try something   harder how about some rusty nuts in this whole 
trailer let's give it a go up first it's the high   chica oh yes it is right let's see if it'll take 
them off ready count me in right three two one go   what oh that's not 27.

pexels photo 5472359

The different size wheel 
notes on here oh yeah there is let's go to that   one right count me in right three two one go 
yeah no problem at all what is in this thing   right we need to find something i'm gonna use 
a farm train how about that the rustiest nut   that we can find is under this old trailer 
yeah it's 30 mil nut and i'm going to see if   the high chica yes the high chica can undo it 
and if it can't under it then we're going to   put the milwaukee on it see the milwaukee 
can do it right ready three two one go go oh yeah i'm done i'm done i'm done we need 
to find something tougher right we've come   to big boy toyland oh yes we've gone up 
this scale with the size of machinery   and we've got a 32 mil socket on the end of the 
high chica to see if it'll take off these nuts i don't think it's going to work give it one more 
benefit of the doubt you know benefit of the doubt we found something it won't 
undo put the milwaukee in   it yeah you crack off sure same nap same 
nut you've been loosened by that one there she is see the difference now look look at   that let's just do one that hasn't 
been undone right from the start there you go right back to the studio pluses 
and minuses pluses milky well-known brand   good backup decent build quality on there it's 
a brushless motor max amount of power one more   you want downsize it is slightly heavy and the 
price that's pretty much it really it's a premium   product plus and minuses pluses and minuses of 
this is this high chica chica because it's the   best name in the business obviously we like we do 
like it and it's value for money it's not a bad   looking tool it's well weighted and comfortable to 
be that i quite enjoyed using it minuses it's got   a brushed motor compared to a brushless motor the 
build quality isn't quite what the milwaukee is   and that's probably the biggest thing to take away 
from this it's not going to last as long as the   milwaukee these things tend not to but who knows 
in the future where the high chica brand might go   being quite surprised yeah i've been quite 
surprised if i do bring another one out   it's red and black like the case that'll 
look so much better i love the case okay   the case is really pretty probably because 
it's red and black the red black we're not   being biased here honestly you know if you 
find it yellow black did you say that out loud if you're a domestic user home use hobbyist i 
think that is fine it's perfect it'll do what   you want to do yeah very very surprising results 
and you know shop to be fair at the end of the   day price-wise you could buy three of them for 
one of them so well you can go use it lend it to   your mate mate loses it go buy another one and 
you still got money left over but i hate to say   it but yeah it is surprisingly powerful for such a 
little little gun really but if you want something   professional something that's going to last you a 
long time and you've got the longevity in you know   good backup and everything then no i think that 
is an easy way to look at it domestic professional   thank you very much for watching please like share 
and subscribe see you in the next one cheerio

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