Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE Socket Sets Join Forces Into My PACKOUT System

[Music] how we doing motivators everyone having a good day i hope so i'm having a good day so you should be having a good day anyways my pack out tool system out so that only means that there's more tools to go over share my experience with these impact sockets so it's a 43 piece metric and sae part number 49667009 again 43 piece comes in a it's hard case we have from eight millimeter up to 19 millimeter from 5 16 up to three quarter all 3 8 drives so i figured this would be kind of helpful for what i got going on i like that it's in its own hard case so i can easily store it and break it out when i need impacts now i couldn't find these in the store i had to special order them but i do like i do like what the kit offers i like that it has its own its own case i guess it would be nice to have it fit into the low profile or another case so it's got a dual hole design for easier attachment stamped in ink filled for identification purposes non-slip hex geometry forged high torque impact steel impact resistant easy to store additional storage space comes with a few adapters extension 40 sockets i'm liking that okay so that's what it looks like out of the box zip tie to gain access oh yeah look at that that's nice right there it tells all your what you have exactly so this is what we have inside we have a label here which tells you everything you have the storage area looks like everything's easily identified definitely some high quality pieces here i like that presentation that's nice apparently these painted recessed stamps are the longest lasting my vision hasn't gone that far downhill yet it's a little close-up action of everything we have the case itself which i like that you can grab and go again this is sae and metric the only thing or gripe i have is that you don't know with a with a quick look what you're getting into what's inside the contents unless you look for the the seal over here which tells you 3h drive 43 piece other than that it doesn't have any identifiable marks i think maybe they could have done something a little different with that so you know what case what's in what case other than that great product i'm happy to have it i think it's going to come in useful whenever i need impacts if this set had the ability to integrate into the low profile organizer i think that would be be the bomb and that way you have it in your stack able to just pull it out open it up and get to your your sockets that would be good other than that i think that this is a good product just as so as long i can get it in inside the toolbox and have it work out in the end next up we have the half inch drive 29 piece metric ranges from 8 to 36 part number 49667015 the big daddy it's got a little weight to it half inch drive 29 piece metric ranges from eight millimeter all the way up to 36 so you get some of those bigger sockets in here it isn't interchangeable like the metric and sae kits it's strictly metric with up to a large diameter of uh socket choice nothing different from the last set just half inch drive i do like that these sockets are easily identified with the recessed stamped and ink filled i don't know if that's laser etched as far as the milwaukee and what seems to be a part number for the individual socket you have 29 sockets let's open it up and see what we got inside so same thing with the last case there's nothing really on the outside saying what is inside the case the only thing showing what's inside the case is this small sticker on the side to let you know what you're working with let's go ahead and open it up oh that's a hot mess i'm not liking that that is not a good start to the day right there those things are all over the place you would figure with with this case being designed for these sockets that they would stay in place i don't know what's up with that maybe the cover deformed or tells you what the contents are sockets look great quality i love that red mark with the ink filled background so you know what you're grabbing i don't necessarily have a hard time seeing what comes in handy [Music] now i have everything neatly organized one thing i did notice is that with the numbers on each of the sockets you're only offered the the number on one side of the socket so if you for instance the socket here you can't tell on the socket what it is but luckily the case has what socket size stamped into the case so 17 18 and here you have 19 so only one side is stamped and ink filled i figured i would point that out other than that the reason why i opted for this size which i will be opening up another socket size which already has the majority of these sockets but going up to 36 millimeter is something i may potentially need in the future that's why i grab this straight forward nothing really more else to show hopefully i can figure out why this case allowed those sockets to to get all beat up but maybe it looks like the case kind of concaved in or something so that could have caused it i'm not sure okay so i think i found the culprit of why those sockets were all over the place especially during transit or shipping getting bounced around enough but this case has a significant amount of flex in it so with that flex with the weight leaning on it definitely allowed those sockets to move inside the case and get all juggled about now if you just have it in your box wherever you need it i don't think you're going to have that issue but under extreme situations and movements it will definitely have those sockets all over the place next up i have a 29 piece metric and sae half inch drive socket set part number six 4966 seven zero one six there's nothing really different from the others that i opened so i'm not gonna really open this at this time to show what's in there we all know what it what they look like by now but i figure i would share i think i kind of have an issue with overlapping on most of the the socket sizes within the other kit i only have the metric that goes up to 36 millimeter where this only goes up to 27 millimeter so can i justify having two of these kits missing those sockets there's an extra large to pack out box and i think these may fit in into those all three of these will fit into the lower cart which i'll show here in a second so [Applause] and guess what folks no dice i figured they would uh fit in there maybe with a little modification of your lid if you cut out some of these support brackets which i don't recommend that may fit like that now if you tilt it at an angle which you waste a lot of space she closes so those are the three socket sets i wanted to share i'm disappointed that these two will not fit into the large pack out box that i have the only way to integrate these sockets efficiently into my pack out system would be take them out of the case put them on some strip style organizer or any other organizers that will allow me to kind of have them more loosely and just put them into one of the toolboxes for easy access i'm basically looking for easy access and pack out compatibility the smaller 3 8 drive 43 piece will fit into the to the lower large box possibly the medium size box even the the small box i'm not sure yet i may end up putting these on a strip style organizer overall these cases are robust i figured i would share these sockets with you hopefully someone gets something out of this but i didn't know milwaukee offered these until i researched online so hopefully someone sees this and may have a need for these parts

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