Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Ratchet and Socket Set!

hey guys
Adam Savage here from my cave with a tool tip now I'm gonna show you
something lovely here I'm gonna show you my socket drawer yeah I'm really happy
with my socket roll it makes me very relaxed to see this and still it's been
years that I've been working on this and I still have some spots I haven't filled
and some things that go missing and that's just the nature of having some
sockets but that's what I wanted to talk about today because every maker who has
ever had to deal with sockets knows the pain of having a socket set because
having a socket set means having an incomplete set let's just be totally
honest with each other and say that like that's just gonna happen also there are
some other things that suck about socket sets and specifically I'm referring to
the cases they come in i am i despise blow molded tool cases i recognize
they're really an inexpensive way for a manufacturer to get you those parts and
i don't fit like if i was working for a tool company i was designing a tool and
they told me how much a wooden box would cost versus a blow molded thing I'm
quite sure that I'd say yeah let's go blow molded but blow molded cases
they're never small enough they always hold onto the tools either too tightly
or not tightly enough they take up too much space that I started and ended with
the same thing they've just they're too big for what they do and they they don't
easily engender putting the tool back that may be my biggest pet peeve how
many times have you struggled with a corded tool in its blow molded case try
to get that cord in I hate it and I've been thinking about doing this tool tip
for a while Milwaukee the wonderful makers of all
sorts of different tools was one of the sponsors for my discovery show savage
builds and I was really lucky to do a tool tip specifically because they were
one of the sponsors and I you know I wanted to really think about
it and I thought about it and I want to promote this lucky makes a pair of
socket sets that I should probably make more than just these two but I have
these two small and large and let me talk to you about how much I love these
socket sets dude okay shall we start with the fact that the
sockets are faceted so they are less inclined well okay and get a little
momentum going they're less inclined to roll off a table that right there is
amazing secondly look at these low profile cases
look it's like echo the myth it's gone you look at it from the side it doesn't
leave any dismiss that is completely amazing to me also easy to get your
stuff out of here I don't know what this was doing in there I think that belongs
somewhere else but pulling your thing out it's not in a blow molded case
there's usually a little bit of over molding to hold on to each side see
gonna pop it out again life is too short to waste it fighting with polypropylene
or polyethylene or whatever the hell those cases are made out of they just
they drive me nuts I have to say this might be my favorite example of a
manufacturer making a tool and a case for it that is meats no correction
oh also there's one other thing about this these lifts out and go right into
your drawers if you want to yeah this is this is a tool designed by people who
use tools not to say that other tool manufacturers aren't just that the
craftspeople who got this across the line or I hope proud of themselves
because they nailed it and while we're on the subject of blow molded cases that
I hate I'm gonna sing one more praise for my walk
that is this router this is the Milwaukee router and again this was came
about on savage builds but they somehow designed a blow molded case that I don't
hate look at that so first of all it's easy access to the
tool and the tool just this pops right out there we go you still have a kind of nice forage for
the tool that is kind of great and getting it back in totally easy plus
there is a space for a collet it's got a half inch and a quarter and to call it
the tools okay here's a classic blow molded thing the tools are wedge fit in
there but honestly almost every router comes with stamped metal pieces of crap
I hate them I need them but I hate them Milwaukee went with a drop what looks
like a drop for you drop forged pair of pair of wrenches and here's the other
thing they did makes me so happy both nuts on their router are the same size
right like it's not hard to get this stuff right and yet so few companies
really do you don't have to think about which one you're using for which nut and
the fact that it's got this wide face and it's drop-forged means that the
action is really privileged you can feel it you know what force you're putting on
you're not trying to grab a hold of some flat piece of metal like a
post-apocalyptic landscape yeah I know I am being quite a few severe but it's
specifically because I've spent my life buying tools and being disappointed in
the packages they came in and the ways in which they were supposed to be store
I really like this we're gonna put it back in its case doesn't matter which
side you put it in first this thing makes me so happy
awesome as a router it's damn good it is simple as the day is long
I tend to feel like routers have mission creep as tools like they show up with
too many bells and whistles this one is just it works exactly as you expect it
to when I first had kids and my den wife and I went to buy a stroller my metric
for buying a stroller was can I figure out how to use it in the store because
if I can't figure out how to use it in the store I'm never gonna quite figure
out everything about it right like there are intuitive and non intuitive things
that you could buy I am here to sing the praises of Milwaukee as a veteran
wonderful Tool Company who has made things that are intuitive to use that
take into account what it is to have a tool and to use it also this is the
other reason that you should get these sets they don't look like all the other
sockets that's great that means when your sockets missing and someone else
like oh no that one was mine you know you'd I mean of course like if you and
somebody else have Milwaukee it's gonna be a problem but for the most part these
are like these are different that's yeah all right I appreciate you guys joining
me on this tool tip and if you know of other blow-molded cases that don't suck
I'm happy to know about them and again I don't think it's the tool manufacturers
fault and I don't want to cast blame because I know that hard-working people
are always trying to meet the market at various price points to get their
products across and I respect that process it's really it's a fine process
you know there's always compromises life life is compromised but every now and
then you come across something in which somebody has really taken the grace to
make something easy to use and lightful and that makes me happy thank you guys
for joining me I will see you next time


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