How to Reset Daikin AC Remote Control

okay good evening everyone and today video I'm 
going to show you how to reset this Daikin air   conditioner remote control okay as you can see on 
my hands now this remote control I cannot change   the temperature also I press the mode button and 
it doesn't change anything so it gets stuck on the   display so if your remote control have the same 
problem you just need to reset the remote control   and you can see the word here is the reset and it 
has the button on the deep inside remote control   all you need to do you need to have this 
pointer I don't know what it's called but it   used to take out the phone sim card so you 
just press to the whole of the remote control wait a minute I press it once more time and 
then you can see everything is refreshing   now I can change back the mode button and 
then I also can remote the temperature and now we can confirm changing the time zone   by press one time and then you can adjust the time 
of the air conditioner and then press another time okay and another way to reset the remote 
control you need to remove the battery for about one to five minutes so now we take out the battery 
and you can see that the display is now disappear   and you need to wait I suggest to wait about 
five minutes and then input your battery back   to the remote control and everything will change 
back to the factory setting so now wait together okay now after five minute waiting now I 
input the battery back to the remote control and you will see the display 
like we press the reset button   and the time zone is changed back to 0:00 so 
we can set the time back to another time that   you want and then press the clocks buttons once 
more time okay after that we now can change the temperature and the mode button everything is 
work back to works again and you just input the   covers back to the remote control and that's all 
okay and that's all for today video of how you can   reset the Daikin air conditioner remote control 
when your remote control have the same problem as   I showed you at the beginning okay and thank you 
everyone for your time watching this short video   and I hope to see you again in the 
next video bye bye and have a nice day


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