Milwaukee SDS vs Milwaukee Hammer Drill!

does a percussion drill work just as well as an 
sds troll as a hammer drop sds versus hammer drill   let's go what'd you said in your videos at the 
end of the beginning the beginning roll the intro before we move on to the m18s we're going to put 
the m12 through the test the m12 sds so the m12 ch   the m12 fpd just the normal standard drill which 
i love this thing i love little drills absolutely   i don't even need to touch my m18 drill anymore 
but put it in hammer we haven't done that yet with   this one no and we'll see what it can do first 
test four holes four holes four holes will count   us in then we'll move on to the m18 oh yes we 
will your side looks a little bit easier than mine you got the sts all right no there we go no 
fine i've got full faith in my hammer drill   i've done something wrong three two one go hmm i'm kidding i definitely cheated there wasn't a lot 
in there how are your hands tingling   no no there might not look that much difference 
between that but i did not go as deep as ryan   i know you know we can't all be that privileged 
but now i wasn't going deep think i could feel the   drill when i was getting in deep it was really 
starting to lag so i pulled back out and went   on to another hole i didn't want him to properly 
you know feel like he was just stood there doing   nothing no i like that bubble got a great deal in 
it no there wasn't so that felt really nice as you   drill into it really yeah i think when you hit 
something really hard that's when you know this   is just breeze block yeah this should easily go 
through this if you notice our drill bits are   slightly different they're both seven mil diameter 
they're both the same so that's the milwaukee   masonry drill bit especially and that's uh though 
so the scs drill bit also because one's scs and   one's normal chuck we can't use the same bit so 
before in our video we used the multi-purpose   bits with the white core downs right here as 
you can see we've got the red call find them   on our website as well and those they're all 
on there haze machinery don't go to the uk   right m18 yep let's give it a try and go forward 
yep should we switch around three two one oh you think with all the videos we've done 
now we remember just to check our tool   before we start using it well i saw you 
press that one brian wasn't in hammer i   didn't move hammer well didn't you no no 
i just moved your thing again i still won hey i've done six holes to ryan oh let's do it 
again you're gonna do it again yeah i want to   do it again let's do two hold them yeah let's 
do two just two holes okay three two one good a quick question what's the point of an sds the 
chart but the main thing is though the fcs has got   there's all that silica it's killing me see 
all the other vibration you have in the handle   so as you're drilling you're doing a 
lot of mastering all day all day long   yeah yeah got a nice anti-vibration there so it's 
nice and smooth where is that one it's gonna make   it i'm using it i could i could feel it in 
my hands my personal m18 is the gen 2.


Yeah   this is gen 3 with a much better chuck my gen 2 
chuck if you've been locked in lots of masonry   in one day it is absolute nightmare to get it 
undone yes nightmare obviously whereas an sts   it's got a proper sds chuck which can cope with 
damn stone dust like this beautiful stuff here   look oh you turn you know one key into two and all 
that sort of jazz and who get your credit card out   what different video different video that is 
that's the main reason but no i'm really surprised   how quick this is the m12 and the m18 the 
hammer drill or percussion drill can keep   up with the fcs oh the difference is 
if i put a much larger bit in there   i think you'll notice the difference with the 
sds it has the extra power yeah extra joules yeah for all your little stuff have a drill do 
just you want one quick tip if you've got one of   these drills with these these chucks i thought 
these guys a question a quick tip when you do   the chalk up you do it nice and tight as tight 
as you're canning here at ratchet and then you   let it go back one so it does click and you go 
back one so that way as you're drilling in it   doesn't actually tighten your chuck up so like we 
said before the old one can undo it very easily   now about under it nice and easily even 
i've done something today look at that so   there you go can we can we see that happen 
please does that actually work or does the   drill bit just slip that's my question none of 
you are going to believe him in the comments there we go proof's in the pudding have you got 
a useful tip on that one how to uh take your sts   bit now how you take your sts out of the m18 
m12 is really easy you just got a full skin on   the front of your back which is great yeah so this 
one you've actually got to turn it to your chisel   function yeah not your rotary chisel your chisel 
and then you can unlock that and pull your bit out   is it time to give away something good she'll do 
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so did you like that content about milwaukee   then we've got lots of other videos on our channel 
all about milwaukee products what's your favorite   one right uh probably the impact driver the failed 
video we did uh that was the the rig and it all   just crushed up oh yeah it didn't go very well 
so that's definitely worth the watch but there's   lots of others on there about the products m12 
vs m18 go check them out thank you very much

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