Milwaukee Drill – Put a new switch into an old drill.

Hello we're gonna change the switch in a
Milwaukee drill today. The forward/ reverse is going to mount on this right here so it just slides back and forth. Disconnect the cord, it makes it easier to work around the side of it. This is the old-style switch, it changes
over to a new style switch which has all the wiring and the wiring diagram inside here. There's two different types on this so you have to determine which type you have. According to the field, what type of field you have on this, this is the old
style which has two wires coming out of the windings right there. Or the new
style which has wires that clip in. This is a new style has the wires that clip in
So this is the diagram that you will use. This is the most common diagram that you have, is this one right here.

These are the old field wires they're all gonna be
changed out. It's a different type of switch, this is the old style that they
don't make anymore and it changes over to this. It's got a little spring so you
got to be careful just put that aside so it doesn't go flying. And I got a dentist tool that I use or
you can use like a paperclip or something like that to take these wires
out. You take them all out. The wiring, you have to go by the wiring diagram to put new wires in. Remove this spacer pulse right here for the new switch that goes

Just break it off, it doesn't have to be totally flush. Right here it has
numbers on top of the switch. I don't know if you can see them, there's a one
there and a four there two and a three. Push the one wire into number one
position and insert the other end into slot B on the bottom of this switch. They're hard to, kind of, see, you have to kind of look at it. They just push in, like that. You
cut this flag terminal off right here and this needs to be soldered. It'll probably
go in but it's best if you solder it because it clipped in there. Push this into C on the bottom of the switch, which is this one right here. Like that. Right here on the pin housing
it's got numbers, it really doesn't matter too much but it says one and two.

Number two goes into B like that. And the other one, number one, goes into A like that. Here's a new blue one for
this. Here's the other blue, one you have to
feed it through the wires then you got all your new wires in place.
This blue wire from the other end of the terminal goes into position three on the
new switch, which is right here at the top. All these wires you kind of have to
move it around the best you can get it to work for you.


That's pretty tight
inside this housing. This blue wire to the brush terminal
right here goes into number two which is right here on the back and this wire
right here goes into number four. It's really tight so you have to just kind of like to put everything in. And this wire
right here off the module goes into B which is this one right here.

Then you try to fit the wires down inside
these grooves right here. Put the lock for the lock button back
in, it's got a little spring on there so… Make sure the lever moves back and forth Couple screws, back in, then you can check to see if it runs, to see if you have to take it apart. Make sure all the wires are in correctly
and everything moves back forth and put the rest of the screws back in you'll be good to go.

I tell you, you put a new switch redo the
wiring on an old Milwaukie drill. Thanks for watching and leave your comments below.

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