Would you Trust This Condenser Fan Motor??

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So here's the first thing we had uh Vivore you ever been on the Amazon Before vivore Is like a brand that makes like Everything and these are Amazon they're All Amazon man so they sent me this Condenser fan motor now some of you Pointed out That it has Century written on it So I'm not quite sure if they are they Work with Century or they just grabbed Any picture they could Yeah I think they probably just copy and Pasted from Google I don't know but I said yeah man these Guys said they wanted to see it so I Said hey we'll get one and we'll rip it Apart and see what's inside of it see What the motor looks like on the inside See how cheap it looks if it looks cheap At all but here's my thoughts here The stuff that was out in the field Looked pretty cheap too A lot of the Time like a bunch of broad ocean Motors And stuff I mean is it going to be the Same as that or much worse it's probably Better than a broad ocean motor who Knows how could it be worse how could it Be worse okay I don't know we'll find out I'll take it Apart I like taking stuff apart anyway I'm getting quite uh quite a lot of Enjoyment of taking stuff apart here

Lately so I'll be happy to take that Thing apart too and we'll see if we Can't use it for something else when It's done you can go over we'll make Like a bandsaw out of it that's what I Want to do I got some plans about Bandsaws guys we won't go into it here But I'm gonna build something that'll Either be a huge success or we'll be Responsible for my death

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