M18 FUEL™ HATCHET™ 8″ Pruning Saw

[upbeat rock music] – With the M18™ Hatchet™,
especially using it up in the tree with tight crotches, tight unions, trying to make pruning cuts and you can't get your big saw in there, with the M18™ Hatchet™,
it makes it so much easier to get into tight places like that. – The M18™ Fuel™ Hatchet™ Saw is easy to grab, light on the harness if I'm carrying it through a tree. – The M18™ Fuel™ Hatchet™, it's much smaller, much easier to handle. You can get into tight,
small spots, much easier. You don't have the exhaust
blowing in your face as you're making a cut so it's perfect for those small tight areas
that you have to cut in.

– Yeah, the size and
weight of the Hatchet™ is surprisingly easy to control and it still has power
behind that lightweight. – My initial thoughts of
cutting with the M18™ Hatchet™ was that it cut right through
what I needed to immediately. There was no kickback. There was bog on it. It chewed right through it
cleanly and it was fantastic. – I was very surprised
with the amount of power it did being so small.

pexels photo 4246109

It cuts right through anything
I've put it through yet, whether it be a small top of
a pole chunk or any tree limb. – The M18™ Fuel™ Hatchet™'s power definitely allows us to
be faster on the job site. The cutting speed alone
allows us to be faster. – The use of the M18™ Fuel™ Hatchet™ has made us more productive as a lineman. We're able to make our
cuts a little bit quicker, not having to pull out
such a large chainsaw to make small cuts is so beneficial to us.

– The size, the power and the reliability along with the battery life
that I've experienced so far has been phenomenal. [upbeat rock music continues].

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